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EPLAN Electric P8 offers unlimited possibilities for project planning, documentation, and management of automation projects. The automatic production of detailed reports based on wiring diagrams is an integral part of a comprehensive documentation system and provides subsequent phases of the project, such as production, assembly, commissioning and service with the data required. Engineering data from other project areas can be exchanged via interfaces with the CAE software, thus guaranteeing consistency and integration throughout the entire product development process. Each planning procedure has its advantages in certain project phases – be it generating initial graphical machinery/plant overviews, creating schematics or recording project information in the database independently of the graphics. The ideal situation is for an engineering system to support these different planning approaches with equal priority.

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You decide which method of operation is the most efficient for you, and EPLAN provides continuous consistency in the project data, regardless of your method of operation. EPLAN Electric P8 supports global standards such as IEC, NFPA, the Russian GOST standard and the Chinese GB standard with appropriate master data and sample projects. The optional standard conversion ensures that you remain competitive as globalisation increases.

Thanks to continuous Unicode capability, EPLAN Electric P8 provides schematics in any language on the basis of your individual translation databases – from Chinese circuit diagrams to Russian part lists, everything is translated online or as soon as the plant is complete.

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You must disable UAC.2. Install Eplan P8,3. Copy the license file (SN-U10225.EGF) from folder to folder EPLANP82.0patchWindowsx32x64 C: User Public Eplan Common;4. Remove driver protection HL Hasp Control Panel5.

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Install newer drivers HASPUserSetup.exe;6. 5189.reg- run the file7. Run the driver installation Multikey - emulator from your Release MultiKey64 install.cmd; FIRST COPRY FILES TO DRIVERS-SYSTEM 328.

Run a test mode in Windows 7 x64 dseo13b.exe running the program and the radio button for 'Enable Test Mode'.9. Add a digital signature for the driver Multikey.To do this, select 'Sign a System File' and enter the filename including the full path C:WindowsSystem32Driversmultikey.sys, without tyhe gaps!!!10.

Reboot your computer;11. Start the EPLAN Electric P8THIS IS IT!!!!!i know i didn;t crack it.but please write something that anyone can understand.because you know pc's.doesn't mean that we can all understand the logic.