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Answer the following questions based on the text. What is her call name?. How tall is she?. What is black and long?. Does everybody hate her?. Is she still young?.


What is her full name?. Is she very kind?. How heavy is she?.

How are her eyes?. How is her hair?Reading 2Reading Story BooksIt is Sunday. Reka does not go to school. She usually stays at home with her sister. But today they go to a bookstore to buy books.


They have different hobbies. Reka likes cooking and reading books. Her sister likes reading a magazine.

Both of them often read storybooks. They enjoy it very much.Answer the following questions based on the text. Does Reka go to school on Sunday?.

Does she usually stay at home with her sister?. Where are they going to day?. Do they have the same hobbies?.

What does Reka like?. What does her sister like doing?. What do they often read?. Who usually stays at home with her sister?. Why are they going to bookstores?. Who often reads children’s story books?Reading 3Anida’s Hobbies.

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Teach Your Child to Read Today!Reading is one of the most important skills one must master to succeed in life. It helps your child succeed in school, helps them build self-confidence, and helps to motivate your child. Being able to read will help your child learn more about the world, understand directions on signs and warnings on labels, allow them to discover reading as an entertainment, and help them gather information.Learning to read is very different from learning to speak, and it does not happen all at once. There is a steady progression in the development of reading ability over time. The best time for children to start learning to read is at a young age - even before they enter pre-school. Once a child is able to speak, they can begin developing basic reading skills. Very young children have a natural curiosity to learn about everything.

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They are naturally intrigued by the printed texts they see, and are eager to learn about the sounds made by those letters. You will likely notice that your young child likes to look at books and thoroughly enjoys being read to. They will even pretend to behave like a reader by holding books and pretend to read them.At what age can you start teaching a child to read? When they're babies?

At 2 years old, 3, 4, or 5 years old, or wait until they're in school?If you delay your child's reading skill development until he or she enters school, you are putting your child at risk.Did you know that 67% of all Grade 4 students cannot read at a proficient level! According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, of those 67%, 33% read at just the BASIC level, and 34% CANNOT even achieve reading abilities of the lowest basic level!There is a super simple and extremely effective system that will even teach 2 and 3 year old children to read.This is a unique reading program developed by two amazing parents and reading teachers, Jim and Elena, who successfully taught their four children to read before turning 3 years old. The reading system they developed is so effective that by the time their daughter was just 4 years 2 months old, she was already reading at a grade 3 level. They have videos to prove it.Their reading system is called Children Learning Reading, and it is nothing like the infomercials you see on TV, showing babies appearing to read, but who have only learned to memorize a few word shapes. This is a program that will teach your child to effectively decode and read phonetically.

It will give your child a big head start, and allow you to teach your child to read and help your child develop reading skills years ahead of similar aged children.This is not a quick fix solution where you put your child in front of the TV or computer for hours and hope that your child learns to 'read'. Somehow.This is a reading program that requires you, the parent, to be involved. But the results are absolutely amazing. Thousands of parents have used the Children Learning Reading program to successfully teach their children to read.All it takes is 10 to 15 minutes a day. Click here to get started right now.

Jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut ini dengan benar dan jelas!Kebudayaan berasal dari bahasa sanskerta yang berarti?Apa penyebab terjadinya perubahan kebudayaan?Sebutkan 5 masalah pokok kehidupan manusia dalam sistem nilai budaya menurut C. Kluckhonn!Sebutkan 3 fungsi Kebudayaan Nasional Indonesia secara umum?Jelaskan hubungan antara manusia dengan kebudayaan?Sejumlah ahli kebudayaan membedakan dua unsur kebudayaan, sebutkan dan beri penjelasan!Apakah yang dimaksud dengan manusia?Bagaimana kepribadian Bangsa Timur?Dimanakah letak kesempurnaan yang dimiliki manusia?Sebutkan 5 masalah pokok kehidupan manusia menurut C. Kluckhonn dalam karyanya Variations in Value!Apa yang membedakan manusia dengan mahluk yang lain?Bagaimana definisi kebudayaan menurut E.B.Tylor (1871)?Sebutkan 3 wujud kebudayaan menurut dimensi wujudnya!Manusia Sebagai Satu Kepribadian Mengandung Tiga, sebutkan!Sebutkan 3 kelompok besar ilmu dan pengetahuan menurut Prof.