How To Show Chit Prize In Balance Sheet?

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Steffy kinda thinking we miteeeee just have a hard headed German and a hard headed Norweigin tho nothing alittle cant Red-Eye cure!!!!!Some bakers mite want to scrutinizing balance sheets by toss rocks at the bins just to make sure the bins are as full as the balance sheet say.Seemed to remember hearing something about this in western Michigan.I wonder how Banker A checks with Machinery Banker B then both of those double check with seed and fertilizer Company C???Lessons learned with CHS in western Michigan. The MCM Farm bankruptcy's is being watched pretty close up here. Between ND and MNI'm already seeing changes as how contracting paper work in signed and returned AND witnessed for differed payments.I questioned some of these changes with the ND PSC an mite have just ended up on someone's chit list til I bring beer as a peace offering (off site btw)Well Well Well, lookie at the winter winters!!!!!

Gaped higher last night, good day today and really gaped higher again night In KC. Who's buying beer KS Jon!!!!! Hightower: Beans- Hot and dry trend to continue Argentina and Brazil too wet.


How To Show Chit Prize In Balance Sheet Cake

Bull camp needs to see another run to 10.02Corn- Funds caught short with improving export tone and tighter stocks. Dollar, and weather issues ongoing in Argentina and Brazilthe speculative short could be looking for an exit.I went to an ADM farmer meeting last week and even those bearish gloom and doom dudes are looking for a little improvement in the corn market. Ethanol demand isabove govt forecast, and they say corn exports will surpass govt expectations due to weakening dollar. Enormous amount of cash grain to chew through though.

But stillsome bright spots in the corn market. You've seen pictures of their roads in normal to damp times?How they gonna market it with swamp like conditions?If some of it does what Argentina had problems with two years ago the only thing to salvage it is to make bean meal out of it.Brazil doesn't have the infrastructure to do that on a large scale40% of that massive harvest is at risk of rot, sprout, falling on the ground etc.Don't count your chickens before they are hatchedThat 'done deal' of massive SA supplies may be just a little premature? I said nothing about a done deal 55, '116-118 mmt out of Brazil again its NOT IN THE SHIPS', NOT in the ships was in CAPITALS for a reason.Corn rally? Please send your thank you notes to #KansanCitywheat KCJon's buying this time!!!!!Whatever age you are, its best to join the party early. Have your beer, have your Rid-Eyes and quietly slip out the back door before its bustedIn other news,'Another big dump in #bitcoin futures' look when it went public on @CME.


Anyone that checks market @CME on their phones has noticed the changes.I deleted a line here I what I really mean on what old Tas/Sat/Tas really means.Crude takes a big old dump and guess what Natty is green AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buy Natty/Sell crude nooooo they would never do that now would they.CATTLE, I've made my views a billion bitcoins bubbles very clear.Since early November an will not repeat them and yes my head is really hard like titanium reinforced hard.I'll take your $1.30 cash fats bet Steffy we raise you 1 dozen pheasants. My number in beans is $10ish, very important as its been very important since harvest.There are other things,not just price only that are more important in a supply driven bear market. One need to remember its months end.I better go do a high speed fly by of NAT tower Tom Cruise Top Gun sytle and see if I can spill some coffee!!!!!I even have that 'Surrender Your Booty' Marine Crop T-shirtCattle, mite just wanna pay attention to that gap this morning as the HFT made a high speed pass at Steffy's prize winning heifers!!!!!That's goes with the T-shirt only Marine's know what that means!!!!! Not ex Military tho I do THANK THEM for their service to our country.Crude and the US $$$ are very interestingggggggggggggg, interesting is neither bullish or bearish or I'm just not saying nothing.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4Edit PS: Rarely do I ever listen to the state of the Union speeches. I dont care if its a red or blue speech but tonight I will be listening close and watching my lap top. Post of the year by a fellow North Dakotan'Excuse me? Up 3 days in a row (long overdue) and some act like it's never going to stop.Why stop at 6.50? Let's say $10.00 or 20.00. That's what some said last July with our Western ND mini drought.Cash HRW topped at 7.49 on July 5 and went down from there.

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That being said the wheat area of ND cdnt be any drier and the market could go up without rain'Here's the facts via KVT an Twitter1. Russia 35 mmt2. Canada 22 mmt5. Ukraine 17 mmt6. Australia 16 mmtRUSSIA is and has been kicking our backside guys.40 years Russia wasn't a drop in the bucket. 20 years ago Russia 2-3 drops in the bucket.10 years ago, while in February every eye in the world watched our wheat prices sky rocket to $15 to $25 bucks.I know of 5k of wheat in my area sold for a guaranteed $26 cash. Not 6 months later the news at the coffee shop was '$10 is the new normal'Harvest 2008 roughly $10+ cash, I watching old grain bins filled with $10 wheat that I personally have never seen used or used since.By harvest 2009 a very late harvest 2009 (the latest start of ever) cash spring wheat was very sub 5 bucks.Every eye in the world saw those wheat prices an everyone in the world order wheat seed for 2009.This is why I've used wheat, look at wheat guys, look what wheat has already done in price.This past 10 years is nothing but a carbon copy of the 1970's boom/bust cycle.

'Buyers indicated a notable uptick in VOM levels later in the summer of 14. Indicating there was still 2012 corn kicking around when the 13 harvest began.Of course not many wanted to broadcast that making it seem tighter than it possibly was'PRICELESS comments by Maize as to why we did not run out of crop the summer of 2013, This was the end user Ace Heart.Pretty sure Maize has a different source then I tho long story short there was more 8.50 corn of the 2012 then even the big boy commercials thought.Next was how far up the Mississippi Brazil corn made it, farther then you think, I'm gonna find out for sure this summer.OK who knows what's coming up the river? Who knows what direction the trains and or barges are headed?THE commercials and the end users buying it do, these was the Ace of Clubs.Remember my basis poker game summer 2013 producers vs the commercials/end users.Producers thought they could call their buff with 3 of kind, end user held all 4 aces, PLUS the 2 aces hidden under the table.Its ended with the commercials/end users CLUB-bing you silly, ripping your HEART out and rolling you 'Off the Basis Cliff'Well do I keep bring this up, well Maize comment was PRICELESS to start with. It may be OUR grains but its the COMMERCIALS game.Just like tiling, planting and harvesting is OUR GAME as farm boys. Like taking that semi out a short crossing and just rubbing that flag marking the drop off.You put a commercial grain trader in YOUR semi and HE'S gonna flip the dam thing everything.NATTY maybe it was Nat Gas in that semi, I was holding my hands up with a 'Stop' but the driver wouldn't listen.He flipping the trailer and she blow up because of 'THE' spreads were too short.Don't worry there is only 1 young man that is going to really get these!!!!!

An Act to ban the promotion or conduct of prize chits and money circulation schemes andfor matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.Be it enacted by Parliament in the Twenty-ninth Year of the Republic of India asfollows:-1. Short title and extent.- (1) This Act may be called the Prize Chits and MoneyCirculation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978.(2) It extends to the whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir.2.