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Hi, I faced the same problem when I bought my dell inspiron 3552. I thought I damaged the screen and I have wasted my cash.

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After buying my PC from America to Zambia and in few months it stopped working. I contacted Dell, they connected via teamviewer andthey worked on it but that didn't fix the problem. They sent me softwares to diagnose and repair my laptop but nothing happened.I contacted Microsoft and I explained my problem. They offered solutions and it never worked.

I contacted Dell again to give it a try but it failed. And we resolved to formatting which was not easy. That time I had projects and I was having my final exam,I had to delay doing it.What I did was I booted my PC to BIOS and do a diagnose test the screen was working but when it loads windows the touch screen stopped. I reinstalled the operating system(Windows 10 Professional the laptop was shipped with Windows 10 Home) and switchedoff updates using services. I Installed Eset antivirus endpoint security to manage the fire wall and configure it to notify me all the changes that are occurring on my machine and give me options to allow or disallow system configurations.

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I also configuredit to manage updates for the operating system not to take any update windows.I have worked for 8 months and my touch screen problem has never occurred. And everything is fine.Microsoft is still working on updates and those are disturbing our machines. Us who work in the information systems and technology its worse.We make sure weconfigure our machines and servers to get Important updates and before the do they must notify us, then we decide.