Addons From Computer Not Syncing To Laptop Twitch

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(Blues: Feel free to move this post someplace else, as I wasn't sure where to put it) So you play WoW across multiple PC's - being home, work (yes work!), your second PC, your laptop etc. While WoW does an excellent job at keeping its setting and preference global around the account, the Addons obviously do not, since their files and settings are stored locally on that particular PC. There are services like the Curse client that can do this for you, but it requires a premium account, which is not free. This guide will show you how to keep your addons synced globally across all your computers, where if you change / update / remove an addon on one PC, it will automatically reflect on all of the rest when you log in from them. This will need you to download a couple of tools, and of course a minimal computer knowledge of your computer's directory structure. Step 1: Create an account with DropBox (and install the application. This application enables you to have 2GB of online storage with a difference.

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When you install the application, you get a DropBox folder installed anywhere you like on your PC. Anything you do on this folder, will automatically sync itself to the online storage. This is the vital part of the whole process, so make sure that you have it up and running. Also, if you delete anything by mistake, it keeps track of your deleted files in the last 30 days and can easily restore them.

Default free space is 2GB. If you get an invite to DropBox, both you, and the person who invited you will get an additional free 250MB. Step 2: Copy your AddOns folder to your DropBox folder (the default installation of the DropBox folder is usually in your My Documents for XP, and in your User folder for Vista / 7) Note: Obviously, if you already have done this part, and you're just syncing a second PC, allow DropBox a few minutes to download the files to your PC You can find your Addons folder under your World of Wacraft FolderInterfacesAddOns. Make sure that you copy the whole AddOns folder, not the folders within it (you can do that, but it gets messy). Take a backup copy of your AddOns folder just in case, and put it somewhere safe temporarily (such as your Desktop) Once the moving is done and complete, delete your AddOns folder from your WoWInterfaces folder.

Step 3: This is where it gets tricky! If you are using Vista/7 it's a bit easier. XP, needs slightly more work.:: Windows Vista/7 Windows Vista and 7 natively support directory linking, so you don't need any extra tools to do so:. Click on the Start button.

In the search field, type cmd but do NOT press Enter. The console icon now appears in your search result field above. Right click it, and click 'Run as Administrator'. (If you don't get that option, right click it while pressing SHIFT).

Windows UAC will ask you for permission to let it run - Click Yes. This is where your knowledge of your computer's directory structure comes in place.

You need to know exactly where your folders are in your drives. The syntax is as follows: mklink /d Location of folder to be linked Link Destination As an example: mklink /d 'D:World of WarcraftInterfaceAddOns' 'C:UsersShevronDropboxAddons' The TAB key comes in very useful when doing such long paths, as you type in the first 2 letters of the folder, hit TAB, and it completes it for you. If successful, you will get this message: symbolic link created for D:World of WarcraftInterfaceAddOns C:Users ShevronDropboxAddons And you're done! Check your WoWInterfaceAddOns folder, and you'll see it's now populated again with the AddOns directly accessed from your DropBox account.

Addons From Computer Not Syncing To Laptop Twitch

Do this over multiple PC's and you'll have them synced all over. Note applicable ONLY to Windows 7 and Vista: You can delete the link just be clicking on the AddOns folder within your WoW folder, and hit delete.

Your DropBox will not be affected.

Are you playing HD content on an older laptop? What browser are you using? If the laptop is good, try using a different browser.I don't know if the video is in HD or not, I guess I can check if there is a way to take it off HD and see if that helps. I am using google chrome I also tried internet explorer and it does it there too. So I don't think its the Netflix videos that is streaming, it must be something going on with the audio and video play not syncing up on my computer which I have no idea to fix it. My computer is in good condition about 2 maybe 3 yrs old.

You have to set Netflix to run with Silverlight. This is the procedure:1) In Netflix go to the bottom.2) Click on Help Center.3) Then click on Internet Connection Speed Recommendations.4) Then click on Video Quality.5) I set mine to Medium6) Finally, clear the box that reads, 'Prefer HTML5 player instead of Silverlight.' 7) Click the 'X' in the upper right to end procedure.8) The audio and video will now be in sync.This worked for me too! I've tried everything for the past year and nothing else worked. The only thing I did different from your suggestion is the 'Medium' I kept mine 'Auto'. The thing that helped me was the 'Prefer HTML5 player.'

Addons From Computer Not Syncing To Laptop Twitch On Iphone

Addons From Computer Not Syncing To Laptop Twitch

Addons From Computer Not Syncing To Laptop Twitch Mac

Now that its running on Silverlight the audio and video are matched perfectly. Thank you!!!!!!! Yay to Google!