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Page Tools.Part 3: Gathering Strength at Black Cove You've now resolved two-thirds of the undead problem. By resolving both and, you've investigated the burial mounds and the lighthouse, but have come to no avail. You're no closer to solving the murder either, but the answer lies to the east at the old church. However, the church is very well guarded and you are absolutely not yet ready for it.Divinity: Original Sin provides a “gateway battle” to prove it. If you wander over toward the church, you'll encounter a Charred-Bone Archer who is at Level 8. It's possible to beat that single enemy even with an underleveled party, but if you venture further, you'll find that you'll often be outnumbered by additional Charred-Bone Archers (and worse) that are Level 8 or higher.That means we need to spend some time increasing our levels, as well as bettering our gear. The best way to accomplish that is to get some work done.The first thing we should do is at least trigger the quests for the church.

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Not only are they along our way, but you can kill that one Charred-Bone Archer to get a taste of what's to come, if you want to test your strength. Go to the Legion Headquarters at the east end of town, then go out the north gate beside it to the left. Check out the screenshot below if you're not sure what gate we're talking about.As you leave the gate, follow the road forward. You'll hear voices and see two skeletons in a small alcove next to the road just before it forks. These two skeletons are friendly, as they're recently turned from legionnaires. Speak to both and go through all the dialogue options to update, as well as trigger and.If you want to test your strength, go slightly north to where the road forks.

If you go east, you'll head toward the church and soon find the aforementioned sole Charred-Bone Archer. Kill him if you wish, but don't go any further east yet.Instead, go west from the fork while bearing north. Turn north at every intersection you come to. You'll have a few battles, including one that you may be overmatched for because they'll outnumber you 2 to 1. In that fight, use hit-and-run tactics to keep distance until you whittle down their numbers. You'll know you're on the right track if you encounter Enraged Zombie Boars.Just past them, you'll see a large cave in the northern “wall” of the map. Click it to enter.

As soon as you appear on the other side, you'll speak to and be joined by three members of. Make sure they're healed up before you go forward; they'll follow you, so they'll wait for you.Once you're ready, check your party's inventory. Whoever is the fastest member of your team should be carrying the Arhu SparkMaster 5000 Universal Controller. Generally, their turn is the one that has always been coming up first in every battle. When everything is ready, proceed forward down the ramp.You'll soon encounter the SparkMaster 5000.

The instant you're engaged, go into your first character's inventory, then double-click the Universal Controller. You'll have to press three “buttons” (represented in dialogue choices). In order, press the buttons for Sleepy, Sleepy, Happy. This will disable the SparkMaster's weapons, making this fight infinitely easier.Note that when you activate the remote, you will be taken out of.

You'll need to be relatively quick as you hit the buttons because the battle is still going on; the three Fabulous Five members may even get in a couple shots. If you dally too long, the SparkMaster or his undead escorts may make some headway. Note This quest, and the remote itself, is slightly bugged. There is a chance it won't do anything, especially if you try the “Self-Destruct” combination. It's still possible to destroy the robot without the commands, but it might be harder.

Regardless, if all three members of die during this battle, you may not be able to be rewarded for it. Try to keep them alive.Once the combination works, the SparkMaster will suffer the “Weak” status ailment, and you'll reengage.

The status ailment generally lasts six turns, which should be more than enough to defeat him. In fact, the SparkMaster will be so weak that you may wish to ignore him at first to kill the undead, who will actually be able to do some damage.The three members of the Fabulous Five can do some serious and accurate damage, though their defense is sorely lacking. Keep them alive or you run the risk of not being rewarded for the quest.After destroying the SparkMaster 5000, the Fabulous Five will run off back the way you came. You can do the same, but there is some loot to be had in the cave.

You'll especially want to loot the corpses around the SparkMaster 5000: one of them is the body of Tom. He's not specifically named, but his body will have a letter written to him by his sister.There is an alternate exit here, but we'll deal with that in of the.

For now, after looting everything, head back to town and speak to Cecil about the quest. You'll learn that Mendius is has skipped town with your gold reward, but you'll get a significant amount of experience for resolving anyway.While you're in the town hall, speak with the maid. It's your choice whether to tell her the truth about Tom's fate, but either way, you'll resolve the side quest as well.Now visit the Legion Headquarters. On the first floor, you'll notice a stairway leading down in the west corner of the building. Head downstairs, then speak to Viscous to learn that he and his other Fabulous Five friends joined the legion instead. This resolves, though you can speak to him again if you wish to convince him into letting you enter (and take everything in) the treasure room.Everyone should be at or very close to Level 6 by now.

There isn't anything on your level to the north of the city, so it's time to explore a different direction. Teleport to the Waypoint Portal in the Cyseal Harbor, then go out the west gate down there. If you're in the right place, you'll exit out onto a beach littered with corpses, both human and orc.Loot as you wish, then travel northwest. You'll soon encounter a crying orc who is not hostile, and you can speak to him about his brother. This triggers side quest. If you trick him into revealing his brother's grave, or if you decide to leave him in peace, you'll resolve the quest.Continue west past the orc, but move slowly. The beach is littered with land mines, but if your party contains someone with at least 7 Perception, you should be okay.

Still, you may want to consider changing your team formation to a single file.You'll encounter a couple fights, but if everyone is Level 6, you should be all right. Save before you get to the northwest corner of the beach, as you'll encounter a bit of a boss fight. You'll have to face a few orc warriors and a couple shamans, but worst of all is Grulbarg the Fearsome.Grulbarg the Fearsome hits pretty hard, and he usually gets at least two attacks per turn even after he moves.

He always opens the fight by trying a war cry, which will cause fear in your party. If you're affected by fear, consider quick loading.Your best bet to kill Grulbarg is to charm him. If you have a Witch in your party, or if you have a Ranger with charming arrows, that should be your best bet.

Grulbarg has fairly low willpower and will be affected significantly by charm. Not only does that get him out of your hair, all his orc friends will start attacking him. From there, try to pick off one orc at a time. The shamans should be your first priority if you can reach them, but if not, attack the rangers so you're not struck with their special arrows.After the battle, enter the cave mouth just beyond Grulbarg. This is Black Cove, and is full of Level 6 enemies. It's also full of loot, and it's your next big objective.The path within Black Cove is fairly linear. It branches off just past a wooden bridge, leading with stairs downward and a plateau slightly upward.

Go up, and you'll trigger a large battle.Although your characters draw their weapons, there is no reason to fight at first. This is a three-way battle: skeletons and orcs are attacking each other, and they both want to kill you. However, they may not even notice you at first, and even if they do, they're more concerned about attacking each other due to how close they are. Engaging in this battled triggers the side quest.Your best move is to do nothing. If you have any to buff your own party members, you can do that, but don't do any more. Let the skeletons and orcs beat the crap out of each other; you'll still get experience points when anyone gets killed even if you never saw them or attacked them. Just hold your formation, then start attacking when the numbers thin out and they start coming after you.Wipe them out, then explore the plateau.

You can find some loot, but there is a large locked black door. Ignore it for now, but remember it. Once you've looted everything, head down the other path you didn't take.

Move the barrels and boxes onto pressure plates to stop the poison clouds as you were taught in the tutorial dungeon.Be sure to save at the bottom of the steps because you'll engage a boss enemy called Source Abomination. You'll fight him alone, so the fight shouldn't be too tough as long as you keep up the pressure. He may summon a couple crabs to help you out, but you can safely ignore them. Attack them only with area attacks when the Abomination itself will also get caught.The Source Abomination hits pretty hard and enjoys lobbing poison at you. The poison is an area attack, so your back line will need to stay spread out. The Abomination's armor is also incredibly tough, so you'll need to rely on magic to get much work done. The Abomination does have a poison resistance, but if the poison gets through, it will cause significant damage.Be sure to quick save after the fight.

There are a couple collapsed shelters around the Source Abomination. Past the Abomination is a stone shelter. That's the way forward, so we should explore the smaller shelters first. The first one, the one that looks most collapsed, has a couple land mines in it, but they're easily avoided as you gather the loot.The other shelter looks more intact, but the instant you enter the room, all movement will halt. A ghost appears and tells you that you triggered a trap that will cause you to explode if you move. You can disable it, but the button is hidden and too far away to reach by hand.Before moving, look at everyone's feet. Generally, only the first person who entered the room is actually on the trap.

(The trap button just looks like a long rectangle in front of the door, and it's automatically revealed to whoever is standing on it regardless of Perception.) That characters needs to stay still, but the others can move freely.Of the other characters in your party, take control of the one with the highest strength. Drag the character's portrait away from the others' so you “break the chain” and can control them independently. Enter the room, then move the box that's in the far corner of the room. It doesn't matter where you move the box; the disarm button is under it.

Divinity Original Sin Enemy Respawn

Interact with the button, and then the original character can move again. Loot the room at your leisure.Now head into the stone shelter. There is a big secret here, but we're not going to worry about it just yet. Loot the room, then continue through it to find wooden planks that lead around and down from the shelter. Near the bottom, you'll get into a fight with four of the kamikaze-like Pirate Boomers.

The fight against them occurs near an oil slick, so you'll need to be very careful when attacking them.Past them, you'll be on some docks. There, you'll meet two ghosts, Nick and Lillian. Lillian tells her story, which triggers the side quest.Now return to the stone shelter at the top of the cliff. Once you're there, toggle on the Tactical Camera by pressing B on the keyboard.

This switches the camera to a top-down perspective. In one corner of the room (closest to the first door), you'll see a large level. Activate it, and the nearby painting slides to the side. Switch back to the normal camera, then activate the button revealed behind the painting.This reveals a hatch in the floor near the other door (the one that led down to the docks). You'll need to move the large packages out of the way, but click it when you can to go below.The few enemies down there are simple crabs: very easy to kill for some cheap experience points. There are also a few traps, but nothing will challenge you.The main feature of the area below is a large “plaza” with many buttons in the floor, plus several more scattered around the plaza too. Most of the buttons are traps, so you'll want to be careful with what you push.Luckily, each button has a different name, and there are only three that are really worth your time.

The first is called the Ominous Switch, wish is at the west corner of the plaza. You can see its location with the screenshot below.The switch is hidden, however, so someone in the party will need a decent Perception rating to spot it.

Divinity Original Sin Enemy Respawn 1

Once you do, interact with it, and it will take you to a mesa with a skeleton. Look around here; the skeleton has an item near him, as well as a book that tells his story. Also, at the opposite (north) end of the mesa, there is a treasure chest. It a little tough to see because it's obscured by all the foliage, but it is there.Once you've looted everything, press the switch that is hidden in the foilage to teleport back near the stone shelter where the trap door is. Go back to the plaza with all the switches. The second one of importance is to the east of the plaza itself. Go east until you go down the steps.

You'll be in the right place if you're standing on a tiny rocky “beach” with a few barrels and boxes.Now go left, and look at the foliage next to the fallen rocks. There are two switches there: Glassy Switch and Blood-Stained Switch. Check it out in the screenshot below.Press the Blood-Stained Switch, then return to the main part of the plaza.

A large stone head that was in the top-right corner of the plaza has now disappeared, allowing you to walk through it. Be sure you save, then head on inside.You will then face Pontius Pirate, the boss of Black Cove.

Let him talk, but no matter what you to say to him, he'll turn hostile and engage you. He'll summon some of his undead buddies to help him too.As with all skeletons, Pontius is strong against blades, weak against fire, and more damaged by crushing weapons than others.

Magic is your best friend, but he is immune to be charmed. If you have some charm arrows you want to use, target his friends, especially the mages.When you attack, always prioritize Pontius. He constantly summons more skeletons if you kill the minor ones, so it doesn't do you much good to attack the minor ones, unless you're charming them or using area attacks to also damage Pontius. Even though he's immune to being charmed, he can be struck with other status ailments, so try to keep him off-guard. Even though he's kind of strong, he can't handle being surrounded, so assault him as hard as you can.Once he goes down, finish off his friends, then loot the ship behind him.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Review

This resolves. Also be sure to loot his key, then return to the top of the Black Cove. Remember the huge, locked, black door? Pontius's key will unlock it.Head down that linear path, and you'll encounter a Source Nightmare, a giant crab. He's water-based, so fire attacks will do a lot of damage.

Kill him, then head past him to meet a woman ghost. She's the wife of Samson, the ghost at the lighthouse. You'll also find an item called Sam's Collar down there. If you have the Pet Pal, be sure to pick it up.Teleport to the lighthouse, then head into the basement.

You'll walk in on a conversation between the ghosts, and you'll be coerced to take a side. Regardless of how you answer, you'll resolve.If you have Sam's Collar and the Pet Pal, speak to Unsinkable Sam in the King Crab Tavern. If you haven't already triggered, you can talk to him about Maxine, and you'll be able to resolve the quest now that you have his collar.There's one more thing we can do for Black Cove before we're completely done. Use your Teleporter Pyramid to return to Cyseal North Gate. Head to the southeast until you find the pavilions where you did the side quest.

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Everyone should be gathered at Cedric's stage watching him perform. This gives you the chance to go to the left and speak to the talking head that was the central part of Reginald's act.Speak to him, and you'll confront him about being Nick. He'll try to convince you to that he wants to stay on stage.

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Regardless of whether you agree or not, you'll have to go back to Black Cove and report the result to Lillian. If you chose to let Nick stay as a performer, then she'll attack you after you tell her. Either way, you resolve, and you'll be done in Black Cove for now.

Divinity: Original Sin is a game known for it's extremely flexible (and ridiculous) combat. After all, speedrunners routinely beat the final boss by filling a box with barrels until it's so heavy that simply instantly kills it. Fortunately, Original Sin 2 players are already finding equally absurd ways to kill enemies thanks to its much more refined combat. Sure, you could approach Original Sin 2's in a serious manner, or you could turn your enemies into chickens and watch them murder themselves.

With more robust combat and a sprawling story, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an even more complex RPG that the first. If you're having trouble getting started, check out our that'll make the first 20 hours a little less bumpy.Right now, two popular methods involve a skill called. It's a Scoundrel skill purchased from Hilde in Fort Joy once you reach level four.

Once an enemy is hit with Rupture Tendons, every step they take causes additional piercing damage. Normally you'd use it on an enemy and hope they'll take a step or two after, but some clever players have found a way to make Rupture Tendons deal incredible amounts of damage.The first method is called the Chicken Combo. While you have to wait until level four to get Rupture Tendons, characters who specialize in Polymorph skills can pick up from Doctor Leste in Fort Joy at any time (Shadowblade and Metamorph classes start with Chicken Claw, and can pick up Rupture Tendons later with two points in Scoundrel).

This spell turns foes into squabbling chickens that run around aimlessly for two turns. Get the idea?Reduce any physical armor an enemy has to zero, hit them with Rupture Tendons, follow up by turning them into a chicken, and let natural selection do its job. As the chicken flees (feel free to cast to give your chicken foe a boost), it'll accrue massive amounts of piercing damage that will kill weaker characters almost instantly. The best part is that Rupture Tendons scales with your basic attack and Finesse values, so the higher level you are the more damage the chicken takes with each step.This video shows exactly how it works (potential spoilers). The Chicken Combo has quickly become a community favorite, but redditor has taken the idea in a bizarre direction: What if you cast Rupture Tendons on yourself?You'll need a character with Necromancer skills (sold by Mona in Fort Joy Ghetto at level four) and (drops randomly around level 11 or is a starter skill for Witch mercenaries ). Shackles of Pain forges a link between the caster and a target enemy so that any damage the caster receives is transferred to the victim. Living on the Edge prevents a character's health from dropping below 1 HP for two rounds.See where this is going?Reduce the boss's armor points and have one character cast Shackles of Pain on it, then have your Scoundrel attack that character with Rupture Tendons and your Necromancer cast Living on the Edge so that they'll stay alive.

Now, every step that character takes will do damage that is channeled directly to the boss.It'll transfer an absolutely hideous amount of damage through Shackles of Pain, and probably kill the boss. UlminatiWhen it's your turn again, have your character with Shackles of Pain run around like a headless chicken (preferably through fire and poison to transfer even more damage). If you can run them past other enemies, that'll provoke opportunity attacks that, again, will transfer to the boss. As Ulminati explains, 'Your guy won't die, but it'll transfer an absolutely hideous amount of damage through Shackles of Pain, and probably kill the boss.' Again, you can cast Haste (sold by Stingtail in Fort Joy Ghetto) to give your shackled character some extra space to run around. The only thing is this combo will leave your character with just 1 HP, so be sure to have some healing ready to go once Shackles of Pain and Living on the Edge wears off.It's a trickier combo to pull off, but Ulminati promises you can fell bosses in just a turn if done properly. And, better yet, this doesn't appear to be an exploit like the previous combo that Larian is already planning on patching out.Divinity: Original Sin 2 has only been out for a week, so I can't wait to see what other kooky ideas people come up with.

If you've discovered your own deadly combos (bonus points if they're as ridiculous as these ones) let us know in the comments. And be sure to check out our if you're having a little trouble getting started.