Customize Session Template In Protools 2018

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Simply put, Pro Tools is a must have for any serious music producer or/and audio engineer. It has been the standard software for audio productions around the world for more than a decade now.

It's compatible with Windows XP, Mac Os,and many more, so compatibility issues are practically inexistent. The manual is detailed and straightforward, it comes with detailed description on the specifications and usage.You can make any kind of music with Pro Tools, and it includes a useful selection of virtual instruments plus more than 60 effect processors. It also has good MIDI and notation-editing features.

Edition is simple and fast thanks to the Grid, Slip, Spot and shuffle edition modes. Pro Tools 10 is a must have for any serious musician or artist looking to get the best possible sound while working with an industry standard DAW. Pro Tools 10 has 96 tracks and comes with 50 plus plug –ins and effects. It can be used on your Mac or a PC if your computer meets the requirements. The best part about buying this DAW is that if you already own a previous version of it you don’t have to pay full price which is 700 dollars. You can upgrade for about 300 dollars.SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCEInstalling it was quicker than I expected, but if you are a first time Pro Tools 10 user it will take you some time to get the hang of it.

Customize Session Template In Protools 2018

It can be very complicated and overwhelming at first because it is so in depth and so different than any other DAW that is available. Pro Tools 10 will run good on your computer, I have never experienced any crashes or freezes. It is a rather big program though so you will need to have enough hard drive space to have it and plenty of CPU to run all of the plug-ins.OVERALL OPINIONUsing Pro Tools 10 will keep you in the loop with almost every studio across the world. All major studios use Pro Tools to record with and master songs. So it will make it easy to take your songs from your computer to a major studio and back by just using the PTF files. I am happy that I chose to upgrade to Pro Tools 10 by Avid. I look forward to learning more and more by using Pro Tools 10.

There are just so many things you can learn, even though I have been using it for a long time. I feel like I still learn something new every single time that I work with a song in Pro Tools 10. Pro Tools 10 by Avid has out shined many other daws in my opinion and will continue to do so. After comparing Pro Tools 10 to Logic (which a lot of people tend to do because they say logic is its biggest competitor) I have come to realize that the layout of pro tools is a lot more complex than just Logics. Logics can just easily be figured out without any manuals or training.

Customize Session Template In Protools 2018

But with Pro Tools 10 by Avid, they layout is rather over whelming and confused me for a while even after being pretty good in it just seemed like 10 was a completely different software. I have been using Pro tools over the years and they never really change too much just some small things here and there but with 10 I think they made some really good changes to functions and some small cosmetic changes.SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCEPerformance is very good on my mac, i have been upgraded to 10 since it first came out.OVERALL OPINIONIf you are just upgrading then you can get 10 for about 250 dollars, but if you are buying it brand new, good luck trying to get it for less than 700 bucks unless you can get the school or student edition. If you can really dig deep in to pro Tools 10 and it will take some time to do so, then you will really start to understand a lot more about mastering your music that you would have never knew in Logic or Cubase. Pro tools 10 gets you really deep into the process of editing audio and understand how to do so will take some time.

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I am self taught and it took me a while to get it down years ago. But its knowledge that is worth having because it will take your music to new heights and if you can become certified in Pro tools through a course you can actually really start earning some money editing some major projects for some companies. Pro tools 10 Rocks. Avid finally went to downloads only for Pro Tools 10. Which is much preferable for me than waiting for a boxed package to arrive.

Buy download, install, work! I like it.Install and dongle update went without any issue.For an Avid product the manual is actually comprehensive and easily enough digested.The new features on Pro Tools 10 is what made me jump on an early version and it runs fairly stable to my surprise.The stand outs for me are that Audio Suite plug-ins know can be frozen.

I rather would've had track freeze but I will settle for this for now.Also object based volume automation ala Samplitude/Sequoia. Which for some one like me that has spent many years in Smaplitude/Sequoia is a must. Unfortunately you need the Complete Production Tool Kit or HD system to convert object based automation into volume curves. Oh well.I don't think I want to spent another 2000 for that.The other thing I'm missing that's part of the tool pack is that you can customize your system cache and various other settings for performance improvements.SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCEIt works as advertised.

Still has some of the Avid/Digi Design oddball concepts I will never understand.Like that short cuts aren't user definable. And worse what about commands that don't have short cuts. I will never understand that.Finally Avid stopped claiming that none needs or wants the ability to record at 32 bit float. Guess after years of Steinberg doing it finally it was acceptable.WHich raises a bit of an issue with backwards compatibility. But Avid actually took care of it. The file extensions are no longer.ptf they are now.ptx. And if you have a project that has 32 bit files you want to open in a prior version of Protools you need to save it as 'earlier version Protools 7-9' where it converts those to 24 bit files.OVERALL OPINIONI work in it, there is room for improvement.

The 299 upgrade is IMO too high it should be 199.- but it is a necessary evil. User PC and MAC for 10 years (standard or HD version, depending on location), I work in a personal capacity (small home studio) with version 10 currently on a Macbook pro i7/16Go/SSD.User HD version pro studio (HD2 version with PT9), since the V6 (Mac Pro)I talk about my version 10 non HD.Trouble-free installation (upgrade from V9 itself V8 on MAC and PC), sound cards accepted (after reinstalling drivers) - Mbox2. I am from the beginning an enthusiastic user of Samplitude, special software which is the audio. But this only works perfectly on Windows, and this is the Achilles heel of this software. After a recording session that turned into a nightmare thanks to XP crazy, I decided to switch to Mac.I do not have the Logic loved everything and I turned to Pro Tools 10 that I immediately loved.No problems with installation or configuration. Everything turned immediately and has so far never failed.Unlike the Logic which is very poorly done, the manual is very clear and didactic.SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCEMac Book Pro, TC studiokonnect 48.OVERALL OPINIONYear.One feels immediately that the software has been designed by professionals for professionals.

Ie that everything is done to make the job easier, faster and more efficient. There are a multitude of functions that simplify your life and allow you to do quality work.The sound is excellent (much better than Logic for example) as well as the stereo rendering.on the other hand I found a little stingy Avid at the plug ins provided. Some are good, but it lacks a multiband compressor, reverb worthy of the name, everything about sound analysis: spectrogaphe, spectrometer, etc. Correlator phase. All this is found in Samplitude with a bonus CD burning module to the standard RB.When you need to buy all those plug-ins, the bill rises quickly.And then there's the new Pro Tools 11, which is controversial, as RTAS plug-ins are no longer compatible, as well as some avid hardware.In bef, I am very happy with Pro Tools 10 but I will stop here and continue to have fun on.

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At the end of, I bought the upgrade a to 9, 10 is output shortly after I was able to get a license for it without having to pay more.I will give a short notice to supplement the current opinion, but far from complete and sufficient on its own.