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All FO3 are GFWL versions, even the Steam version unfortunately, but GFWLwas just another form of copy protection.And the term Games for Windows on the CD/DVD box was just market speak. Basically saying, 'this is a PC game'.There are a few GFWL games that Steam will redeem the disc key for a Steam download version, but FO3 is not one of them.- However, you can buy a FO3 Game of the Year edition download version on sale (till July 5) from Steam at the moment for $9.97 USD.May be worth it just for the DLC if you didn't have them originally.- I almost missed it. The main game w/o DLC is only $3.28 USD.'


But, the servers have been shut down so I can't use that anymore.' - Have you ever downloaded files for a GFWL game prior to MS shutting GFWL down?I wouldn't have thought it was ever possible. Particularly as this game belongs to Bethesda. Just use a noCD fix/hack, and you won't need to worry about sharing the DVD drive.An xliveless fix (hack for the xlive.dll file) will help prevent issues with GFWL too. You can get the xlivless file at one of the FO3 mod sites,and a noCD fix from.Use the noCD version that suits the version you patch the game to.If I remember correctly you only need to go as far as patch version 1.5 if you don't have the DLC. I'm not sure if you need to use a noCDif you patch to 1.5 or not. I have a noCD in my files storage, but it doesn't look like I used it (I normally make a new sub-folder in thegames directory to store the original.exe in, but my FO3 folder doesn't have one.

The game launches without the disc though).

Awkward situation.I bought all my GfWL games on Steam, actually, except Fallout 3 GOTY, which I hope it will work (I admit, all this got me somewhat confused). I haven't played it in years, and when I did, it was offline. Not that I particularly care about Fallout 3, but not being able to play the game you legally bought is a tad bit annoying.Would be nice if they transferred all the stuff to Steam, but I'm not sure how it goes with Relic, given that THQ died.I don't like Steam either, but I can at least handle that. Click to expand.Not much sense in it.Boxes are just slim DVD cases with a CD in them, rarely even a proper manual.

The pricing is the same as on many online stores, or sometimes even more expensive.In the end, majority of boxed games nowadays only take up space. And people are lazy to go the store.Plus, if you're into that, they're not eco-friendly.I personally still buy boxed games when I can find good ones, but I understand why online stores are taking lead.Rarely do you find a modern game with a proper box ( The Witcher 2 being an example.). I still dont like the evolution of gaming, with this intrusive DRM measures. I see the need for protection, but games become a lot less user friendly and they dont always offer you a better experience with their always online requirement.

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Not to mention, they really dont leave you much of a choice here, they are not going with a compromise, its either buy the product or dont. But I am not sure if I really whant to be a part of that, and luckily, I am not even playing any games anymore. If I consider, that you might have to get 3 or 4 different accounts with each game you buy. Nexus mod server down 11.

What ever if its from Ubisoft, Steam, EA or Blizzard etc. And as said, if you dont want to use their services, you don thave a choice really but to still accept it.