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Get Cpu Key Xbox 360

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Ok if you have tried the jtag hack and have been unsucessfull (Xbox wont turn on at all and 'Cannot detect a flash controller' in Nandpro) do not panic there is salvation.You can recover from this Hell by shorting out the nand there is two methods on how to do this and both accomplish the same thing. The first method is the one that is most recomended but is a bit more difficult to do. What you want to do is short out pins 44 and 47 by connecting them with a piece of wire (or anything conductive ex: screwdriver or pin)METHOD 1SHORTING OUT PINS 44-47Here is a detailed diagram I have made showing the pin outs on the nand so you know which pins you need to connect together to short it out.The procedure for causing the short is the same for both methods and will be reviewed belowNOW THE SECOND METHOD IS A LOT EASIER BUT IS ALSO MUCH MORE LIKELY TO CAUSE DAMAGE TO YOUR 360. USE AT OWN RISK!!!!!This method involves getting a piece of stripped wire and laying it across all of the legs of the nand at once. Thus causing a short and forcing the nand into a recovery mode where you can than erase or rewrite it. Below is another pic i have edited to show you what i did.Note the wire can be held in place with your index finger on one side and your middle finger on the other while doing the procedure.PROCEDUREThis procedure works for both methods but i am going to demonstrate Method 2 because it is easier to execute and illistrateDisconnect all cables from your console.

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Reconnect the video cable and get your wire in place on the nand.Pic BelowNow while still holding the wire in place with your finger reconnect the power cable to the boardThis is what everything should look likeNow remove the wire carefully not to touch anything on the board. Hey,Ive recently attempted to jtag a xenon board i had. I managed to get two identical dumps, I then injected the KV and config files into an XBR image, but when i flashed the image back, i had a problem half way through and it started giving errors. When i tried to reflash it it comes up cannot detect flash controller. The box wont even turn on.Ive tried both the methods of shorting pins many times with no luck anyone have any ideas? Would it be possible to replace the nand chip from another xbox?Thanks.