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All i can say is build multiples because the unit cap being so high means they can easily take down buildings in a matter of seconds. For example france just tore through my men like they were paper and my buildings were cardboard boxes.Also more unit production buildings equals more units since you can only put out 1 unit type until that queue for that type is done.For example if your recruiting Dragoons then you won't be able to recruit Swedish Reiters until your done with the Dragoons. If you build another stables you can recruit both at the same time. If You start with normal resources (1.000 each). You must go:Build mill and Town Hall in the same time. The town hall is close to the wood and stone deposit. Then pick the first guys that finish the building and put to gatter wood and stone (it depends on your civ, like ukraine, the town hall only needs wood, so you gotta pick more wood than stone).

Magazines fallout new vegas. When the town hall is finished, command to build infinite peasants and rally to the woods. Pick some guys to build ASAP blacksmith then barracks. In the barracks, produce infinite pikeman and start revealing the map.From now on, is up to your civ/strategy.Remember to have at least 3 town hall, one to wood, one to stone, one to food (default setup).


And the food not below 500 or the production of units is stopped.If you start in rich, with 5.000 res each, build mill and 2 town halls first. The rest is normal. I haven't gone through changes they did to Cossacks 3 and it also depends if you are playing with peace time or not and on your nation.Generally, you want to have as many town halls as possible and a huge army of peasants. 100 peasants are hardly enough. You also want more barracks than in other games, because unit production is comparatively cheap in Cossacks 3.

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So, always keep unit production going.Also, make sure to build pikemen early and send them out scouting. Pikeman are rather good in the early game.