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Phone: 1-877-898-8646Our CompanyUnited World Telecom celebrates over 18 successful years in the telecommunications business by implementing the right combination of experience and infrastructure to offer low cost localand international calling solutions. United World Telecom customers range from individuals looking for simple low cost international calling rates to multinational corporations with complextelecommunications needs.For more information on individual products or services, simply click on any of the services listed above.

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If you are interested in becoming a reseller or agent, please visit ourto learn more about United World Telecom reseller programs.International CallbackOur offers the best value for callback services anywhere! We provide the highest quality international callconnections possible. You will experience the lowest number of incomplete local and international calls compared to any of our competitors. We save you time and money when making international calls.Not only is our callback service of the best quality, our international callback rates are highly competitive as well.Become a at wholesale callback rates. If you find an international callback company with lower rates chances are the quality will not becomparable to ours.

Don't let your clients end up paying more due to excessive missed or dropped calls. Quality international callback service is our guarantee. You don't even need a callback card. Instead you will receiveyour own Direct Inward Dialing Number (DID number).Virtual Calling CardOur Virtual Calling Card provides you all the features of traditional international calling cards except that you do not need to carry an actual phone card with you and you will get the best rate for the calls you make.You also have the option of accessing your phone calling card directly through a toll-free number or through a local number.

Our virtualare truly the best international calling cards on the market today. The difference between our international calling cards and atraditional prepaid international calling card is that you never have to go out and buy another prepaid phone card. Wholesale international calling cards are also available with great wholesale rates so you can become acalling card distributor (phone card distributor).UWT Mobile SIM CardsMaking and receiving cell phone calls while abroad at a discounted rate has never been easier.

The Global SIM Card can reduce your calling costs when traveling abroad. Easy, simple, and inexpensive to purchase, a mobileSIM card is the perfect companion when traveling. Learn more at. Rates as low as $.39 a call, free incoming calls in most areas.VoIPUWT offers a variety of Voice over IP (VoIP) services. VoIP has become a very popular service. VoIP service allows you to use your Internet connection to place international calls to any phone, including mobile phones.You can use VoIP software to make VoIP calls right from your PC or a VoIP phone to connect to the Internet.

If you choose the VoIP phone you can use the Internet connection on your computer as well. We offer great dealson VoIP equipment. Business are also available such as our VoIP reseller program. Become a VoIP reseller or a VoIP agent. VoIP calling is also known as Internetcalls (internet phone calls). Our service is easy and affordable unlike other providers that offer an expensive VoIP calling card.

UWT also offers virtual phone numbers.Global Call ConnectGlobal Call Connect allows you to access our network through a local access number or a toll free number from any phone allowing you to make international mobile calls or international long distance calls. Simplify yourcalls. Just enter your access number and you are connected to our international calling network. We provide you with a cheap international rate each time.has never been so easy.CallMe800If you are in need of toll free, get a UWT toll free phone number to forward international calls to your existing phone line in any country.

CallMe800 is the right toll free service. All of ourinternational toll free numbers are reliable and provide excellent international forwarding. Get your own now.CallMyGlobalNumberAn alternative international. The difference is,with this service, you will receive a local number in virtually any major city in the world that will forward incoming calls to your phone wherever you are. When someone calls you they will only need to dial yourlocal phone number and then will be forwarded to your phone anywhere in the world.Partner ProgramsIf you want to learn how to start a telecom business, read about our partner programs that include a callback reseller program, VoIP reseller program, VoIP agent program, private reseller partner program, and other callingcard and.There are also prepaid phone agent opportunities available that provide prepaid calling cards that allow you to start a calling card wholesale business. The calling card business is highly profitable.If you are still not convinced that UWT can provide you the best service at the best international calling rates, read our client testimonials. No matter which service is best for you, you will receive the best quality aswell as excellent customer support at the lowest possible cost.

Get international calling cards today and save.International CallbackEasy access to the lowest international rates from any country in the world! Perfect for travelers. Change your callback number at any time.

Besplatno Skidanje Muzike Bez Registracije

Use it from any phone. Speed dials offer a fast connection. No monthly fees.Easy payment options. Excellent customer service. Manage your account online.Global VoIP ConnectThe Internet now has the power to connect you to any phone in the world at the lowest rates! Two residential VoIP service plans available for personal use. We offer VoIP equipment including VoIP softphone, VoIP Adapter& VoIP phone, and VoIP Gateways.CallMe800Get your personal that forwards incoming calls to any phone number in the world!

Multiple simultaneous call handling. Flexible forwarding,easily change your forwarding number.

Customized greeting free of charge. Vanity numbers available. No connection fees or charges for incomplete or busy calls. Easy payment options. Free monthly statements.

No commitmentnecessary. Many voice mail features.Global Call ConnectYour mobile or fixed phone now has easy access to excellent international call quality at low international calling rates. Some features included are; direct dialing, store our USA toll free number, speed dials, low rates,high quality connections, online billing statement, and much more!Virtual Calling CardTravelers can now enjoy easy access to international calling at low rates with our high quality! Enjoy monthlystatements free of charge by email. No fees, no contracts, no hidden charges, and no commitment. Get your international calling cards on sale today.CallMyGlobalNumberOwn a unique USA or Global phone number that can forward your calls to any phone number in the world!

We offer the largest selection of local phone numbers in over 60 countries, hundred of cities to choose from. Low setup fee and low monthly fees. Low per minute rates. High quality connections.

Besplatno Skidanje Domace Muzike Bez Registracije

Excellent customer service and support. Easy payment options.' United World Telecom has become recognized as one of the highest quality callback providers. It seems determined not to compromise its reputation by simply using the cheapest carriers. UWT has a number of uniquefeatures and their technical and customer support is exceptional.' - Phone-Guide.comOur CustomersCustomers of UWT are located in over 150 countries and their profiles range from embassies, international organizations, and import-export companies to business travelers, students, and expatriates of many nations.Technology NewsManaged Service Provider United World Telecom Selects Ecessa`s WAN Device to Deliver 24/7 Internet Uptime.-, Fran BoseckerOur CommitmentIn today's competitive telecom market, companies are increasingly sacrificing quality in exchange for lower costs and higher profits. At United World Telecom, we believe in maintaining the highest possible quality at thelowest possible rates, providing deep savings to our customers.

Our service is available to and from the continents of Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, Oceania, North America, South America, and Europe.