Hyundai Sonata Warning Light Meanings

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  1. Hyundai Dashboard Warning Lights Meaning

SRS (Airbag) ServiceReminder Indicator (SRI)The SRS service reminder indicator (SRI) comeson for about 6 seconds after the ignition key isturned to the 'ON' position or after the engineis started, after which it will go out.This light also comes on when the SRS is notworking properly. If the SRI does not come on,or continuously remains on after coming on forabout 6 seconds when you turned the ignitionkey to the 'ON' position or started the engine,or if it comes on while driving, have the SRSinspected by an authorized Hyundai Dealer.Turn Signal Indicator LightsThe blinking green arrows on the instrumentpanel show the direction indicated by the turnsignals. If the arrow comes on but does not blink,blinks more rapidly than normal, or does notilluminate at all, a malfunction in the turn signalsystem is indicated. Your dealer should beconsulted for repairs.Seat Belt Reminder Lightand ChimeThe seat belt reminder light blinks until your seatbelt is fastened when the ignition key is turnedfrom the 'OFF' position to 'ON' or 'START' andthe warning chime will sound for 6 seconds.High Beam Indicator LightThe high beam indicator light comes on wheneverthe headlights are switched to the highbeam or flash position.Low Oil Pressure Warning LightCAUTION:If the low oil pressure warning light stays onwhile the engine is running, serious enginedamage may result. The oil pressure warninglight comes on whenever there is insufficientoil pressure. In normal operation, itshould come on when the ignition switchis turned on, then go out when the engineis started.

If the oil pressure warning lightstays on while the engine is running, thereis a serious malfunction.If this happens, stop the car as soon as it issafe to do so, turn off the engine and checkthe oil level. If the oil level is low, fill theengine oil to the proper level and start theengine again. If the light stays on with theengine running, turn the engine off immediately.In any instance where the oil lightstays on when the engine is running, theengine should be checked by a Hyundaidealer before the car is driven again.Parking Brake/Low Brake FluidLevel Warning LightWARNING:If you suspect brake trouble, have yourbrakes checked by a Hyundai dealer assoon as possible. Driving your car with aproblem in either the brake electrical systemor brake hydraulic system is dangerous,and could result in a serious injury ordeath.Warning Light OperationThe parking brake/brake fluid level warning lightshould come on when the parking brake isapplied and the ignition switch is turned to 'ON'or 'START'. After the engine is started, the lightshould go out when the parking brake is released.If the parking brake is not applied, the warninglight should come on when the ignition switch isturned to 'ON' or 'START', then go out whenthe engine starts. If the light comes on at anyother time, you should slow the vehicle and bringit to a complete stop in a safe location off theroadway.The brake fluid level warning light indicates thatthe brake fluid level in the brake master cylinderis low and hydraulic brake fluid conforming toDOT 3 or DOT 4 specifications should beadded.

After adding fluid, if no other trouble isfound, the car should be immediately and carefullydriven to a Hyundai dealer for inspection.If further trouble is experienced, the vehicleshould not be driven at all but taken to a dealerby a professional towing service.Your Hyundai is equipped with dual-diagonalbraking systems. This means you still havebraking on two wheels even if one of the dualsystems should fail. With only one of the dualsystems working, more than normal pedal traveland greater pedal pressure are required to stopthe car. Also, the car will not stop in as short adistance with only half of the brake systemworking. If the brakes fail while you are driving,shift to a lower gear for additional engine brakingand stop the car as soon as it is safe to do so.Charging System Warning LightThe charging system warning light should comeon when the ignition is turned on, then go outwhen the engine is running. If the light stays onwhile the engine is running, there is a malfunctionin the electrical charging system.

If the lightcomes on while you are driving, stop, turn off theengine and check under the hood. First, makecertain the generator drive belt is in place. If it is,check the tension of the belt. Do this as shownpushing down on the center ofthe belt. See also:If your vehicle is equipped with a sunroof, you can slide or tilt your sunroofwith the sunroof control switch located on the overhead console.The sunroof can only be opened, closed, or tilted w.Check the suspension connections for looseness or damage. Retighten to the specifiedtorque.Visually inspect the exhaust pipes, muffler and hangers for cracks, deterioration,or damage.

Hyundai Dashboard Warning Lights Meaning

Start the engine and listen carefully for any exhaust gas leakage. Tightenconnections or replace part.

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