Download Real Apk Leecher App On Windows System

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Google Play store previously known as Android Market is a place of application distribution for the devices based on Android Platform.Google Play store allows you to download and browse music,movies,books,games and applications developed by google for Android Devices.Some applications are Paid whereas as some are available for free of cost. But There is no need to worry Here is an Amazing app that lets you download the apps directly to your PC by saving the apps by creating their.apk Backup file which you can then transfer to your Mobile and thereafter easily install the apps.

Download Real Apk Leecher App On Windows System Software

Chrome remote desktop crx 7. How to Download Play Store Apps on PC1) First of all you need to Download Real APK Leecher Software.You can download it for free from here.

Download Android APK Files from Google Play Directly to Windows PCUsing an Android smartphone, we have many apps that are used regularly. If you are flashing your android very frequently with custom ROM’s then every time you will need to reinstall those apps too. Repeating the same procedure over time is a hectic task. There may be times when you have flashed or factory reset your android without an adequate internet connection availability. In situations like this, you will always wish to have the APK file with you for offline installation.Generally it is not possible to download the android app APK files directly from Google Play. Earlier we had covered to download APK files directly from Google Play but the restriction is you have to browse using Chrome.


Apart from that there are few more things that you need to set up manually.So, the best thing will be to be able to download APK files directly from Windows desktop without even the need to open a web browser. Real APK Leecher is a portable freeware that allows you to do exactly the same. How to Download Android Apps to PCTo be able to perform this task, the only thing you will need to have is your Device ID. Obtaining Device ID is pretty simple, on your phone. Just open the app, it will show you the Device ID.

The best thing to do is share the ID and mail it to yourself. Otherwise unnecessarily you will have to type it.alert-note /alert-noteWorking With Real APK LeecherReal APK Leecher has a simple interface. Upon first run it will ask for your Google credentials. Additionally you have to give your mobile Device ID that you have obtained previously. If you have shared it to your mail, just copy and paste it on the given field. You can select the location to save downloaded apps. If you have more APK files, you can also view them in this app.

Once you are over with it, you are good to go.alert-note /alert-noteDownloading Android Apps to PCBest thing about Real APK Leecher is that apart from downloading the APK, you can search for apps in the same manner as you do in Google Play.alert-success /alert-successIn filters select Custom and search with anything you want. As the list appears, you can select the app you were looking for and right click on it to download.Apart from just downloading the APK, you can download the app icon, search related apps, view the app webpage on Google Play and copy the download link. These are useful options to play with.

You can also delete an app that you have previously downloaded.alert-success /alert-successOne thing to keep in mind is that Real APK Leecher only allows you to download apps that are free. In case you try to download a paid app, it will give an error message. You can download paid apps which you have already bought. Download APK Files on PC VideoReal APK Leecher was tested on Windows 8 Pro 64 bit, it worked fine. You can download all the APK files you need and.Download. January 27, 2013no its not legal. If it is legal then google will surely approve you for downloading APK but there are lots of Apps which lets you make APK of your application in your mobile and bluestack.

And you can transfer your contact and APK from bluestack to your PC too.But its good to download APK because you will hate to download 50MB game each time on your mobile from your dial up 2G network.But I recommend Google APK Downloader 1.4.0 in Google Chrome which I use for my bluestack as I dont have Android Phone which work like charm and I have 10GB memory Card in bluestack too.