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THU OCT 11 2018 9:02 PMChicago Fire Department» Person Hit by a TrainPulaski Rd and Kinzie St Chicago, ILReport of a person hit by a Metra train, and that a man stumbled into the side of the train when it was moving. Person on Tracks response returned.BC18 reports person is still alive. A10 transporting one patient Code Red to Mount Sinai.FIRE/MEDIC UNITS ASSIGNED ENGINE(S): E117TRUCK(S): T26 TL??SQUAD(S): SQD2CHIEF(S): BC18 5-1-5EMS: A10LIVE TRAFFIC MAP Get updates in your Facebook feed. SAT SEP 29 2018 1:13 AMChicago Fire DepartmentApartments Above Restaurant Fire/Working Fire/Still and Box866 North State Street Chicago, ILReport of a fire in apartments above of a restaurant with rear porches burning. SUN SEP 23 2018 1:45 AMChicago Fire DepartmentHouse Fire/Working Fire/Still and Box/EMS Plan1743 W 59th St Chicago, ILReport of a house fire with two children still inside the house.E116 crew on arrival reports a 1 1/2-story frame with fire on the first floor, ambulance needed Side A. Third ambulance requested by BC6 for people down in the front yard.T41 Side A.EMS Plan 1 by 1:52 am.

On orders of BC6. Seven people home at time of fire - 7 -month-old baby killed, and 51 year-old male (father) critically injured. At least two children transported with burns.BC6 reports two lines on the fire, roof being opened, ground ladders in place, secondary searches in progress by 1:53 am.Fire is out and secondary search complete and negative by 2:07 am.STRUCK OUT AT 2:07 AMEMS PLAN 1 SECURED AT 2:08 AM. Baby boy dead after West Englewood house fire:— ABC 7 Chicago (@ABC7Chicago)FIRE/MEDIC UNITS ASSIGNED.ENGINE(S): E116 E??TRUCK(S): T41 T?? TL??SQD5 CV274RIT: BC19 T33CHIEF(S): BC 6EMS: A??

STANDBY A??A8 A75 A58STAGING:E = Engine, T = Ladder Truck, TL = Tower Ladder, Q = Quint, SQD = Squad, BC = Battalion Chief, CV = Command Vehicle, A = AmbulanceSTILL AND BOX ALARM AT 01:48 AMENGINE(S):TRUCK(S):SQUAD(S):EMS:CHIEF(S): 2-1-30BC20 Plans ChiefBC15 Box ChiefCHANGE OF QUARTERS:STAGING: 59th St and Ashland Ave (changed to Paulina)LIVE TRAFFIC MAP Get updates in your Facebook feedChicago, IL MAPGOOGLE SEARCH INCIDENT ADDRESSGOOGLE SEARCH Chicago Fire DepartmentChicago Fire Department NEWS. MON SEP 03 2018 3:59 PMPalatine Fire DepartmentLightning Strike/House Fire/Working Fire2107 North Westmoreland Drive Palatine, ILReport of a fire at a split-level house. Report of pets inside.Police on arrival report a lightning strike with flames showing from a basement window. 8 killed, including 6 children in residential building fire near Little Village— NBC Chicago (@nbcchicago)Still and Box Alarm 4:05 am.EMS Plan 1 at 4:13 am on orders of 4-5-7.2-11 Alarm at 4:15 am on orders of BC14.EMS Plan 2 at 4:23 am.EMS Plan 3 at 4:26 am.+ + + + + +E109 crew on arrival reports a fire in the rear by 4:02 am. SAT AUG 11 2018 8:05 AMWilmette Fire DepartmentBoat Explosion/Boat Fire/Man in Water/Water Recovery42.075785, -87.684948 (Wilmette Boat Harbor Wilmette, IL)BC26 relays report of a boat explosion from police; requests A26, A27 and E27 at 10 Harbor Drive.Male, age 60, found dead in water. Boat fire, then boat sunk. Second male victim transported to Evanston Hospital - non-life-threatening injuries.FIRE/MEDIC UNITS ASSIGNED ENGINE(S): E27TRUCK(S): TL26SQUAD(S): SQD26 with boatDIVERS: 2 Evanston Divers; all Division 3 divers pagedCHIEF(S): BC26 Winnetka Kenilworth BC28EMS: A26 A27E = Engine, T = Ladder Truck, TL = Tower Ladder, Q = Quint, SQD = Squad, BC = Battalion Chief, A = AmbulanceLIVE TRAFFIC MAP Get updates in your Facebook feed.

SAT AUG 11 2018 11:56 AMLibertyville Fire DepartmentWater Rescue/BOX ALARM16400 W Buckley Rd Libertyville, ILMABAS Division 4 Box Alarm on Box #46-61 for a water rescue at Independence Grove Forest Preserve. SAT AUG 11 2018 12:50 AMChicago Fire DepartmentPersonal Injury Crash41.659142, -87.559379 (130th St and Torrence Chicago, IL)Report of a semi-trailer truck vs car crash with injuries.

Chicago Fire Google Drive

Engine 80 on arrival reports crash actually at 130th and Ford Access Road, and there are two patients. Second ambulance requested.CDOT requested for the car that is wedged under the semi - no pin-in.FIRE/MEDIC UNITS ASSIGNED.ENGINE(S): D80 E??TRUCK(S): T?? TL??SQUAD(S): SQD??CHIEF(S): BC??EMS: A76 A71E = Engine, T = Ladder Truck, TL = Tower Ladder, Q = Quint, SQD = Squad, BC = Battalion Chief, CV = Command Vehicle, A = AmbulanceLIVE TRAFFIC MAP Get updates in your Facebook feed. WED AUG 08 2018 6:34 PMLincolnshire-Riverwoods FPDApartment Condo Fire/Working Fire906 Inverrary Ln Deerfield, ILReport that a neighbor sees flames in a window.BC51 on arrival reports reports they have a working fire by 6:40 p.m.Inverrary command reports fire under control and searches all clear by 6:53 p.m.FIRE/MEDIC UNITS ASSIGNED ENGINE(S): E52 E53 Buffalo Grove E26TRUCK(S): Q?? T51SQUAD(S): SQD??TENDER(S): TANKER??CHIEF(S): BC51 BC24 BC20?EMS: A51 A24E = Engine, T = Ladder Truck, TL = Tower Ladder, Q = Quint, SQD = Squad, BC = Battalion Chief, A = AmbulanceCODE 4 AT 06:37 PMENGINE(S): E42TRUCK(S): Buffalo Grove Q27 (unavailable) Countryside TL412 Northbrook TL12?SQUAD(S): BG26RIT: BC?? SQD19 A10TENDER(S):EMS: A42 Northbrook A10 Long Grove A55CHIEF(S): 5100 2000 Countryside ChiefSPECIAL:STAGING:CHANGE OF QUARTERS:LIVE TRAFFIC MAP Get updates in your Facebook feed.

Chicago Fire Google Drive

WED AUG 08 2018 3:40 AMChicago Fire DepartmentPerson Shot/GSW/Extrication CrashLake St and Kostner Ave Chicago, ILThree of five people shot while traveling in a Jeep. Male, 21, and female, 22, both DOA at Mount Sinai. Male, 19, transported to Stroger; listed in serious condition. Shooting one block away; unknown if shooters in vehicle or on foot.Pin-in response and an EMS Plan 1.BC18 reports 3 extricated by 3:55 a.m.

And that crews are still working on extricating a fourth victim.FIRE/MEDIC UNITS ASSIGNED ENGINE(S): E95TRUCK(S): T26SQUAD(S): SQD??EMS: A10 A15 A64 A77 A63EMS PLAN 1 by 3:48 AM.EMS PLAN 1 SECURED AT 4:06 AM on orders of BC 18E = Engine, T = Ladder Truck, TL = Tower Ladder, Q = Quint, SQD = Squad, BC = Battalion Chief, A = AmbulanceLIVE TRAFFIC MAP Get updates in your Facebook feed. THU AUG 02 2018 9:26 PMDeerfield-Bannockburn FPDPersonal Injury Crash2999 Waukegan Rd Deerfield, ILReport of a crash with two injured on Waukegan Rd north of Route 22.Crew on arrival reports two cars involved with moderate to heavy damage. A422 reports two vehicles with moderate damage and one vehicle off the road.Lake Forest A422 taking the patient being extricated, and Deerfield taking another patient already out of the vehicle about 9:40 p.m.Extrication complete by 9:42 p.m.FIRE/MEDIC UNITS ASSIGNED.ENGINE(S): E?? E??TRUCK(S): T?? TL??SQUAD(S): SQD19 Lake Forest SQD421 (returned)CHIEF(S): BC20EMS: A19 Lake Forest A422E = Engine, T = Ladder Truck, TL = Tower Ladder, Q = Quint, SQD = Squad, BC = Battalion Chief, A = AmbulanceLIVE TRAFFIC MAP Get updates in your Facebook feed.

'It is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago. She outgrows his prophecies faster than he can make them.'

- Mark Twain, 1883Chicago was only 46 years old when Mark Twain wrote those words, but it had already grown more than 100-fold, from a small trading post at the mouth of the Chicago River into one of the nation’s largest cities, and it wasn’t about to stop. Over the next 20 years, it would quadruple in population, amazing the rest of the world with its ability to repeatedly reinvent itself.And it still hasn’t stopped. Today, Chicago has become a global city, a thriving center of international trade and commerce, and a place where people of every nationality come to pursue the American dream. Early ChicagoChicago’s first permanent resident was a trader named Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, a free black man apparently from Haiti, who came here in the late 1770s. In 1795, the U.S. Government built Fort Dearborn at what is now the corner of Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive (look for the bronze markers in the pavement). It was burned to the ground by Native Americans in 1812, rebuilt and demolished in 1857.

A Trading CenterIncorporated as a city in 1837, Chicago was ideally situated to take advantage of the trading possibilities created by the nation’s westward expansion. The completion of the Illinois & Michigan Canal in 1848 created a water link between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River, but the canal was soon rendered obsolete by railroads. Today, 50 percent of U.S. Rail freight continues to pass through Chicago, even as the city has become the nation’s busiest aviation center, thanks to O’Hare and Midway International airports.

The Great Fire of 1871As Chicago grew, its residents took heroic measures to keep pace. In the 1850s, they raised many of the streets five to eight feet to install a sewer system – and then raised the buildings, as well. Unfortunately, the buildings, streets and sidewalks were made of wood, and most of them burned to the ground in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The Chicago Fire Department training academy at 558 W. Is on the site of the O’Leary property where the fire began.

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The Chicago Water Tower and Pumping Station at Michigan and Chicago avenues are among the few buildings to have survived the fire. 'The White City'Chicago rebuilt quickly.

Much of the debris was dumped into Lake Michigan as landfill, forming the underpinnings for what is now Grant Park, Millennium Park and the Art Institute of Chicago. Only 22 years later, Chicago celebrated its comeback by holding the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, with its memorable “White City.” One of the Exposition buildings was rebuilt to become the Museum of Science and Industry.

Chicago Fire Google Drive 2017

Chicago refused to be discouraged even by the Great Depression. In 1933 and 1934, the city held an equally successful Century of Progress Exposition on Northerly Island. Hull HouseIn the half-century following the Great Fire, waves of immigrants came to Chicago to take jobs in the factories and meatpacking plants. Many poor workers and their families found help in settlement houses operated by Jane Addams and her followers. Her Hull House Museum is located at 800 S.