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Alt Start Fallout 4 Dlc

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Reward: 300+Improved reputation with CurieSynth CurieDetailed walkthroughAfter gaining 250 points with, she will ask the if they have a moment to speak. She claims that her robotic nature and its lack of 'Human Inspiration' prevents her from progressing any further in her research, and then asks for their help to become more human so that she may further her research.If the quest has been completed, the player character can then suggest asking Doctor, a memory specialist at the, for help.After dialogue with Doctor Amari, it seems that this kind of transfer could work by using a body. Doctor Amari tells the player character that she has performed risky memory-wiping procedures on willing synths desperate to escape, and that those whose procedures have failed are now in a persistent vegetative state as a result, giving the opportunity for Curie to use one of these synths, if their caretaker consents.After waiting 24 hours, one will find either or an NPC named Caretaker with a female synth, designated G5-19, waiting with Curie and Doctor Amari in the basement of the Memory Den. Upon talking with Glory or the caretaker, the process will commence and Curie's mind will be transferred into the Generation 3 synth body where she experiences new and confusing human feelings, leaving her old body empty and deactivated.Quest stages. StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry100Find someone to helpCurie wants to become human, or as close to it as she can better pursue her studies.

We need to find an expert: a brain surgeon, an AI programmer, or similar.150Bring toIf Curie seriously wants to become human the logical person to help is Doctor Amari. With her expertise with the memory pods and Synths, perhaps Curie could get her wish.200Wait for Doctor AmariDoctor Amari's memory operations don't always go well. There's a brain dead Synth that may be a good host for Curie.

Alt Start Fallout 4 Xbox One

Doctor Amari needs time to contact the Synth's caretaker.300Talk to the caretakerG5-19's caretaker has arrived. I need to convince her that she should donate G5's body to Curie.400Watch the download procedureWith consent granted, Doctor Amari is ready to download Curie into G5-19.

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Hopefully the procedure will work successfully.500Talk toThe operation appears successful. I should talk with Curie to make sure it's really her and she's healthy.600Quest completeIncredibly, Curie has been downloaded into a Synth body. This is obviously going to be a major adjustment for her. She'll need me more than ever.9000Quest failedNotes. When Curie enters her new body, the items in her old inventory are not transferred to her new one. (Her old body has 865d1 as the reference id.). Glory from will remark that G5-19 was like family to her, and that she should have refused to allow her body to be donated to Curie.

She can be persuaded that Curie's scientific skills could help a lot of people in the long run, though she does not seem particularly convinced. If Glory is dead or the player character hasn't encountered the Railroad yet, an NPC named Caretaker will take her place.