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Although this is the third time this story arc has been adapted (and the second time it’s been adapted as a feature film), this version is different enough to warrant a watch from even the most Benizakura-weary Gintama fan. Surprisingly, the film contains more humor than its anime counterparts, so if you prefer the parent series’ lighter side to its “serious” one, this may be your cup of tea. Of course, this isn’t to say that every joke hits its mark. The bizarre, over-the-top nature of Gintama’s humor isn’t really a natural fit for live-action, and at times, the film’s attempts at recreating the source material’s gags are almost cringe-worthy. Interestingly, the funniest jokes are the ones that aren’t found in previous versions of the story.

  1. Gintama 2015 Sub Indo 720p

Gintama 2015 Sub Indo 720p

(Gintoki casually running into Char at Gengai’s shop is brilliant, as is Shinpachi’s fastening of a button at the perfect moment.) That said, hammy overacting in the name of comedy is fairly common in Japanese live-action media, and this film, like its parent manga and anime, truly owns its ridiculousness. Casting-wise, nearly every performer brings something unique to their character. There’s no doubt that they’re the same Kabuki District denizens we’ve grown to love, but the little flourishes each actor adds help make these Shonen Jump mainstays seem fresh again. Shun Oguri is more than adequate as Gintoki, though he’s missing some of the intensity Tomokazu Sugita gives to the character during battle sequences and comedic moments. Masaki Suda is spot-on as Shinpachi, even though the character’s world-class tsukkomi act is mostly limited to a short animated aside at the beginning of the film.

Despite being a little older than her character, Kanna Hashimoto does a nice job of recapturing Kagura’s childlike nature, intense gluttony, and crassness. The three actors portraying the core members of the Shinsengumi are pitch-perfect live-action versions of Kondo, Hijikata, and Sogo, although they’re given far less screen time than the Odd Jobs crew. As far as noticeable differences go, Masaki Okada portrays Katsura as a more serious and mentally-together character than Akira Ishida.

While it’s true that Zura is often serious when the situation demands it, he’s also hopelessly thick-headed and very slow on the uptake, which isn’t really apparent in this film. On the flipside, Takechi “I’m not a lolicon—I’m a feminist” Henpeita, known for his consistent deadpan, monotone delivery in the anime, is comparatively quirky and slightly hyperactive when portrayed by Jiro Sato.

This take on the character is unexpected but surprisingly effective and gives way to some of the film’s biggest laughs. Where the movie falls flat is in practical and special effects—though they’re far from atrocious. Most of the Amanto are portrayed by actors in very obvious costumes; for example, the leopard men at the beginning look like expressionless furries, and their mouths can barely move. Not only does this kill the illusion, it also imbues certain scenes with an air of cheapness.

The plush-suited Elizabeth barely even stands out in this version of Edo. Sadaharu is certainly cute, but the low-quality CGI used to generate him doesn’t mesh well with his live-action surroundings. Fortunately, the film’s action choreography is top-notch, with each of the source material’s big battles being faithfully recreated. (There’s also a brand new fight fans can look forward to toward the end.) Every skirmish is fast-paced and full of dynamic flips and dramatic camera pans that breathe life into the encounters. The frenetic battles might not have worked in a realistic historical tale, but they suit Gintama’s world.

Given Gintama’s stellar performance at the Japanese box office, it stands to reason that this film served as a gateway to the series for much of its audience. However, while this may not be the worst jumping-in point for new fans, it’s far from the best. Although various alterations are made to the story in the interest of making it more accessible to newcomers, people unfamiliar with the parent series are liable to feel confused and overwhelmed. The movie attempts to rectify this with a brief look at Gintoki and Shinpachi’s fated first meeting and an animated aside that explains Gintama’s basic premise, but it’s a lot to process in a fairly short amount of time. Including a condensed and heavily altered version of the beetle-catching story from episode 65 is a decent way to introduce new viewers to the Shinsengumi, however. (It’s worth noting that they have a much larger role in this film than in previous versions of the Benizakura arc.) For the most part, the changes made to the narrative work well and don’t betray the message or overall tone of the story—with one jarring exception.

Instead of allying himself with the Harusame pirates, Takasugi joins forces with “the Amanto” in this version, perhaps implying that all the aliens on Earth are some kind of monolith. Gintoki even muses, “Working with the Amanto How low can you get?” (Last I checked, Kagura was an Amanto, too.). The Benizuka arc is the most oft-adapted Gintama storyline, but the most recent version has enough charm and original humor to make it worth your time.

Edge-of-your-seat battles, new slapstick humor, and delightfully over-the-top performances make Gintoki and company’s first live-action outing a must-see for longtime Gintama fans. While it may not be the ideal entry point for new viewers, anyone with a base familiarity with the franchise and its characters is likely to walk away entertained.Production Info:.

Director: Yūichi Fukuda. Screenplay: Yūichi Fukuda. Music: Eishi Segawa. Original creator: Hideaki Sorachi. Art Director: Noriyoshi Ikeya.

Director of Photography:Tetsuya Kudō,Yasuyuki Suzuki. Executive producer: Hiroyoshi Koiwai.

Gintama 720p Sub Indo

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