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Welcome to the Commander Tiers guide, a quick rating reference to which Commanders are 'Good', 'Bad', and ' Ugly'.Whilst we would encourage people to try all of them and see which work for them and their style, it's also true that not everybody wants to do that, and quick snapshot can be helpful to help evaluate possible choices or DLC purchases. (COH2.ORG will never force you to buy DLC, but just know that we wont lie to you in regards to which commander is strong or weak.)Commanders are given stars(allies),crosses(Ostheer and Oberkommando West), or 'mugs'(British) based on effectiveness across 3 categories: Offense, Defense,and Support.Offense: The Offensive capability of the commander. This rating is given off how many offensive-minded abilities the commander has,and the strength of these abilities. This rating includes abilities like Heavy tanks, off-map artillery and its potency during an assault, and infantry or vehicle based upgrades.Defense: The Defensive capability of the commander. This rating is given off of the defensive capability the commander offers to unit survivability, friendly sector defense, emplacements, and general 'lock-down' ability. This also considers 'offensive' abilities that can be used 'defensively' such as White phosphorus smoke.Support: The Team-game efficiency of the commander.

How well does the commander synergize with teammates? Does it have strong off-maps?

Can it lay down repair stations,or create HQ's that your teammates can use? This rating isn't as heavily weighed as the other ratings,so keep that in mind if a commander has a high support rating,but is tiered low overall.allies allies allies allies allies = Greatallies allies allies = Averageallies = Bad. 'Ostruppen allow ostheer to acess a durable,hardy 6 man rifle squad to replace grenadiers. Perfect for outnumbering the British, trading with the Americans,and matching the Soviet horde.

This doctrine has access to resource conversion,allowing your non-ostruppen troops to be well equipped with everything from Flamethrowers to LMGs and Panzershreks. This opens up more defensive play options as well, as excess munitions will allow for plenty of mines and bunkers. Later,railway artillery can be used offensively,and defensively. All these perks make up for the lack of call'in armor. The only drawback to this doctrine is that those with improper cover usage will struggle to use ostruppen to their best effect.

'The ultimate defense commander, augment your strong core Ostheer army with extremely powerful defensive options. The Command tank, Elefant, and hull-down abilities allow you to lock down anything late game. Panzer tactician allows you to save your tanks from death,further increasing your defensive capability. This commander loses its shine on the offensive however,where the Elefant does not perform well. In a supporting role,this commander is also extremely strong, as the command tank can buff you and your allies units to be extremely powerful. 'A commander that truly lives up to its name. The Opel Blitz can create insane income rates, combined with a supporting anti infantry loiter strafe, and an infantry buffing Panzerwerfer Barrage recharge ignoring officer, this commander is great for supporting teammates.

However, the Strafe and Supply Truck though are on a less powerful scale than in the past,as the Stuka strafing run and Opel Blitz trucks have been nerfed and gutted from their previous 2013 glory. The Tiger Tank is still the cherry on-top. 'Lacks true elite infantry,but makes up for it as the game drags along. Dushka HMG's are a serviceable replacement for elite infantry.

Chrome shuts down automatically on mac. Conscript repairs can support you and your teammates as well. This commander has unparalleled late game armored swarm potential,'spammable' no-tech-required M4C Lend-Lease Sherman's.

The M-5 half-track mid-game offers further offensive and support options.(Double flamer M5 anyone? ) All of this in combination with Fuel drops,that CAN be shared with teammates.

Further pushing its teamwork rating higher. This commander severely lacks in defensive options however,which drags it down somewhat.' 'This doctrine has been nerfed from its former Tier one glory, PTRS Conscripts aren't nearly as good on the offense, but defensively this commander has some degree of potential with the light anti tank mines, and PTRS conscripts with anti tank grenades. Complete with an off-map bombing run.

Overall,this commander tries to do other things that other commanders do better. Guards are better than PTRS conscripts,the IL2 bombing run is better than the IL2 Anti tank bombing run, and the light AT mines are just as finicky(in a bad way) as the old USF M7 mines. In regards to team-play,other than the IL2 bombing run,there's not much. 'The best indirect fire commander in the game. In addition to being outfitted with 'Rifleman Field Defenses' which includes mines and sandbags,Infantry company offers the best 'Defend and bombard' possibility in Company of Heroes 2. M-1919 Riflemen behind Sandbags,Mortar half-tracks, protected by riflemen built minefields, and later M-7 Priest and time on target artillery to smash enemy concentrations.

The sheer amount of Artillery and indirect fire in the commander is invaluable to an Allied team. This commander is somewhat weaker on the offensive, and defensively,there are definitely better commanders, however.' 'Mobile, cheap, and expendable, the M10 alongside heavier breakthrough armor like the Bulldozer Sherman Combined with a devastating 240 mm artillery barrage, Armor Company has unparalleled armored offensive swarm and destroy capability. However, on the defensive, the somewhat fragile armor of this doctrine can be a liability. However, the Bulldozer Sherman barrier creating ability can be useful for blockades,but can be easily destroyed by an aware opponent. Assault Engineers allow USF players to clear buildings,further increasing offensive firepower. Engineer Demo charges and mines are good defensively.

It is somewhat lacking higher level team-play synergy abilities outside of the Artillery. Airborne offers great support play with its Weapon Paradrops,alongside powerful auxiliary infantry in Paratroopers,and the best spotter infantry in the game in Pathfinders. P47s also provide amazing support to your army. This dynamic is where airborne falls short,however, Its over emphasis on support leaves it lacking in offensive capability outside of thompson paratroopers. It has no Defensive capability in the slightest,lacking mines,heavier armor, and artillery.

It may be however,be among the best supportive commanders in the game. Mechanized offers a utility and potential plentiful jeep in the WC-51 and M-3 half-track.

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However,both are too fragile for any serious use. The commander technically has assault engineers(which are buried in the prohibitive half-track call-in cost). The artillery/recon sweep combo is the best part of this commander,and even then, this has seen better days. This commander is beaming and brimming to the lid with potential, but potential alone sadly wont give it a higher ranking on this list.

Company Of Heroes 2 Commander Abilities

This commander lacks offensive capability,has very limited defensive ability, and the only thing preventing it from being put at 'tier 6' is its 'okay' Recon+Artillery combination. Another commander brimming with theoretic potential,and theoretic potential alone. Stating that this commander is viable in any shape or form would be a bold-faced lie. This commander is lacking in all aspects. Offensively,the best ability available is the IR Pathfinder artillery barrage,unfortunately unique to this commander.

Rifleman Forward Observers has plenty of potential and theoretic use,but in-game,it falls short. The Greyhound arrives late in comparison to its big brother Stuart, and alongside its quadruple nerfed canister ability,is a massive pile of junk. The Recon sweep offers nothing of note. The Airdrop is too late and too expensive for practical use. Defensively, the commander offers nothing. Support wise,the commander is far below its Cousin in Airborne Company. This is the closest thing to a troll commander in the game,and its ratings reflect this.

Recon Support is without-a-doubt, among the worst commanders in Company of Heroes 2. 'This commander is struggles slightly in 1vs1, because of the lack of call in infantry, but its probably the best Team game commander. As the units and are abilities it provides are accessible in team games, but kinda hard to afford or reach in 1vs1 games.Radio Silence, confuses high level players that use the tac map and leads to many wipes.Stg44 Obers best infantry in game when vetted. Can detect cloaked units and wins every engagement, especially when vetted.The commander panther costs too much in a 1vs1 and does too little for it (well can solo tanks). But it shines when you have multiple damage sources due mark vehicle. Multiple Damage sources are rather common in team games.

The flare ability is nice in team games to scout for your team member/s so they can call in off map strikes or barrage with arty.' 'HMG 34 are a crutch that help you till you can get obers. S-Mine Fields are the real highlight here, plants those little annoying fields everywhere for 15 munis and win engangments when the enemy tries to close in green (mined) cover, or lay it in the retreat path.The Pak43 & Bunkers really help you to defend large areas of the map. Especially the pak43 can not be countered when your enemy picked a wrong doctrine.Zeroing Arty costs a ton of munitions, but will break any turtled position, so it will force your enemy to back off or lose their complete army.' 'Heat shells can make your vehicles beasts, The real focus here is on the Sturmtiger,which can win games on attrition alone.However most abilities are underwhelming. With Self Repair, Your tank will be decrewed when being shot at, appears to be bugged: Do self repair, get shot, get decrewed. Reclaim your vehicle, every further penetrating shot will again decrew it ( thx relic)Panzer Commander: Basically a major arty for which you need to drive your tank close to the enemies and which costs too much to upgrade,Vehicle detection is a Decent ability that allows you to detect tanks when you need to know whether a flank is going on or when a enemy barely escaped with his tank and you want to chase.However: OKW has the IR Halftrack, so you can use that instead, which costs no munitions, and is easy affordable.'

' OKW lovers waited 1 1/2 months and got this.The only useful here is the Flamer upgrade on the Sturmpioneer, for maps with a lot of green cover. When you want to clear houses, you can use simply flame grenades or infiltration grenades. And then again, Spec Ops Obers are better for green cover fights.Recoup losses gives you mp back in hairy situation. But then again you rather want a HMG when being surrounded by enemies loses models left and right. And blobbing into enemies in order to get MP is kinda against game mechanics.The Flame Hetzer is a WASP with more Armour and HP, takes ages to vet and therefore is always a bad investment.The stuka barrage is useful for taking out soviet howitzers, but then again, scavenge can do this too.'

1:I use X all the time and it's much stronger than you say it is! You use it all the time, no doubt like it and it fits your style and you know how to get the best out of it. Doesn't necessarily follow for anybody else vV?

1:What does mean?! It still represents the star ratings. 1 Mug=1 star.

Its just a fun way of fitting the british theme, and representing 'sipping' tea. 1:Is this updated? What modes is this referring to?! Yes it is updated,and will be updated regularly just like the Veterancy Guide from now on.

And it represents strength across all 4 modes. 1:You dont know what you're talking about!These are wrong!

Your ratings suck and you suck! NKVD best commander!! Just kidding,it does matter what you think. If you think something is rated too low,or too high, say so in the comments. Ill gladly argue with you, but i'll most likely tell you to read the descriptions for why the ratings were given. Heck, I might even change the rating! But seriously, rest-assured, the ratings in this guide have been cropped,analyzed, and cultivated from the high-level opinions of our Strategist team across all 4 modes.

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So they are most-likely right.