Ativar Windows 10 Cmd

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Want to use the Telnet application included with Microsoft Windows 10? You first need to enable the program.

  1. Ativar Windows 10 Cmd

Here’s how it’s done. Option 1 – From Control Panel.

Open “ Control Panel“. Open “ Programs“. Select the “ Turn Windows features on or off ” option. Check the “ Telnet Client” box. Click “ OK“. A box will appear that says “ Windows features” and “ Searching for required files“.When complete, the Telnet client should be installed in Windows.Option 2 – From Command LineYou can also install the Telnet Client by issuing a command.

Hold down the Windows Key, then press “ R“. The Run dialog box appears. Type:. pkgmgr /iu:”TelnetClient”. Select “ OK” and Windows will install the Telnet client.Filed Under: Tagged With: Reader Interactions. Doesn’t work. I tried 3 time.

It keeps saying it needs to reboot to finish the process (why? There’s no conceivable reason except incompetent program that this should require a reboot, but anyway) I let it reboot. Telnet still doesn’t work. I try again, the telnet client box is not checked. I check it and says “searching for required files”, and then says it has to reboot for it to complete. I let it reboot. It comes up (eventually), I start up all my standard apps (a good 10 minutes), try to telnet again, says it doesn’t recognize the command, I go back to programs in the control panel, Telnet Client is still not checked, check the box, click okay, repeat 2 more times.

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What a frigging waste of time this brain-dead O/S is!.TerryJB says. I really appreciate your time, and depth of knowledge.

Ativar Windows 10 Cmd

Activar windows 10 cmd

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