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Some comments were made about mods in this game. Last I heard, the devs do not want any mods created for this game until its farther along. However the only normal mods seen have been recipe mods, which is just things added to the reciep.xml rather an easy mod if you know the basic layout.If anyone has a link to anything showing where the devs are allowing mods please feel free to share this info. As for any actual mods, since the game is made in Unity it uses prefabs and assets, which may or may not be able to be modified.


Question though is will they be able to run, does the game or steam actually verify the files as the game launches.If there comes a time where mod support is widely accepted, what mods are people wanting. Originally posted by:Seems the only viable mod options seen are just cosmetic mods, textures and such, Im not sure any real mods can be created even if they were allowed. TFP do not wish for anyone to release mods at this time, and as said before they dont seem to mind the craft recipe mods.

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With the move ot steam I havnt bothered making any reciep mods lately, but I see it as cheating if you go online and use that recipe mod. Code mods are allowed, there are even some posted in the asset modding thread linked above. One of which a temporary (per login) fast travel through partial implementation of the bed save system.This thread already linked above, direct link to post within thread:Just a few posts after that is a further confirmation of acceptability of mods; even if you didn't bother to read the thread linked where an answer to the direct question of can we make and discuss mods was asked. Originally posted by Lead:Modding is only bad if it is griefing people, such as joining somebody else's server and doing things they had not themselves set up the game to do.In the future we'll add more options and built in modding tools so people can mod the game with much less technical skills, etc.In the mean time we have to develop the general game, so what sleeping bags do or don't do and other things are in a biy of a fluid state in the mean time. Kind of like how campfires were originally only lighybulbs but soon will be full cooking stations and more.and a few posts after that in the same thread. Originally posted by Lead:The one big thing we can't do is support mods, in the sense that a modder must understand that if we release a new alpha version there is a chance that their mod will get overwritten or broken by the update process and they might have to redo their mod or possibly find it is difficult impossible to redo it depending on what their mod was.Also, you can't use recipe mods online, the recipes.xml is downloaded from the server at runtime. Customizations you do locally to recipes.xml are only workable for you in Single player, as host, or when added to a dedicated server and connected to that server.

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Something a few of us are pushing for to happen with the AC# file to help prevent easy cheating mods. Logitech download assistant remove.

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A16 ModsA16.4 Mods for the game 7 Days to DieIMPORTANT! - All mod config files are setup to auto-assign block numbers. SDX 0.7.2 starts assigning at the first free block AFTER the highest block used. In Vanilla, the highest block used is 2041, so these mods will start loading at block ID 2042. Any block with an ID over 2047 will not appear in game, therefore it is best if you manually assign ID numbers in the mods config.xml file before building so not to exceed ID 2047.If you have any questions about these mods, email or ask your questions on our tutorial Q and A site at:.If you add recipes, localization or other improvements when using these mods, email me a copy of your xml and I will add it to the mod so others can enjoy your work.All Mods on provided by this site are licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial.