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Graphics 4.5/5Sims 4 doesn’t pretend to provide realistic visuals. All landscapes, surroundings, objects and characters have realistic proportions and physical parameters, but they look quite cartoonish and don’t sparkle with details.

They just don’t have to! There’s absolutely nothing to take serious. People, ghosts, pets, gnomes, aliens - in Sims universe they all exist side by side. That’s why everything is rendered in plain 3D graphics and low-resolution textures.

Maybe, the next chapters will look more realistic, but there’s no need for that. Gameplay 5/5To begin playing Sims 4 you have to create a character in a versatile editor. You can make custom faces, bodies, haircuts and looks to make your avatar look like you or somebody else. After that, you are offered to choose property for your single sim or a family. There are 3 types of dwellings, such as personal apartments and houses or rental estate. Each type provides different starting taxes and living conditions.After settling down, you have an opportunity to find your sim a job that matches his or her temper, interests and life goals. These properties are adjustable in sim editor.


Along with your sim’s job you have to support his or her life process and look after multiple status bars. Needs of each sim are based on classical Maslow’s pyramid, so you always have to visit you in time and fight for comfort, recognition, wealth and dozens of other human needs.

This gameplay aspect is very realistic. Controls 5/5In Sims 4 controls don’t differ from previous parts.

Quite important to notice, that Sims 4 is played similarly great on any devices. However, the console version lacks some PC keyboard shortcuts.

How To Edit Sims In Sims 4 Ps4

Replay Value 4.5/5The replayability of Sims 4 is on the highest level. This game provides hundreds of various scenarios and gameplay features, which are not explorable in a single sim lifetime. It may be quite boring to play the basic version without addons, but they’re easily purchasable in-game market to bring you many new tasks and adventures. You can make a single game session everlasting by creating characters you like and making children to grow them and start the circle again.

Also, you can install Sims 4 custom content and Sims 4 mods made by other gamers. ConclusionAll in all, Sims 4 is a great gaming experience for people of all ages and cultures. It’s the first and the best real-life simulator in video game history, and it’s worth playing just due to these facts. Sims 4 is fun, versatile, engaging, exciting, huge, unobtainable and everlasting. It’s a AAA project that deserves attention of any gamer. It simulates real-life issues with flavoring them with a good sense of humor.

Enable Full Cas Sims 4 Cheat

Can I play The Sims 4 on iOS?A1. The Sims 4 is available only on Windows PC, Mac OS, and consoles. However, you can play the mobile version of the game The Sims on your iOS device.Q2. Where can I download The Sims 4 for PS4?A2. You can download the game on the PlayStation official store. There are also several add-ons available for download.Q3.

Can I download The Sims 4 for my Xbox One?A3. Yes, The Sims 4 is available on Xbox One. You can download it on Microsoft Store or buy a disk with the game and install it on your console.Q4.

Is The Sims 4 available for free download?A4. No, The Sims 4 is a paid game, but you can download the basic edition of the game for a reduced price.Q5. Can I play the game The Sims 4 online?A5. No, there’s no way to play The Sims 4 online. It needs at least 14 GB of your disk space to launch properly.Q6. Where can I download The Sims 4 demo?A6. You can find The Sims 4 demo on its official website.

It’s called create a sim and lets you experience all the stages of the sim creation. You cannot play with the sims you’ve created until you buy the full version of the game.Q7. What is the size of The Sims 4 full game?A7. The Sims 4 full game is huge. The size of the basic edition is 11.08 GB and will need several more GB on your disk space for the custom content.Q8.

Can I download unblocked version of The Sims 4 somewhere?A8. Yes, you can find the unblocked version of the game, but it’s implausible that it will work properly.Q9. I was told that I could download The Sims 4 from torrents. Is it true?A9.

Enable Full Cas Mode Sims 4

We have never downloaded the games from torrents because it’s illegal and dangerous. You shouldn’t do that either.Q10. Where can I download The Sims 4 for free?A10. The Sims 4 is a paid game, although on holidays you may download it for a reduced price. The Sims mobile game is free but a bit less entertaining.Q11. Will The Sims 4 ever be a free to play game?A11.

No, The Sims 4 is too expensive a project ever to become a free to play game.Q12. What is the price of The Sims 4 on Steam?A12. The current Steam price for The Sims 4 is $9.99.Q13. Can I buy The Sims 4 on the game official page?A13. Yes, The Sims 4 is available for purchase on the official page for the game. It can redirect you to the stores for the platforms you need.Q14.

Is The Sims 4 for sale on a physical disk?A14. Yes, you can buy the physical copy of the game on Amazon for about $30.Q15. How much does the game cost on sales?A15. Currently, The Sims 4 costs $9.99 on Steam.Q16. Are there new The Sims 4 add-ons available for pre-order?A16. No, there is no new add-ons for The Sims 4, but The Sims 5 is on the way to launch this year.