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File creditsKolaris: The original modder. Now retired, but fixed a lot of stuff when he was still young. Also did the Detailed Tool-Tips “addon” for retail DoW2. Might be found via GameReplays.Lulgrim: Modder and website dude, worked on the mod for a long time and still hosts the official forums.Thomas the Tank Engine: The first actual programmer we had, retired for now.Kilgarn: 2D art for the Painboy, Vanguards, Sternguards, Chaos Raptors, Terminators, Grey Knights, Imperial Guard, and so on and so forth (a lot).Hans Moleman: 2D art for the Neurothrope and Flash Gitz.Indrid: Responsible for multiple retail map re-themes and made Estia Province, Kathari Ruins, Deathworld Temple and Avensa Stronghold.Max Power: Why settle for less? Current Version: 2.7Official Forums: the changes added with the latest patch, visit the official release thread here:RequirementsAll that's required is the 'Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution' base game.If you have any technical issues, visit the officialWhat is Elite Mod?Dawn of War II: Elite is a multiplayer mod for Dawn of War II: Retribution. Originally envisioned by Caeltos (a competitive player with a wealth of experience spanning through vanilla to Retribution) as an experimental balance mod for high-level players, Elite evolved into making bolder changes as THQ cut the official support of DOW 2 in their dive toward bankruptcy. Uninstalling.

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Dawn Of War Mods

Navigate to the same folder you installed the mod to (Dawn of War II - Retribution folder). Select the folder called 'Elite' and the Elite.module file.

Delete them. From the Retribution folder, navigate to the 'GameAssets/Locale//' folder and delete the Elite.ucs file. Also delete the Dawn of War II - Elite shortcut from your desktop. These should be the only files installed and should then fully uninstall the mod.If you have the mod installed, you willstill be able to play the Retail version of the game.

Just use the original Retail shortcut to play the original version of Retribution. TroubleshootingIf you are getting errors like 'NoRange 1002323' or something similar, it is possible that you have another mod installed, and the UCS file is conflicting with the one installed for Elite.

To fix this, navigate to the 'GameAssets/Locale//' folder within your Retribution folder and delete any.ucs file that isn't Elite.ucs or DOW2.ucs. It is also possible you have a language installed other than English, Italian or Spanish. Other languages are not supported at the moment, unfortunately.If the shortcut doesn't show up on your desktop, attempt a reinstall and make sure the installation path chosen does not have an added 'DOW2-ELITE' added on to the end of it.For any graphical issues, attempt a reinstall. If this doesn't work, visit the Technical Issues Forums: http://www.dawnofwar.info/forum/viewforum.php?f=13.

IMPORTANT: Some of the links that I have provided have stopped working (the URLs no longer exist). I have my own copies of many of the files which I will upload via Dropbox, but if something doesn't work, then let me know in the comments.This guide is designed to showcase many of the mods available for Dark Crusade. The game has enjoyed an active modding community for many years, even if many modders have since moved on to the sequel (Soulstorm) or other games.Nonetheless, with the upcoming release (at the time of writing) of Dawn of War III, this game is benefiting from renewed interest.

To that end, here are some mods to spice up your Dark Crusade experience.I am not responsible for any of these mods and had no involvement in their creation. However, I enjoy DC greatly and consider it a travesty that there is not a collected resource on Steam for them - something which I intend to rectify with this guide.Please rate and leave comments!

Scope Of This GuideThis guide is a repository of mods for the game. Many mods have faded into oblivion and all that is left are broken links to mod websites. I have included only those mods that are publicly available and still work (though some are older versions or in beta).It is not a guide on how to make your own mods, something which I know very little about. However, resources of this kind are available on the internet. At some point, when I have time, I might add some sections at least to describe how to tweak mods. Mod ManagerThe first thing you'll want is the DoW mod manager.

There's nothing wrong with the game manager within DC, but this is a neater program and seems to prevent some errors. You can find it at:(Backup:Extract the two files and paste them both in the DC directory: Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonDawn of War Dark CrusadeWhen you launch the mod manager, you will be asked for a directory. Choose the same directory (Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonDawn of War Dark Crusade). After a few seconds of waiting, you will receive a list of mods and can then select the one you want (see pic).In general, instead of launching Steam from your game library, launch the mod manager first and then select your required mod. TroubleshootingYou'll want to check things in a specific order to eliminate problems:DC won't boot at all:Make sure that you're loading up vanilla DC (DXP2 Version 1.0). If you can't load it, then you've got problems with your vanilla files.

Right-click on the game in your library, click on 'properties' and select the 'local files' tab. Then click 'verify integrity of game cache'. Hopefully some files should be reacquired.If nothing happens, check the forum for people complaining of similar problems in case it's on Steam's end. If there is nothing to report, restart your PC (worth a try). If it still doesn't work, then try some of your other games. If they work fine and it's just DC, then you'll need to uninstall everything and re-install. Make sure that everything in the DC directory is deleted (so that any mods causing problems get removed too).If this clean re-install doesn't work, then you'll need to contact Steam support.DC boots, but the mod doesn'tCheck the 'Game Manager' on the main DC screen.

If the mod you're interested in doesn't come up, then the game can't see it (i.e. It's not in the right place).Go to your game directory and check that you have some files named according to the mod (e.g. A folder called Titanium Wars). Check, in particular, for.module files. If you can't see anything that looks like the mod, then you've extracted the mod to the wrong place (probably).If you can see files that look like they match the mod, but the game can't find them, then re-read the installation instructions. Did you forget to copy an important file somewhere?

If all else fails. Uninstall the mod and try again. Make sure that you do everything exactly as you have been asked.Also note that the mod manager lists any other prerequisite mods. If you are missing any of these, then the mod won't boot.The mod boots - what now?Now, if the mod has booted, you should see some changes to the UI (at least in many of the larger mods).

If you're installing new races, go to the 'Army Painter' and you should see them. If all looks fine, try a quick skirmish with the AI to check that everything is working.If you run into problems playing against the AI, then there are problems with the mod and you should refer to the section above.People can't see my games in the lobbyIf you are online and host a game, but your friends complain that they can't see it, then you're probably not running the same mod. This happens sometimes with Annihilation in particular (for that particular mod, I wrote some specific troubleshooting help in that game's entry - scroll down to 'Larger Mods').Sync-ErrorThis occurs when playing online and two players have differing game files (i.e. Different mods). Note that you are free to have your own paint schemes and that this won't (shouldn't) cause problems.Typically it's because someone has the wrong mod version or they're missing an extraneous game file. Firstly, you need to isolate the problem.Jump back to the main game menu and check the top left of the screen - it should detail the game version and mod version that you have.

Compare this with your friend.Assuming that you are running the same mod and you can both play freely against the AI, we need to go further to isolate the problem. Try first playing a game against each other without any mods.If that works, then load the mod and go back into online. Choose a vanilla map, with vanilla races and vanilla game rules. If all goes well, then you need to start eliminating other causes - check if you run into sync errors when playing with new races etc. If you can isolate the problem, then you can start comparing files and reinstall mods where necessary.Also note that sometimes mods add extra game rules that don't work online.

Indeed, certain vanilla rules may not work (Quick-Start usually). The usual caveats with regards to internet security, firewalls and parental controls also apply.I also strongly advise you to always run your mods through the mod manager that I mentioned. Bugfix Mod Description:A general bugfix mod designed to fix what truly appear to be bugs, mistakes or omissions without trying to modify or add other features.Changes & Tweaks:. Fixes a large variety of bugs and oversights with the vanilla game. Includes Skirmish AI Mod (see relevant section of this guide)Review:I can't speak for absolutely every element of this mod, but there are a couple of noticeable changes.

There used to be crashes during the campaign with this mod (that were ostensibly fixed), so if you run into crashes there, then go back to the vanilla version.If you're interested in what fixes are included, then download the mod and peruse the readme.InstallationBackup:Download the zipped file, extract, then run the.exe. With the improvements to technology, playing DC in 1080p on large screens can be unpleasant due to the extreme zoom level.

Included here is an incredibly useful little mod which allows you to zoom out further i.e. Increase field of view.This mod is not prohibited (and incidentally will not cause sync errors).

Dawn Of War Retribution Mods

However, some players may feel that it qualifies as an unfair advantage, so it is considered courteous to inform your opponent before a battle.forums.relicnews.comClick for the manual install and follow the instructions on the readme.Backup. In this section, we'll discuss how to add additional maps to the game.

These are a way to spice things up without altering the gameplay dramatically.There are two ways to approach this. If you just want a pack of new maps, then head on over to this link:. Right click on the link under 'Download Links' and click 'Save Link As.' This URL no longer works, so I have a Dropbox link:You can place the download wherever you wish (e.g. Your downloads folder). Simply extract the application (using WinRar or similar) and run the.exe which will take you through the installation process.If you are interested in a single map, then you'll first need to download the necessary files.

Typically, everything will be zipped together. Inside the zipped file, you'll typically find some.sgb and.tga files and maybe one or two other bits, plus a readme and some screenshots. Typically, the readme should detail everything you need, but just in case, I'll outline the general process. Download and unpack all of the map files somewhere (it doesn't matter where).

Navigate to your DC directory. In this directory, navigate to DXP2DataScenariosmp. You should see that you already have some files for a map called Temple of Cyrene. This was a free map included as part of a recent update. In this folder, you'll want to dump everything unless the readme says otherwise.If you're having any trouble, there's a slightly more thorough guide here or consult Youtube. Paint Schemes refer to new colour schemes along with badges and banners for the army painter. Whilst the army painter offers lots of customisation for amour colours, it has only a limited selection of badges and banners.Fortunately, DC allows you to download and install custom schemes that other players have made.

You can download banners/badges individually or an entire scheme.Installation is very simple:. Download the required army scheme. Extract the files. Any file labelled banner goes in Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonDawn of War Dark CrusadeBanners. Any file labelled badge goes in Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonDawn of War Dark CrusadeBadges. Any file labelled teamcolour goes in Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonDawn of War Dark CrusadeW40kDataArtteamcolours.

You will likely not have this folder and will have to create it. Furthermore, within this folder, you should create a folder for each separate race: chaosmarinerace, eldarrace, guardrace, orkrace, taurace, necronrace or spacemarinerace (see picture). Place the teamcolour file in the folder for the corresponding race. Strictly, it doesn't appear that you need these folders since the teamcolour file already contains information about which army it is for i.e. Placing a scheme meant for space marines in the necronrace file still keeps the scheme as a space marine one in the game.

However, this is the method dictated by most of the readmes, and keeps things a bit neater, so we'll stick with it. If you now boot up DC, you should find these new schemes in the army painter and they should be selectable for battles. Other NotesSome of the larger mods add additional schemes of their own. If you intend to try one of the larger mods, then see if it contains extra paint schemes before bothering with this.Badges and banners are available to all races and are simply added to the multitude available in the army painter.Note also that paint schemes should not interfere with online play. The game checks for mods to ensure that players playing with/against each other have the same mods running (for fairness). Paint schemes do not confer an advantage and hence do not need to be synced.

Skirmish AI Mod Description:A mod for the game's AI that fixes a few of their issues and allows much greater difficulty customisation.Changes & Tweaks:. Modifications to AI behaviour including build choices, resource management and tactical deployment.Review:This mod actually has two elements. The first promotes general bug fixes to AI behaviour, particularly its tendency to box units in. Secondly, it also comes with a config file that allows the user to customise AI behaviour e.g. Whether they focus on tech or rushing, whether they can use relic units etc.Installationforums.revora.netBackup:This one comes as a generic.exe that handles the installation.

There is a config file that you can find under StartProgramsTHQDawn of Skirmish which you can use to modify AI behaviour (there's also a readme here). You can also modify AI behaviour from 'Dawn of War Dark CrusadeDowaimodDataaiAIControlPanel.exe'.The mod also bundles a heroes mod within it.

This allows units to gain experience over the course of battle which leads to buffs. You can select this during the installation. Wargear Mod Description:A fairly simple mod that adds the commander wargear from the campaign to skirmish/online play.

Commander units are therefore beefed up.Changes & Tweaks:. Adds new researches for commander wargear.Review:In general, I think that the better wargear and increased impact of the commander unit offsets any quibbles about balancing.

Certainly, in the grand scheme of battle, it won’t make a huge difference. At the same time, there are some really nice additions to the commanders that give them more clout (many gain the ability to see infiltrators!). It often seemed odd that this wargear was campaign-only.Installationwww.lonebullet.comBackup:If you plan on using any of the larger mods listed here, then simply download them as they contain a (better) version of this mod. Also, I can only find the 1.0 version of this mod which is a little tacky.Nevertheless, download the file and extract it to your DC directory. DoW Pro Mod Description: A significant rebalance of gameplay to take things back to the DoW 1 meta.Changes & Tweaks:.

Dawn Of War Mods Steam

Rebalance of gameplay, tech trees and AI. Feels more like DoW 1. Unit counters tweaked extensively.

Additional options for game rulesReview:This is quite an interesting one. In contrast to some of the mods that are centered on more carnage, this mod aims to rework gameplay and tech trees to change playstyles.

The meta feels closer to DoW 1 and encourages greater importance on map control whilst teching more slowly. All in all, it's a slightly different flavour of DoW that might be to your taste.Special recognition goes to the breadth of introductory materials, bundled mini mods and control over Ai difficulty.InstallationInstall the main 3.40 then the hotfix patch. I recommend that you read the introductory guide after the install which may be found in Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonDawn of War Dark CrusadeDoWpro.Backup. DoW Kingdom Description:A slight of vanilla with some QoL mods and a new campaignChanges & Tweaks:Lots of these can be customised somewhat.

Increased cap limit for units and vehicles (both now go to 30). New campaign (similar structure, but all new maps). Lots of new maps.

Some additional QoL mods included like better AI, auto-reinforcement, heroes etc.Notes:This a tweaked version of vanilla which mostly focuses on a new campaign. The campaign itself is similar to the original, just with new maps.Review:This adds a little freshness to the vanilla, without losing much of its spirit. I think the pack of mods in use is quite a nice selection too. However, the campaign is less interesting than the original, because the scripted battles like strongholds have been replaced. It also feels somewhat unfinished (though is perfectly playable). If nothing else, you could steal all of the new maps, some of which are very good.InstallationJust download the.zip and extract - there's an executable which handles the installation.

There's also a readme to explain additional features.Backup. Annihilation Mod Description:Increased unit caps, removal of certain limits on units/buildings, a handful of new units and some gameplay tweaks.Changes & Tweaks:. Increased cap limit for units and vehicles (both now go to 40). A few new units. Commander wargear mod included. Weapon effectiveness vs unit types has been tweaked. For example, anti-infantry weapons do far less damage to vehicles/buildings.

Many uber units dramatically improved with more HP/armour. Unit cap contribution from certain units tweaked. AI tactics improved (might be an unexpected artefact rather than intentional). Removed the ability to fire through terrain (e.g. When fighting up hills), so terrain is slightly more important.

Additional options for game rulesNotes:This mod dramatically increases the scope of the carnage in DC. With extra unit cap and some changes to build limits e.g. IG can now have 4 Leman Russ tanks, 5 Basilisks; Tau can now build both Mont’ka and Kauyon buildings etc., there’s plenty more firepower on the field.Generally, the AI responds well. It appreciates the ability to spam more units and does make use of new units where appropriate. They also seem to change some of their build choices and utilise their units slightly differently. It mostly represents an increased challenge.The tweaks to damage modifiers on certain guns means that upgrade choices need more thought - it is no longer enough to spam heavy bolters on marines.

The fire-through-terrain comment reflects those moments when units firing up (or down) a hill fire through the hill in a straight line to hit an object on top that would otherwise be out of LOS. This no longer happens.Similarly, many of the uber nasties like the Bloodthirster and Avatar have significantly more HP and armour. They are now capable of leading assaults into even the most heavily fortified areas.Campaign support is included insofar as you can play the campaign as normal, except with the modifications. It generally seems to represent a more rigorous test, and some of the stronghold battles can be very protracted.Optimisation seems good. Despite the extra units, performance didn’t suffer too much, though you might want to turn off persistent bodies.Review:If you’re looking for more carnage and a slightly sterner test, then this mod may be for you.

The balance seems to be pitched about right and the tweaks to battle mechanics and the AI do make it more interesting.Installationwww.lonebullet.comBackup:Download the file and extract it. Simply run the.exe and follow the instructions. A readme is also included.You will notice that it has two entries in the mod manager (and appears twice in DC's game manager). These are the same mod, just two different module files pointing at different dlls. If you want to play with a friend, make sure that you both select the same version of the mod.If you run into problems with sync-errors, check some of your dlls and luas and whether they match with your friend. This is a notoriously tricky mod to make work. Titanium Wars Description:Think of the Annihilation Mod, but with all the codex units and titans!Changes & Tweaks:.

Increased cap limit for units and vehicles (both now go to 40). Full range of new units, pretty much every codex unit and more besides. Every colour scheme you can think of. Commander wargear mod included. Weapons more in line with the tabletop - their ranges reflect tabletop ranges and power.

For example, lascannons are now extremely potent to infantry as well. Titans!. Tweaks to build limits/cap contributions from certain units. Removed the ability to fire through terrain (e.g. When fighting up hills), so terrain is slightly more important. Reworked campaign. Additional options for game rulesNotes:This mod is quite similar to Annihilation, but goes one step further.

It now contains many more units (as well as tweaking the originals). Weapons have also been re-balanced somewhat as well. This sounds unnerving, but actually fits really well.If your main concern is whether titans are balanced, then you might be surprised. They work extremely well. Armies that canonically wouldn’t necessarily get titans get their own super-uber units to compensate. In fact, the balance all round is absolutely superb and is one of the strengths of the mod.The campaign has also been revamped with changes to the stronghold missions. They have been upgraded for the new units, and it’s a much more interesting fight.

Similarly, honor guard units are more powerful.Optimisation seems good. Despite the extra units, performance didn’t suffer too much, though you might want to turn off persistent bodies.Review:If you’re looking for more carnage, more units and a tougher test, then this mod may be for you. The balance seems to be pitched about right and the tweaks to battle mechanics and the AI do make it more interesting.

The sheer breadth of units can be a little overwhelming, but certainly freshens the game. The campaign is also a real highlight if you felt that it was too easy the first time around.InstallationVersion 1.00.36 has been uploaded! Download the.rar and extract into your game directory. You'll want just the 1.00.36 version.Backup. Firestorm Over Kronus Description:The tabletop game ported into digital form!Changes & Tweaks:. Force organisation - you are capped on amounts of troops, elites etc. Many new units and changes to existing ones.

Battle mechanics overhauled to closely mirror tabletop. Black Templars added as a playable raceNotes:The mod is a complete conversion for the game into a mirror of the tabletop hobby upon which DoW is based. The power of weapons, the HP of units and so on are all scaled according to codex values. The attention to detail in some of the unit models is phenomenal.The downside of this mod is that it's more or less unfinished and progress has stopped (everyone moved onto Soulstorm). Small things lack polish, but these are are relatively minor quibbles. Oh, and you can only reinforce near structures and transports!Review:If you're looking for something different, or just fancied a digitsed version of the tabletop game, then this mod is for you.

It has a very different feel to the original game that takes some getting used to.InstallationBecause the three letter combination f-o-k is banned by Steam (as a curse word), links to the mod get screwed up. In order to follow the link, copy the following URL into your browser and delete the two hyphens between the f & o and the o & kThis webpage contains full installation instructions and the wider website should answer any questions that you have.Alternatively, use the following link. You (might) need, eventually, the password for installation which is 'red unz goes fasta!' Without the quotation marks.Backup:See also the Firestorm Over Kronus Steam community that will answer your questions and help you to find people to play with. Inevitably you may enjoy features from several different mods and want to combine them.

This is possible in some cases, but not in others.Maps and paint schemes should be interchangeable with other types of mods with the caveat that maps may not have been designed with new units in mind (e.g. Archways may be too small for titans). The camera mod should also remain.Some mods make cosmetic changes to menus. Generally the last mod that you install is the one that makes the changes since it overwrites whatever was there before.Some of the gameplay mods contain many smaller mods bundled within. Stuff like bugfix and better AI usually come as standard (or have their own versions).

You might be able to mix these between other major mods by just copying files. However, you may encounter crashes, or things might get overwritten by other mods.

I'll show one example here. Example: Titanium Wars + DoW Kingdom + Skirmish AIDoW Kingdom has some nice mini-mods within it, including:.

Auto-reinforce. Fallback. Auto-abilitiesI love Titanium Wars as a base, but wanted to include these. It is possible? Yes (with the caveat that there may be some crashes down the line, though it seems stable enough).So, you'll probably want to do a fresh install, though this might not be necessary.

Regardless, make sure you have installed TW, Dow Kingdom and Skirmish AI.In your game directory, open up the folder 'dowkingdom', then 'Data'. Copy the following folders 'Art', 'Attrib', 'scar'. Then, in the game directory, open up 'TitaniumWarsMod' - 'Data' and paste the folders.If you want the DoW Kingdom maps as well, go back into 'dowkingdom' - 'Data' - 'scenarios' - 'MP'. Copy everything except the top two folders. Then go back to the game directory, open up 'DXP2' - 'Data' - 'Scenarios' - 'mp' and paste it all into this folder.For AI improvements, open 'dowai' - 'Data'. Copy the 'ai' and 'scar' folders. Paste these into 'TitaniumWarsMod' - 'Data'.

Note that the TW AI is pretty excellent anyway, so I don't know if this has an impact - you do get the customisation slider though.Now, boot up TW as you would normally. The UI is going to look different (You can fix this by removing the UI folder in 'TitaniumWarsMod' - 'Data' - 'art'). You should now be able to play TW with some extra mods installed - tick 'Tactics DC' in the game options for a skirmish. There is a slight visual bug on the menu, but it doesn't seem to impact anything.

This is THE question. Most map and colour scheme mods fit with everything else. Plus, they’re fairly self-explanatory.

The only thing to be aware of is that maps may not have been made with certain units in mind (read: titans). Hence, you might run into some trouble in this regard.Because of the way that most colour schemes work, they just change the handful of colours in the army painter and add new banner icons. This shouldn’t interfere with new units.If you want more, the commander wargear mod is a nice addition to the base game. It doesn’t change much, but makes things more interesting. There’s no real loss to using it.Beyond that, Annihilation and Titanium Wars both offer greater scope (they include commander wargear and TW includes many paint schemes).

They are quite similar, though I think that the breadth of units and campaign tweaks in Titanium Wars put it ahead. On the other hand, you might use Annihilation as a stepping stone, or you may find that certain new units in Titanium Wars are not to your taste.F-o-K and DoWPro are completely different beasts. F-o-K is more up the street of tabletop fans, but veteran DoW players should give it a go. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but it’s certainly a very interesting mod. Pro is just a different style that may appeal to veteran RTS players. Q) Why haven't you included X mod?A) Probably because I don't know of its existence or it no longer exists. If there's a mod that you feel is valuable, then please respond in the comments with a link to it.Q) Why can't I play with my friends?A) If you're getting sync errors and so on, this is caused by the game thinking that you don't have matching files.

Refer to my troubleshooting section.Q) Are these mods safe?A) I can vouch for the links that I have posted at the time of writing (Novermber 2016). However, your computer security is your responsibility. Maps and colour schemes are pretty safe - it's the.exe files you should worry about.If there is any doubt in your mind, then don't download it.

I hope that those of you looking for a means to spice up DC have found something to your liking. I know that installing them and getting them to work for battles with friends can be a hassle, but it is worth it.I value feedback on my guides, so please rate and comment as you see fit. I am particularly interested in how you feel some of these mods are balanced, whether they are worthwhile and any troubleshooting tips that you may have as well as suggestions for other mods that I have not included.