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This printer has been discontinued. Please see the replacement model, HID Global’s ID card printer.The steps below will help you through the process of updating the firmware of the DTC C30e printer. Note: this model was developed for use with the Windows XP operating system, with only limited support offered for Windows Vista.

Lord of the rings online better graphics. It could be the laminator has gone bad. It could also be a timing issue with the startup sequence upon power-up. As you'll note, there are 2 power-supplies for the printer with laminator - one for the printer/flipper, and a second for the laminator. When powering up the system the laminator is supposed to be ready and respond to a query from the printer during its startup sequence. If the printer is ready before the laminator, then you can get such an error. To check for this, plug-in/power-up the laminator about 5 seconds prior to the printer to see if the behavior changes and it now works.If results are the same, next double-check the connector between the printer and laminator to ensure there are no broken or bent pins or connector 'fingers', and that the connection is secure.

The gap separating the printer and laminator should be tight and even top-to-bottom as well, ensuring a good connection.Also double-check your power-supplies. They should be identical and, if a recent model, will have a small silver sticker affixed that shows the printer serial number on it (check the manufacturer's plate your printer/laminator for serial-number, and make sure your power-adapters match it).If none of the above resolve the issue, then contact your Fargo dealer for servicing or further support. If you don't have a dealer relationship and you're located in the USA, feel free to reach out to us!Good Luck!Safe-Card ID ServicesCharlotte, NC USA 36 views 0 helpful votes.

There are 2 series of the HDP5000 - those manufactured prior to 2013, and those in 2013 and forward. On the manufacturing plate (sticker) will be a serial-number, model number and manufacturing date. If your serial-number begins with A, or B0, B1, or B2, then you have the pre-2013 version. If your serial number begin B3 or higher (i.e.

B4, B5, etc.), it is a '2013 and up' model.The driver for the pre-2013 version is not supported with Windows 10, due to Microsoft enabling strict driver digital signature requirements. If you have this old printer and driver, AND Windows 10, then that might be your issue. If you have access to a Win7 PC, you can test for this scenario by downloading and installing the pre-2013 driver (aka the HDP5000 2008 driver) from the Fargo web-site , and attempting to install there.

Fargo C16 Model No. 085662 Software Free

If it is recognized under Win7 and not Win10, then that's your issue.However, if it also fails to recognize properly even under Windows 7, then it's likely you have a bad/broken USB port on the printer. Unfortunately this is an easy part to break, as it protrudes from the rear of the printer when connected, so bumping it or pushing the printer back against a wall or solid surface can break the port connection to the internal circuit board.Good luck!Safe-Card ID ServicesCharlotte, NC USA 24 views 0 helpful votes.

If it's a white line running lengthwise on the card, that usually indicates a bad print-head (scratched or electronically damaged in some way). What's curious is you state that it only affects the photo on the card. If you were to extend the white line left and right of the photo, are there other elements of the card that would be impacted if a bad print-head, based on your card design layout? Or is there nothing but blank/white space on the design in those areas?If you have other design elements that would be expected to be impacted, then I would check out your design in your software and see if there's an element that is inadvertently overlaid on your photo. Most badge programs have a feature where, if you right-click on an element, you can opt to bring that element forward in the layer-placement, or bring it to be the top-most layer (effectively hiding other elements behind it).

See if you can right-click on your photo place-holder in your card design, and 'bring to front' - does that help?If still stuck, check with your Fargo dealer about possible print-head replacement - that part is a warranty item, assuming you've been using the specified supplies and observing required cleaning cycles.Good luck!Safe-Card ID ServicesCharlotte, NC USA 14 views 0 helpful votes. Check your power supply to be sure it is the appropriate one for the printer. The original ones are 24V output at 3.75 or 5.0 amps (depending on age of printer).If the right power-supply, also try running temporarily while directly connected to power, rather than through a surge-suppressor. If your surge-suppressor is bad or weak, it could be limiting the power the printer can 'pull'.If neither of the above work, then you're almost certain to require service. It could be either the heater itself, or the heat sensor. 16 views 0 helpful votes.

Fargo C16 Model No. 085662 Software Free

The printers come from the factory pre-set with DHCP on, so it will take whatever IP address your DHCP server provides. If you need it to always be at a specific IP address, then you can use address reservation on your DHCP server and use the printer's MAC address to ensure it is always assigned the same IP.If you MUST set a static IP on the printer directly, you would first connect to your network and take the IP assigned by your DHCP server. You can discover this by scrolling through the built-in menus on the printer display screen, or by printing a test-card from these same menus. Then you can use that IP address to access the printer's built-in web interface using any web-browser from another PC on the same network and sub-net. If you need a userid & password to effect the change on the printer interface, check with your network admin or security admin, as they SHOULD have this info from the original printer purchase. Alternately, reach out to your HID/Fargo dealer for support with this.

If you're in the USA, and don't have a dealer relationship, feel free to reach out us.Good Luck!Safe-Card ID ServicesCharlotte, NC USA 21 views 0 helpful votes. Usually when print is lighter or fainter than normal, and when all driver settings are at their normal/default values, the cause is traced back to a power issue.


Fargo C16 Model No. 085662 Software Price

The most common power issue is users inadvertently having plugged in an incorrect power adapter - one that is not delivering enough (or proper) voltage and amperage. Late-model Fargo printers will have a small, silver sticker on the power-adapter, with a serial number that matches the printer serial number (8 characters, starting with a 'B' for anything built from 2010 onward.The 2nd most prevalent issue is when printing a graphic image that contains text, and where the original image uses 'thin' fonts and/or small pt. Fonts, or the resolution of the graphic file is below 300 ppi. Any of these can lead to sub-standard text representation, as the image size is invariably manipulated to fit the available space on the printed card.

Wherever possible, text should be laid-in directly with the badge design & printing software, as opposed to it being a 'picture' of the text.Check our other useful tips at 43 views 0 helpful votes. Hi Camille - that is indeed the error message for 'ribbon out'. This has a few possible causes:1. Make sure you have the right ribbon for the printer.

The standard color (YMCK) ribbon is #084051; if dual-sided, the standard YMCKK ribbon #084052; if monochrome/black print only, that is ribbon #084060.2. Make sure the ribbon is loaded correctly. The spools are color-coded, so make sure the orange on the ribbon spool is in placed with the orange on the carrier - ditto for the blue.3. Make sure you've changed the 'ribbon', not the 'film'. The ribbon has orange and blue spools; the film has yellow & green spools.4. Make sure the ribbon is loaded properly on the carrier - it goes the 'long way' around the carrier, across the silver/metal rollers.5.

Try another new ribbon - they're RFID tagged, and occasionally an RFID tag is bad, missing, or corrupted.6. Verify you have the latest printer firmware, to ensure all ribbon manufacturing site-codes (embedded in the RFID tag) are recognized as valid for your printer.If you have continued problems, we can help with further support, including potential repairs. Good luck!Safe-Card ID ServicesCharlotte, NC USA 548 views 0 helpful votes.