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Disclaimer: With the documentation for the medical system being extremely long it’s highly advised to use the table of contents at the top right corner of the page. OverviewACE3 provides users with a more realistic medical system and comes in both a basic and an advanced version. This page will detail the differences between both systems and what they do as well as how to use them efficiently. 1.1 Basic medicalACE3’s basic medical system is quite a bit more complex than Arma 3’s default system, but not really difficult to grasp. ACE3 basic medical is a mixture between the ACE2 and AGM medical systems. All interactions in the medical system are done with the interaction menu.

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Non-medics can - by default - not perform all actions (Epinephrine and IVs) and their actions take more time as when performed by trained medics. 1.2 Revive systemThe revive system lets you bring downed units back up. Upon receiving a deadly amount of damage a unit will fall unconscious for a determined amount of time. In that time a medic will need to treat them and give them epinephrine to bring them back up. 1.3 Advanced medicalThe advanced medical system provides a more complex and detailed medical simulation and is based off the CSE CMS. It focuses on a more realistic model for injuries and treatments, thus resulting in a more important and prominent role for combat medics, and a bigger incentive to avoid getting shot.The system behind advanced medical is designed to attempt to mimic important parts of the human body, as well as react to any injuries sustained and treatments applied in a realistic manner.