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Command & Conquer also known as CnC or CnC for the short form brings the real-time strategy genre. Westwood Studios developed the game that also includes full-motion video cut scenes to lead the charter and introduce to the next gameplay. In this article, I bring you some games like Command and Conquer but before that let’s know more about C&C. It is considered as best RTS games on steam.The game brings you the perspective where different campaigns always take place in different environments. Gameplay can also be enjoyed in the multiplayer mode if you are online. The playing just takes one account creation, get a class and get ready to pick upTime-based team-vs-team matches.

The game is set in the future where you can enjoy those tanks built using advanced technology, laser-armed robots and much more to target the enemy. As you cover the areas, you get chances to upgrade your units and abilities.

Command And Conquer TvtropesCommand And Conquer Tvtropes

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So all in all, is a great formula where you don’t have to dig for resource and just hold control until you win the game. There are several modes to explore that can be expensed in the form of campaigns, multiplayer, etc.The gameplay allows implementing several technologies, trading, and military elements to set the victory. There is plenty of city building too, and the game does every aspect superbly.

Conquering using the maps can be enjoyed too if you have the huge base of the army and hence this one falls among the Command and Conquer type games.Platforms:, Macintosh operating systems#8The first version was a huge success, and the sequel is a result of that. The first game was launched in 1999 and the second one in 2013 that fix several things and improve this one greatly. The storyline takes you to the Middle era where creating civilization is the main motive.The gameplay is same as the other RTS games, and it takes you forward to gather those resources such as wood, stone, gold, and food.

Building the structures and fight against the enemies using various technologies also take place. The gameplay can be used to step into the new era and feel advanced technology, improved units, and buildings.Platforms:, Macintosh operating systems, PlayStation 2#9 World in ConflictThe game’s environment and new regions are the things that you are going to enjoy a lot.The game is set in 1989 where the Soviet Union wants to be the ruler of the power, and for this, it pursues a military course. This way, you visit places like Russia, Europe, and the United States to get your adventure going on.The gameplay makes you the First Lieutenant where you command the troops in the battlefield.It’s not like any unusual real-time strategy games where you just create bases and find resources to use in the combats. The gameplay is more than that where you use infantry, tanks, air force, additional troops, artillery strikes, etc.Platforms:, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3#10 Empires and AlliesAnother one that seems perfect to play and that’s why I put it here as one of the Command and Conquer like games. The game takes place in attacking the enemy using the forces, tanks, and aircrafts. This all gives you a basic tutorial to understand the situations, and once you are done, Empires and Allies takes you to base building to save your back from the attacks.From here the gameplay starts that give you the complete control to take several campaigns.

Players create a defense system, gather resources, create units, and unlock new abilities at every point to make progress.Platforms:, Adobe Flash Player#11 Warfare IncorporatedAnother RTS gameplay that was launched back in 2003 and it was relaunched in 2008. Here you can enjoy both single player and multiplayer that allow battling in the smartphone based on IOS. The battle starts in the futuristic place for a planet that is just discovered and full of resources and minerals.The two teams are ACME and OMNI, and the single-player gameplay puts you as Andy Whitmore, a junior executive of ACME and the discoverer of the planet.

In the next stage, you discover the technologies on that planet and the enemy too. The game takes you through twenty missions, and each of then unfolds the parts.Platforms:, iOS, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Tapwave Zodiac#12 Company of HeroesIf you want an advancement with the real-time strategy genre, then Company of Heroes is a must try game that came to light in 2006. It is all about setting up battles which are endless and make use of the resource system. Your main aim is to get your control on the map and be a part of the supply line and discontinue the supply system of your enemy.The gameplay brings occupying buildings too that can be used to save your troops while establishing the battles. These structures are scattered on the map that you can explore and take control.

Also, you can build several useful things like medic stations, unit production center, guns store, etc.Platform:#13 American ConquestAnother fantastic piece of the Command and Conquer like games, the game follows the real-time strategy gameplay that sets you in the history. It is the era of 15th to early 18th where battles go on in the American continent for the colonization purposes. Here you build up the army and make use of the workforce.

You learn to settle the troops for the resource gathering and advancing the military units.The gameplay brings you the campaigns that allow you to continue French, English, and Spanish conquests in the American territory. Additional combat goes on too were Native Americans fight against the invasion.Platform: Windows#14 Act of WarThe game sets you in the future where the prices of the gas bring the whole world to war. You prepare the troops of the US military taking all the US forces with you.

Command And Conquer 3 Tv Tropes

The several battles go on across several cities of US with excellent graphics that make it realistic.The gameplay has several live cut scenes too to explain the storyline and enlighten the player.Other abilities are there too such as you can enter any building and take your forces there to fight against. Other mechanics withstand too where you make use of the war tanks and aircrafts.Platform: Windows#15 Empire Earth (EE)The game serves players a great RTS experience, and it was released in 2011. You can feel the gameplay more like the Age of Empires, and still, there are things that will fulfill the urge of having a game like C&C. The game sees you in the historical era with several features and advancements than other RTS based games.The gameplay takes you through more than twenty civilizations, and there are five campaigns that you can try the play style in. The gameplay also brings creating the civilization where players can add up options of choice by removing the ones they don’t like to include.Platform: WindowsConclusionThis way, the list of games like Command and Conquer gets completed.

Now, it’s your turn to pick up any game and fell the gameplay yourself. All these are RTS based gameplays where motion cut videos also happen to enlighten you the path. So players, get ready to get a new thrill in place of C&C and share your favorite gameplay here. Truly Immersive List, Helps me a ton to use my save crunches on gamkes alike CnC, for which I am avid fan and hollds all titles from original CnC Gold to CnC Tiiberium Alliance in 2007, Cinematic theme introduced by westwood in original games was later changed by EA has probably make user lost interest in RTS Franchiese. Allthough Android platform is widely acknowledged, still CnC titles holds world record of selling 15 million copies worldwide, excluding pirated ones, which shows if PC title, story, theme, gameplay looks addictive, no reason gamers wont leave the game play to any other reason, CnC must return to original grassroots with out looking forward more on online mmrpg, and it will revive the history again. Instead of commenting, kindly copy paste this to Electronic art blog for them to listen, read, understand and give a serious thought, thanks, god bless n god speed.@ age of 42 years, still i play games CS Go, PuBG, Just Cause and also Sid Meiers Railroads, whixh is also cult in game stuff, thanks for reading. Thanks again.