Cannot Uninstall Amazon Assistant Windows 10

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Cannot uninstall amazon assistant windows 10 0
  1. Cannot Uninstall Program Windows

I have upgraded my tablet to Windows 10 Creator update home version. After I reboot and login the system, the desktop keep popping up the Amazon assistant causes.dll error messages.

If I try to open Amazon Assistant, it just runs install wizard and nothing else. Its extension also appears in Internet Explorer. Now I could not find a way to uninstall it completely because the related option is grayed out in the Settings app.The Amazon Assistant offers product comparisons, search, and quick links to favorite features like Your Orders/Lists, Deals and more.

Cannot Uninstall Program Windows

But it makes the annoying malware-like behavior in Windows 10 Creator update. Internet Explorer 11 keeps running its adds, but every time the Res://aaResources.dll/104 warning shows on the start up page.