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. Windows 10 install.iso or DVD.

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USB flash drive with at least 5GB free space. This drive will be formatted, so make sure it doesn't have any important files on it. Technician PC - Windows PC that you'll use to format the USB flash drive. Destination PC - A PC that you'll install Windows onStep 1 - Format the drive and set the primary partition as active.Connect the USB flash drive to your technician PC.Open Disk Management: Right-click on Start and choose Disk Management.Format the partition: Right-click the USB drive partition and choose Format. Select the FAT32 file system to be able to boot either BIOS-based or UEFI-based PCs.Set the partition as active: Right-click the USB drive partition and click Mark Partition as Active. NoteIf Mark Partition as Active isn't available, you can instead use to select the partition and mark it active.Step 2 - Copy Windows Setup to the USB flash drive.Use File Explorer to copy and paste the entire contents of the Windows product DVD or ISO to the USB flash drive.Optional: add an unattend file to automate the installation process. For more information, see.Step 3 - Install Windows to the new PC.Connect the USB flash drive to a new PC.Turn on the PC and press the key that opens the boot-device selection menu for the computer, such as the Esc/F10/F12 keys.

Select the option that boots the PC from the USB flash drive.Windows Setup starts. Follow the instructions to install Windows.Remove the USB flash drive.Troubleshooting: file copy failsThis can happen when the Windows image file is over the FAT32 file size limit of 4GB.

Como Formatar Windows 10

When this happens:.Copy everything except the Windows image file (sourcesinstall.wim) to the USB drive (either drag and drop, or use this command, where D: is the mounted ISO and E: is the USB flash drive.) robocopy D: E: /s /max:.Split the Windows image file into smaller files, and put the smaller files onto the USB drive: Dism /Split-Image /ImageFile:D:sourcesinstall.wim /SWMFile:E:sourcesinstall.swm /FileSize:3800Note, Windows Setup automatically installs from this file, so long as you name it install.swm.Related topics.


Como Formatar Windows 10 Pen Drive

Can I perform a clean install using the Free upgrade?No, it will require that you are running a previous qualifying version and start the upgrade from within the qualifying version. You can initiate a clean install after completing the Upgrade.Please be aware that you cannot use the free upgrade offer to perform a clean install on first attempt. You must first upgrade from the qualifying version of Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 (whether you doit through or using the.ISO file).

Como Formatar Windows 10 Para Windows 7

Ensure the upgrade is completed successfully and then ensure that it is activated. You can then proceed to do a clean install by using recovery media or using the Reset function in Start Settings Update& Security Recovery Reset this PC (Get Started).See:Best, Andre Windows Insider MVP MVP-Windows and Devices for IT twitter/adacosta