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TITLEDESCRIPTION1.This introductory program to the 'Prophecy Code' seminar lays out the importance of prophecy and pri.2.What does the Bible say about Christ's second coming? When and how will it happen? Will it be a secr.3.How did evil originate? Where did sin come from?

Did God create a devil? The Bible explains how Luci.4.Revelation 5 speaks about a scroll that only the Lamb of God can open. This gospel message is repeat.5.What does the Bible say about Israel's temple?

Amazing Facts Coupon Code

There are three temples in Scripture. The sanctuary t.6.Who are the two witnesses in Revelation 11? They prophesy for 42 months. What does this mean? Moses.7.This is the personal testimony of Pastor Doug Batchelor called 'The Richest Caveman.' Born to wealth.8.An issue at the end of time will focus on worship. The beast of Revelation 13 seeks to force all to.9.Who is the antichrist?

Revelation 13 actually speaks of two beasts, not one. Antichrist is a power t.10.Is 666 the mark of the beast?

Amazing Facts Coupon Codes

What or who is the beast? What does the prophecy in Revelation 13 mean.11.This seminar speaks about Babylon spoken of in Revelation 13, 14 and 17. Who is the woman in who sit.12.Jesus said, 'I am the water of life.' The Lord has provided a way for us to be washed and made new.13.What does the Bible teach about what happens when we die? Do we go straight to heaven, hell, or some.14.What does the Bible teach about hell? Is the devil in charge of hell? The Bible gives us solemn warn.15.What does the Bible teach about the millennium?

When does this 1,000 years of peace begin? Where wil.16.Does the Bible talk about health?

Is it something important for Christians to consider? There is a c.17.Who is the woman described in Revelation 12 who is clothed in light?

We are to be the bride of Chris.18.Who are the 144,000? Are they a literal group of people or a representative group? What the 12 apost.19.This lesson focuses on helping people see the importance of making a total commitment to God, steppi.20.Is there a heaven? Is there life out there? Can we live forever and is Jesus really preparing a plac.

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