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Modding is not something uncommon for any of the hardcore gamers and they are excellent for inducing something new or enhancing something old. Fallout 4 was all the rage a while ago but after three years of its release, things might seem a little weary or dry. Mods and modders are here to fix it.

With so many bug corrections, new features and even alternate starts to this amazing game all thanks to the mods, overhauls and user tweaks, this game is still worth returning to.With the mod community as strong as ever and throwing out new and updated mods all the time, things can get a little confusing over time, especially if you are new to modding. Mods bring about a lot of features, some are add-ons while others are just purely new. If you are not sure what you are looking for or if you have an idea but don’t know what to choose, then take a look at the following list of the best Fallout 4 mods and start gaming already! Top 20 Best Fallout Mods For PC & Console: 1. Bodyslide and Outfit StudioBodyslide and Outfit Studio is one of the best Fallout 4 mods to customize bodies and outfits.

It also allows you to create new bodies and outfits and convert outfits between body types. The high flexibility of this mod along with the ease of use allows extensive customization to create all the outfits and body shapes that you want. The latest Bodyslide and Outfit Studio requires OpenGL 3.3. Outfit filtering shows you the outfits you want and how it is going to look like is shown in the textured preview windows.The Outfit Studio lets you convert outfits between bodies and create your own body sliders, correct animation weights and edit meshes otherwise. You can even edit static meshes if you are a pro and also import and export FBX, NIF and OBJ meshes.

With the BodySlide add-on, you will get a CBBE Body Physics test set which you can choose from the Outfit/Body drop down and build it. Armour and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)Armour and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) is a top fallout 4 mod that allows you to create and modify armour while making edits compatible with mods that adjust dynamic item naming.

Many users want items to have a better order in the inventory and this mod achieves just that. Simply put, this mod creates a standardized framework of keywords for armour and weapon records, crafting menus and a colour swap and decal swap framework.The mod also standardizes apparel slot usage to prevent issues between mod author creations to increase inter usability.

It also creates standardized armour, ammunition and explosive workbenches to be used for crafting items added by the mods. This also consolidates everyone’s crafting recipes onto just two benches for convenience and modders can share their category menu keywords in order to lower the combined footprint. The mod also creates a collection of object modifications for blade weapons to recreate blade tempering from Skyrim for use by weapon modders.

Unofficial Fallout 4 PatchUnofficial Fallout 4 Patch is the best fall out 4 mod with the goal to fix every bug in the game. The mod has hundreds of gameplay, quest, NPC, item, text, object and placement bugs fixed and is created by the authors of the Unofficial Oblivion and Skyrim Patch series. You can even report a bug that you are facing in the game to this team in detail using the bug tracker and they will see to it if it is genuine. This mod is also compatible with the other mods and there are no unsafe changes included.The mod requires Fallout 4 version 1.10.89 or higher, official Automatron DLC, official Wasteland workshop DLC, official Far Harbor DLC, official Contraptions Workshop DLC, official Vault-Tec DLC and official Nuka-World DLC. The mod also requires you to follow a particular load order to not mess things up and for that, it is recommended that you use LOOT. LOOT will provide a solid foundation to get everything up and running and you can tweak it as and when needed. It has a lot of actor fixes, audio fixes, item fixes, animation fixes and more.

Armoursmith ExtendedArmoursmith Extended is a mod that does a lot of things which has something or the other to do with armour and outfits. The mod has a completely redone from scratch clothing system and there are now ten different types of mods like clothing protective weave, lining mods, colour swap mods, therm optics booster mods and six others. This mod allows you to wear outfits under the armour pieces and all armour pieces show up only when equipped. Also, every outfit in the game including hats and helmets can have ballistic weave armour added to it.The vanilla clothing uses the minimum amount of slots necessary for things to work without a problem and that has freed up a lot of slots for modders who wish to customize clothing and accessories.

This mod is also fully compatible with the Legendary Modification by teal.z and Valdacil’s Item Sorting and also has made a bunch of UI improvements like replacing sorting tags with icons. The mod has also added crafting recipes for all the vanilla/DLC apparel/armour/power armour and bench modifications for vanilla/DLC armours for changing armour size. The mod does so much more than this and is definitely worth checking out.Editor’s Pick: 5. Sim SettlementsSim Settlements is game enhancement mod that allows the settlers to build their own structures like houses, farms, shops etc and there is also a Commonwealth to explore.

With this amazing mod, you will be able to create detailed living places with minimal effort and make every settlement unique with its own perks and rewards that will help you as the game goes. The mod is made with the intention of removing the disconnected feeling of the settlements from the actual game and to remove the need to micromanage everything.This mod allows you to place down zones which will make your settlers create buildings of the correct type in the particular zone and includes a series of systems to bring the settlements to life. The buildings will be chosen at random and filled with random stuff depending on the zone of the area. Every building has multiple levels of upgrades that can be unlocked gradually so that you can re-explore your own settlement and find out what has changed which makes the game all the more exciting. Mod Configuration MenuMod Configuration Menu is another one of the top Fallout 4 mods that provides a central location for mod configuration which can be accessed through the pause menu.

Mod settings are stored in per-mod INI files making it easy to backup and restore settings and even tweak the outside the game as needed. Each mod has its own directory in DataMCMConfigModName.This mod provides a range of controls like checkboxes, dropdowns, sliders, text, key binds and more to configure your mod and is optimized for PC. The mod is also save-safe and file-safe which means that it does not affect your saved games and no vanilla forms and files will be overridden as it is completely standalone. No ESM/ESP means that there will be no problem with the load order. The mod requires Fallout 4 version 1.10.20 or higher and Fallout 4 Extender 0.4.2 or higher to work properly. Full Dialogue InterfaceFull Dialogue an essential FO4 mod that shows you sub-titles of what character is going to say in a conversation and revamps the interface so that the dialogue options are displayed as a list and uses keys or face buttons for input depending on your control scheme.

A lot of interface layouts are available from which you can choose after checking out the screenshot section for examples of how the mod looks like when launched.The latest update has added support for the new Nuka World DLC which can be found under the ‘Update Files’ in the mod’s downloads tab. This game cannot be used at the same time as the NewDialogue mod as it is a translation of the shadwar’s work.

This mod is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and supports both keyboard and gamepad. LooksMenuLooksMenu is a good FO4 mod that helps to improve character creation by adding engine modifications and has a lot of features like skin override and overlays. Skin override allows an actor’s skin forms to be overridden with an alternative and overlays feature adds texture on top of the body instead of changing the textures one by one.

The feature list is much larger which allows you to see more items at once and presets can be now saved and loaded.BodyGen is another feature which allows random BodyMorph generation based on guided files for particular NPCs or any NPC. If an actor is eligible for random generation, when the actor is loaded, their morph listing will be computed based on some specific files. TinMask Resolution feature is another setting which will allow you to change the maximum resolution of the face texture and the associated tint masks and allows you to stop the forced downsample and actually use the resolution of the texture you desire instead of 1024 which is normally used.

Place EverywherePlace Everywhere is a must use FO4 which allows buildings and placing objects in workshop mode anywhere that you wish, even inside other objects water and air. If you think the settlements are too tightly knit, you can use the border expanding mods to remedy this problem but be careful as this mod conflicts with scrap mods and can cause a reset bug.

Fallout 4 Best Alternate Start Mod

Build restrictions are still there and object with such restrictions will be highlighted as able to build but they are not actually buildable.With this mod, you can now move workshop, workbenches, power armours and many other things that were previously unmovable but saving before moving or deleting objects is always advised just to be on the safe side. This mode is by default OFF. You can also toggle on and off out of workshop sone timeout to be able to move already built objects from your settlement as far away as you like. You can also rotate and move objects along the x, y and z-axes and make movable objects like armour, junk, weapon etc static and back. True Storms – Wasteland EditionTrue Storms – Wasteland Edition is one of the best Fallout 4 mods and is a complete overhaul to the storms systems in Fallout 4.

It includes new heavy rains and some really unique weathers, intense sound effects, interior sounds, particle effects, textures and more. It even has hazardous radiation rains covering both Commonwealth and Far Harbor. New weather types include heavy dust storms and fogs, heavy rains or drizzle and more.The mod has also included 20 all-new thunder sounds and a new method for much more unpredictable and random playback but only in those locations where it makes sense. The mod is also fully configurable for Feral ghoul attacks during radiation storms. It provides an in-game configuration Holotape to turn all the features on and off and sneak buffs for player and companions during storms.Editor’s Pick: 11. Outcasts and Remnants – Quest Mode PlusOutcasts and Remnants – Quest Mode Plus is a DLC sized mod created by the makers of the Fusion City Rising and has 15 to 20-hour gameplay with new factions, locations, player bases and fully voiced custom companions. To start the mod’s main story, go to the Brotherhood of Gold Bunker which is built into a hill located south of Oberland Station, east of the railroad tracks and southwest of the alien crash site.

The time to complete the main story along with the side quests is around 20 hours and if you are running FCR, OAR and PV together, then it might take a little over 50 hours of combined content if you do everything together.For immersion and gameplay difficult purposes, you are required to first complete the Fallout 4 quest ‘Reunions’ where you will confront Kellogg at Fort Hagen after which the first quest of the mod will start automatically. To play pimp related side quests only, head on to the Club Snuggle whenever you want. For immersion purpose, you may want to wait until you finish the quest ‘Pimpin ain’t Easy’. New factions are Natick Bank Raiders, Brotherhood of Gold, Enclave Remnants, vault Tec Survivors and Back Bay Players and Ash and Gabriel are the new fully voiced companions.

Commonwealth Cuts – KS Hairdos – ApachiiSkyHairCommonwealth Cuts – KS Hairdos – ApachiiSkyHair is mod which contains a collection of conversions from Skyrim’s KS Hairdos and ApachiiSkyHair and is all about the mane. You no longer have to walk around with wild mane that has been frozen forever as this mod brings you wonderful hairstyles from the above-mentioned originals of Skyrim.

But depending on the character variations, not all hairstyles will fit all the characters 100 per cent and you may have to adjust the character’s forehead to get a more perfect fit.It doesn’t include all the hairdos from the KS Hairdos and ApachiiSkyHair packs but includes most of them with 178 new hairs including mashup styles which were created by combining some stuff. As of version 2.0 of the Commonwealth Cuts, all the hairs come with their own physics with the exception of Pin Up Alt and the Shieldmaiden hairs. This mod can be used with character and companion saves and is one of the best Fallout 4 mods as far as look customization is concerned. Scrap EverythingScrap Everything allows you to scrap everything in your settlement including houses, grass, roads and sidewalks and even trash and debris. This mod fixes the fact only a few objects are scrapable in the original game and the user has the final say on what stays and what goes.

Users have the permission to change, modify, add, remove and do whatever they want for their own personal use. The mod must be put at the far end of the load order or you may not be able to scrap areas as intended.The game has added Nuka World support, new industrial frames, quarry stone blocks, Eat-o-Tronics and monorails or trains. The mod has also renamed some of the objects for better compatibility with NX Pro Farming mod. It allows all types of flora to be scrapped like the glowing fungus and bloodleaf. It also overhauls the categories and adds almost fifteen separate categories for objects that were once part of the general category. See Through ScopesSee Through Scopes adds new scopes or replaces the short scopes as per your wish and this applies to almost all of the vanilla weapons that can be equipped with scopes. The scopes include 2.5x, 4x and 8x with both normal and recon variants.

The 4x and 8x scope variants are affected by the sniper perk but the 2.5x scopes are not. The mod also has some more customizable features and options related to perspectives and views.The mod allows for optional first-person perspective when aiming and also comes with customizable reticles. There is also a provision to customize default reticles and add-on support for many existing weapon mods and an optional blur effect while aiming. ‘See Through Combat Scopes for Right Handed Nukaworld AK’ mod requires this mod to function and will not run without this one. Project ValkyrieProject Valkyrie is a rather sizable quest or companion mod with tons of features, additional quests and more to let you finish the vanilla game in new ways. There are new dungeons, bunkers, player bases along with the option for a completely overhauled institute. As the director of the institute, you are now free to direct how the place is run and do stuff like kicking out bad guys, do new missions, customize the appearance of the building, add vendors and a whole lot more.There are twenty additional quests with a story that has new endings and you can choose to imprison Preston or to kill everyone or even let the four major factions exist in harmony and peace.

You can also use persuasion instead of violence to resolve disputes between factions and choose who lives and who dies. The mod also offers four custom and fully voiced companions to choose from along with the four vanilla based companions and you will meet other companions in the course of the game as you progress through the main quest line.Editor’s Pick:. Darker NightsDarker Nights is a mod that will obviously make the nights in the Commonwealth darker but not like every time, only as per the situation. The mod will make the nights dark enough so that you can know that time has passed well into the dark.

The interiors will also be dark unless they are well lit and the mod provides seven levels of darkness to choose from as you see fit. The mod also provides you with an optional set of plugins to improve the ability of NPCs to detect you in low light conditions.It also provides an optional and alternative night vision and a new 24/7 night mode which basically makes nights last 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The sun still does come up but it will feel like it does not give any light at all but this option is off the lore books and is designed to be used in other specific mod compilations than in the vanilla game. There are two kinds of patches in this mod – merged and standalone.

Merged patches are part of the main plugin file while the standalone patches are individual plugin files. Homemaker – Expanded SettlementsHomemaker – Expanded Settlements is a great mod which adds over thousand new craftable objects encompassing craftable versions of a great deal of the base game and also has new build sets, working planters and a whole lot more.

If you ever feel like the settlements were a bit ‘off’ and want to improve some things, then this is the mod for you. The newly added objects range from cars to refrigerators to working street lights and tons of other stuff.The mod also has a new institute build set feature with placeable snapping walls, floors, stairways and no matter who you are, whether a mad scientist or a sadistic raider, this mod has some settings and features for you which is why it one of the best Fallout 4 mods.

The mod adds 7 new build sets, large prefab buildings like the Radio Towers and lighthouses, an overhaul of a lot of vanilla categories and hundreds of new decorative objects. It also has new farmable crops. Beds, toilets and other utilities, new fences and barriers and other buildable objects.

Better SettlersBetter Settlers is another one of the best Fallout 4 mods and is a very lore friendly mod which adds over 240 characters to the vanilla settler selections. You can either leave them with vanilla equipment and stats or allows you to make lore friendly changes to the equipment stats or mortality.


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All the options created are randomly generated when the settler spawns which ensures that no two settlers are alike and makes each of them unique. Other options are mod created equipment and hair, all female settlers or raiders as settlers.If you choose the optional stats or equipment you get many choices like grimy or clean faces, randomly generated clothing and equipment, around thirty civilian outfits and 25 hats over vanilla and many other features.

These only effects generic settlers and named settlers like the Longs, Provisioners and children remain unaffected and unchanged. There is also an optional Community Clothing and Armour Pack which adds selections from the Eli’s Armour Compendium and Azar’s Ponytail Hairstyles mods and these mods are required for this to work. Load order matters very much when you are trying to install this mod. Eli’s Armour CompendiumEli’s Armour Compendium adds a lot of new and lore friendly armours and accessories along with tons of moddable colours, institutes, settlers, wastelander, raiders and vault suites. It adds 50 new unisex armour, 20 accessories and the items are mostly made by mashing up and recolouring vanilla items so as to make them more lore friendly and to ensure that they blend right into the game. All pieces of the new equipment work for both male and female characters and the mod is also compatible with BodySlide.You can wear armour pieces over the outfits so it is recommended to use Concealed armours to hide any pieces that clip.

The main supplier in this mod is Ellie, a custom voiced NPC who will provide you with designs to make your own armour. To get all the crafting recipes to show up, you should also buy the designs for armours from Ellie.

A lot of items in this items can be further modded and such items are marked with an ‘M’. Start Me Up – Alternate Start and Dialogue OverhaulStart Me Up – Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul provides an alternate start, quick start and normal start options and you can select one of them to start the game. If you choose the alternate start option, there are over 800 dialogue edits with voice and lip sync so that your character is no longer the mother or father of Shaun. This mode is one of the best Fallout 4 mods and is perfect for role players. The Alternate start will have you wake up from this dream as a different person and not the parent of Shaun.The Quick start option will have you wake up from a memory in your pod in Vault 111 and then follows the normal plotline after skipping all the pre-war stuff to directly get to playing.

The Normal start option is basically a cancel button that allows you to play through normally. In the alternate start, you can be a pre-war vault dweller and the story will follow an alternate plotline where you are released from the vault by mistake. You can start as a wastelander outside of the vault and select your own special stats, traits, occupations and factions and even a start location.

Three months in-game and still no idea where Shaun is? If this describes your experience, odds are good you’ve been lost in settlement hell, building and building and building. If that explained the vanilla settlement building tools wasn’t enough, here’s a list of the settlement mods you’ll need to get you started.9 Must-Have Mods For Fallout 4 Settlements: This simple guide doesn’t show you how to install mods, but rather sets up your PC version of Fallout 4 so that it is ready for mods to be installed.

There’s a video walk-through for maximum ease of use, so make sure you do this first before you start downloading mods.: This mod adds a wealth of new custom items and furniture to what’s available for your settlements. This mod boasts: “71 Useable Furniture Items, 80 Doors (that do not need to be attached to a wall), 14 Miscellaneous Interactive Objects, 228 Static Objects (Cars/Trees/Rocks, etc.), 9 Food Planters (From Vault 81 / Graygarden), 1 Alternate Power Armor Rack.”: Do you have higher aspirations than the build limit in your settlements will allow? Then this mod is for you. Build endlessly. The sky is not the limit ‘cause there is no limit. “The point of this mod is to allow you to build more for your settlements, since Bethesda placed a limit. It's super simple!”: This mod extends the build limit in addition to offering commands that give you 1000 of each building material and granting you the ability to grant or remove settlement-related perks.

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Read More.: This cheat table (not a mod) allows you to build outside of the settlement limits, like if you wanted to build a bridge from Sanctuary to Red Rocket. You’ll need to make it work.: Want the warm, cozy glow of your settlement’s lights to really pop against the darkness of the post-apocalypse? This mod offers seven levels of darkness, as well as offering different tints for night vision.Did we miss any mods that make building the best and biggest settlements a total breeze? Feel free to comment with sweet Fallout 4 settlement mod tips in the comments section below.