Can T Close Firefox

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So I can't close Firefox. Even selecting end process for firefox.exe in the task manager doesn't do anything. As a consequence, nothing short of restarting the computer allows me to open a new process, since I always get a 'Another process is running lmao' window followed by 'Profile Missing: Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible.' That is not acceptable.I tried reinstalling and it didn't work. I tried reinstalling a version before profiles were implemented, and it automatically updated (also can't get new extensions, so this is not a good solution). I uninstalled, deleted everything in my app data and temporary files, reinstalled and it's still the same problem.Help would be awesome.

Can't Close Firefox Browser

Don't make me have to use Chrome pleasepleasepleaseEdit: Should be noted that after salting the earth last time, I got about a week of normal use.