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MODS What are mods?A 'mod' (short for 'modification') is a fan-made alteration to a game which allows it to look and act different than the original. In the case of FTL, the community has created, ranging from redesigns of the game's art all the way to mods which create brand new campaigns and gameplay modes. Are mods safe?Mods are not official patches. They are not developed, published, or maintained by any members of the development team, and as such, we cannot guarantee their stability nor are we responsible for any content we did not create ourselves.Installing and Using Mods Using Slipstream Mod Manager (Click to expand). Is a fan-made mod manager for FTL which makes it easy to install multiple mods and control which ones you use, when you want to use them.


Itis the go-to method of using mods with FTL.Slipstream installation instructions:1. Download zip file from the official thread in our forums.2. Index of series vikings season 6. Extract the Slipstream folder from the zip file.3.

Unlimited Power Book

Open the Slipstream file folder, you should see a single folder with the same title as the parent folder (e.g. Slipstream Mod Manager v1.6-Win).4. Move the Slipstream file folder to your FTL folder. For Steam users, it will be locatedin Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/FTL Faster Than Light (See screenshot.)OPTIONAL: Rename the Slipstream folder to simply 'Slipstream'.Open the Slipstream folder and find the 'modman' application.Double click on 'modman' to start Slipstream. You will see a black window while the program searches for your copy of FTL.

You will see a confirmation popup (see screenshot) once FTL has been located. Click 'yes' to confirm and launch Slipstream.Important notes:You must return your copy of FTL to its default, unmodded state before installing Slipstream. Additional details available.While it is possible to use two mods at once, mods get installed in the order in which they are listed in Slipstream. Therefore, if two mods write over the same files, they will never be able to work together successfully. Adding Mods to Slipstream (Click to expand).

To add mods to slipstream, navigate to the steamapps/common/FTL Faster Than Light folder (where the game is located). Once there, move your downloaded mod into the 'mods' folder.To activate a mod, run Slipstream, select the mod(s) you want to use, then click 'patch'.

Once the program is done, you should be able to run the game as you would normally, but with new access to the mods.You can use Slipstream to both install and manage your mods. To add a new mod, please follow the instructions below.1.

Choose the mod you would like to install. For this tutorial, we will be using the to change the look of the game.For reference, this is screenshot of the default hangar screen:2. Download the mod to your computer. You should see a file similar to the one pictured, ending with '.ftl'. (Note: Some operating systems may remove the '.ftl' ending. If this happens, you can simply add it back yourself.)3.

Open your Slipstream folder in a second window and move the new mod into the 'mods' subfolder.4. Once you have moved the new mod, open Slipstream. The newly-added mod should appear in the list of available mods.

Check the tickbox next to the new mod, then click 'Patch'.5. When Slipstream has finished patching the game, you will see a popup asking if you would like to start FTL. Click 'yes' to launch the game and see the results of your newly-added mod.Note: You do NOT need to run Slipstream every time you play; only when you need to change which mods you are using.

This mod adds a few spells and powers that have sound effects from Revenge of the Sith, the Movie. Since everything new in this mod is sound based, there are no pictures.

Sorry about that.Firstly, there is a new lightning storm spell that has the charge up sound replaced with Palpatine's Unlimited Power.there is a power that is usable as many times a day as you like. It gives you a health boost, frightens nearby NPCs, and your character will say thisyou can now express your terrible despair with a mass destruction spell that will play the iconic NOOOO, from Darth Vader.don't need anything else, and the spellbooks are found at the Riverwood Blacksmith in a barrel.