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I don't agree it's designed to be played like an FPS. You select a target and your weapons aims for it, it would be far too strong auto aim for an FPS.

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There is no down weapon targetting to line up your shot.It doesn't fly like a real helicopter and that's not what I want. It's easy to pick up and play and it's good fun.You prefer to play keyboard and mouse and that's fine. There are some people who like myself may want to play with a controller. Either preference or because their home set up (relaxed on the couch).I created this thread so if someone wanted to play that way they could see how it could be done.You said I was a noob, which is a bit insulting. I don't see how setting up a game to play with my preferred input device and playing that game fufils that criteria. Surely if mouse makes the game easier it would be better for a 'noob' to choose the easy way.

Comanche 4 Keyboard Controls

Comanche 4 Pc

Comanche 4 -Frequently Asked QuestionsSearch GeneralQuestionsIsComanche 4 more of a flight sim or an actiongame?Comanche 4 is an action shooter that will appealto both first person shooter and sim fans.ACTION:The simple W, A, S, & D keys and mouselookcontrols will be instantly recognizable to firstperson shooter fans. Comanche 4 marks a returnto the action-oriented gameplay found in theoriginal Comanche game. We do not want the playerto read a huge manual before getting up in theair and blowing up everything in sight.SIM:A scalable flight model will ensure that simenthusiasts, the game's fan base, have accessto a myriad of technical features. These featuresallow for control over the cyclic, fan-tailand the collective. The Helmet Mounted Display(HMD) is scalable, with various modes availableto show only the flight and weapons informationthe player wants to see.What are the controls?Comanche 4 supports a mouse-look interface thatshould be more familiar to action and shooterfans. The W, A, S, & D keys are combinedwith the mouse and several keys which controlaltitude.

Most joysticks, throttles and pedalsare also supported.Does Comanche 4 have multiplayer?Straight out of the box players will be ableto host multiplayer games over LAN. Gamers willhave the option to play cooperative, deathmatchand team oriented games. Comanche 4 internetplay is available via NovaWorld.What will the missions be like?Comanche 4 will run the gamut from the moretraditional 'search and destroy' missionsto reconnaissance, force protection, and specialoperations. Players will fly cover for advancingarmor, scout ahead for enemy positions, provideair cover for an embassy evacuation attack anaircraft carrier and safeguard an internationaldiplomat. More military operations include assaultingan aircraft carrier and providing support forDelta Force.What environments will be showcased?Dense forests, tropical islands, urban areas,arctic conditions, and the open sea are allrepresented. The environments are all interactive,demonstrated by the amazing effect the helicopter'srotors have on land and over water. Unique terrainscarring occurs depending upon which weaponhas been fired.What enemies are involved?Tanks, destroyers, ground troops armed withStinger missiles, speedboats, jets, helicoptersand more.

Enemy helicopters will take advantageof extensive ground cover in order to sneakup on you.What weapons will be included on the Comanche?Hydra-70 Rockets, AGM-114 Hellfire Anti-tankmissiles, Stinger Air to Air missiles and themighty XM301 20mm cannon will be used to annihilateenemy vehicles and troops in the air and onthe ground. The ability to call in artillerystrikes will also be available in certain missions.VideoQuestionsItsays I need at least a 100mhz bus (2x AGP).Does that mean I need an AGP video card to playC4?That is correct, you need an AGP video cardto play Comanche 4.Why doesn't my KYRO II chipset video cardwork?There is an open issue with the Hercules Prophet4500 and other KYRO II video cards. We havebeen informed that new drivers are forthcomingthat will solve the problem. Check with yourcard manufacturer for the latest 3d card drivers.The background graphics/terrains in the gameare completely white. How can I fix this?With all video card related issues, we firstsuggest you make sure you are using the latest3d card drivers. These can be obtained fromthe card manufacturer's website.

Comanche 4 keyboard controls and accessories

We have foundthat the white flashes are usually fixed byusing the latest drivers.Also,make sure you are running the latest versionof the game. The latest version of Comanche4 can be obtained by clicking 'Update Game'in the main menu.Ifyou have the latest 3d card drivers and youare running the latest version of the game andyou are still experiencing white flashes, youmay need to lower the demands on your 3d card.From the main menu, select options and proceedto the video menu. Try reducing all video settings(terrain and object detail, texture, water,and shadow quality, and particle density) byone notch and replaying the game.

If the flashingpersists, lower your video settings again.SpeedComanche4 runs slowly on my system. What can I do?Comanche 4 was designed to take advantage ofthe latest computer architecture.

A fast processor,plenty of RAM, and the latest 3d card are allrequired to maximize the game's performance.Ifyou find the game running slowly on your configuration,try reducing the video options. You'll findthat reducing one or more video options willincrease the game's performance.Joystick/ ControllersWhydoesn't my Saitek joystick work properly underWindows 2000/Windows XP?Saitek's joysticks aren't fully supported underXP/2000 yet. Seefor details.Why is there no force feedback in the game?Force feedback using DirectX™ 8.0 has beenadded and requires updating to the latest versionof Comanche 4. The latest version of Comanche4 can be obtained by clicking 'Update Game'in the main menu. You may need to updated yourjoystick drivers to be DirectX™ 8.0 compatible,check your manufacturer. At this time, thereare reported problems with Saitek and Logitechjoysticks which we are looking into.Can I configure my joystick's HAT switch tolook around the cockpit?No.

Although this feature was included in Comanche3, this is not an option in Comanche 4. TheComanche 4 engine was built new from the groundup and does not contain this feature.MultiplayerWhyis Comanche 4 not supported on NovaWorld yet?Updating to the latest version of Comanche 4will allow you to play via Novaworld.

The latestversion of Comanche 4 can be obtained by clicking'Update Game' in the main menu.Do I need a Product Key Code to play Comanche4 via Novaworld?Yes. After January 7, 2002, playing Comanche4 via Novaworld will require you to enter yourProduct Key Code when first logging into Novaworld.Your Comanche 4 Product Key Code can be foundinside the Comanche 4 jewel case.How can I play Comanche 4 behind a firewall?Version v1.0.1.8 of Comanche 4 has more supportfor NAT devices (see below) which should alleviatethe need to program your firewall. If afterupdating the game to the latest version, itstill does not work from behind the firewall,you will need to open ports 17200 (0x4330).How do I get Comanche 4 to run on my cable/DSLrouter?Prior to v1.0.1.8, running Comanche 4 behinda cable/DSL device using NAT (Network AddressTranslator - which allows multiple internetdevices to share one IP) was a problem if youwanted to host a game. This problem has beenresolved with v1.0.1.8.

You can now run multipleclients or host on a network behind a NAT device.NOTE:You cannot host a game behind an NAT deviceand join that game from another computer onthe same network.How do I set up multiple servers on a NATnetwork?Because servers are configured to use port 17200(0x4430), you may not get the server to workbehind a NAT device without server configurationchanges. You need to configure the servers touse different ports. Simply edit C4.cfg andchange the existing line 'mpServerGamePort= 0' to a unique port. We recommend ports17200, 21296, 25392, 29488, 33584, 37680, 6, 49968, 54064, 58160 or 62256.NOTE: For a LAN IP game, if your use a portother than the above prescribed ports, you willneed to reconfigure the client. Clients searchingfor LAN servers with reconfigured ports needto change the existing line 'mpgameport= 0' to match the server's mpServerGamePort.How do I setup a LAN game with only one copyof Comanche 4?You can play a Comanche 4 LAN game using yourone copy of Comanche 4. The server is the onlymachine that requires a CD to play.

Comanche 4 Keyboard Controls And Accessories

Comanche 4 keyboard controls pc

First, doa large install on each client machine. Next,setup the server for LAN play.

Finally, runC4LAN.exe on each client and have them jointhe LAN server. C4LAN client will only playLAN IP or LAN IPX games. It will not run SinglePlayer or Novaworld multiplayer games.Comanche4 ©2002 NOVALOGIC, Inc.