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This is a mod based on the book series by George R.R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire, and the HBO show Game of Thrones. This mod requires the Gods and Kings Expansion.- GAMESPOT.COMOne of - PCGamer.com- RaidWarning.COMTo be clear, the Gamespot guys in the video were confused. THERE WAS NO WESTEROS MAP OR SPECIFIED START POSITIONS IN THIS MOD AS REVIEWED.

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Hey VirtuaBoza. Let me just say I love your mod! I love seeing all the ASOIAF characters, but it is still competitive and plays out just like a normal civ game. Best of both worlds! A couple things I thought of you might want to consider adding in the future1) Bravos as a maritime city state (its essentially based on venice, so you can just use that city state for now until BNW)2) Potenitally consider adding some wonders in like the Kings Road, The Wall, or the Harpies of Quarth (or whatever that city was). There are multiple times in the game when I'm doing nothing but churning out units and waiting on something to build. I know having Tywin Lannister building the Harpie wouldn't be accurate, but neither is Washington building the Kremlin in a regular game, and they would add even more of the GOT world into the mod.

This is a great mod, has some slight balance issues but still great promise. Fantastic job on this mod you two. How long have you been working on it? I knew a team was working on a GoT mod before CiV was even released, and there are a few of them. But I think a lot of modders got frustrated by the lack of options early on in CiV's life and gave up.A GoT mod is something I would like to see filled out so I am glad one is still being actively developed. I started reading the books, but I like the TV show much more than I like the books. For me, GoT is unique in that respect.

I prefer to remain unspoiled and keep my knowledge of the universe to what is in the TV show.Anyway, after starting up the obligatory Stark house game, I quickly abandoned it and made a Dothraki empire. A few observations on a Dothraki start to a Westeros and Essos scenario:. My kingdom for a horse! Are there that few horses on Essos?. The sovereigns. Most of them are totally worthless.

I'd expect that since my bonus is attacking sovereigns, I would have to get some of them in order to keep up expansion. But Essos is big and empty and full of resources, unlike the sovereign lands.

Perhaps make a few of the resources on Essos exclusively sovereign controlled. Maybe the horses?. The continent is very well done. I was able to navigate using maps of Essos and everything was where I thought it was. The only thing that seemed amiss was that the eastern coast of Essos is desert when I expected forest. The starting plot for Vaes Dothrak is epic.

Once you get a granary built, you've got a lot of plots that will grow your city fast. Gold is hard to come by (unless you shake down sovereigns.

Nice!) until you start adding some river cities. Vaes Dothrak is also not where I expected it to be. The night is dark and full of terrors wildlings. There are a lot, and stamping them out is kind of tedious. At one point one of my warriors was completely surrounded by brutes.

That unit did not survive. I'm not really sure what can be done about this. I can only imagine the barbarians would be worse if Vaes Dothrak was on the east coast. The AI doesn't seem to care that much about religion.

It probably should since it is the only way to get culture really. Those policies don't arrive that often without a Mother of the Mountain in every city.

I don't know how that one poster on Steam lost a cultural victory except that he must have played the game for a thousand turns or more. Or maybe it was all that culture earned from killing wildlings with the Honor tree. Because the starting plot is very high in production, Vaes Dothrak eventually became idle.

Eventually I had (by far) the largest military. I'm pretty sure you are already working (or planning to work) on wonders, which would solve this unexpected production surplus I have. It's lonely and boring. I only have Daenerys and a bunch of sovereigns who love me because I am constantly trouncing wildlings for them. But I won't be seeing the rest of the houses until I tech way up and sail across the narrow sea. I guess it's my playstyle, but I prefer to see all the backstabbing and intrigue and not hear about what an unknown civ does. The Starks start on top of 4 horses and I get none unless I build cities specifically to capture horse resources?

Really?I've heard plenty of people are playing the Greyjoys, so I might try a Lannister game and see how they fare. Seems a little more crowded than the Stark and Dothraki starts.Again, great job!EDIT: Looking at your newest patch (with the map to Essos, it looks like the continent was redone?). Fantastic work. I enjoy this mod immensely and play it often. I am especially pleased that there have been regular updates, including new factions.Some thoughts and suggestions. Happy to discuss these in greater detail and play them out to their logical conclusions.Probably the most straightforward modification would be to introduce Wonders. We already know of several particular to this setting: Valyrian roads, The Wall, the Titan of Braavos, and the triple walls of Qarth.

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A Mod Of Ice And Fire

Others might include the Hightower of Oldtown and Harrenhal. Looks great!!I've always been a huge fan of mods like this and I'm glad to see one for ASOIAF.Coming from my favorite mod communities: RFC, RFC Europe, and RFC Asia, here are some suggestions of how to add depth to the mod.ASOIAF everything: units (can be pretty similar but maybe more themed to the story), buildings (same thing), techs that pertain to the story (maestery, valyrian steel as a full tech, dragons for danerys?, obsidian, etc. Etc.)I'm thinking for the freys they could be soverign.As for balancing the known world, you could chop esteros into just the western half. This would make Drogo more in the action and make it less of a run-away continent for these two teams (even if its larger, the desert and soverigns would make it balanced).I also agree. The most crowded areas of the south should be jam packed with resources and the north could be a little more barren.

I'm picturing not so much tundra but just lots of woods without too many resources.And I second the opinion that we need wonders. They could just be vanilla Civ 5 wonders but renamed and with different pictures for now.So excited!

A Mod Of Ice And Fire

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire APK + MOD Latest version free Download for android Package Name:Rise of Empires: Ice and FireMOD Offered By:im30.netVersion:1.250.122Latest Updated:2019-05-08Installs:500,000+Category:Requirement:Android 4.0.3+Playstore Link:File Size:55.7 MBGame short description: One World, One Server-Real Time Nation vs. Nation medieval strategy war game. Your Country needs you!Rise of Empires is a Massive Multi-Player, Real-Time strategy war game. How to install:1. Download Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire2. Enter Settings / Security / Check Unknown Source (Source Not Known)3. Then install until it’s finished4.

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