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Yeah the use the console command & sure I'm subverting the system & you could say I just need to learn it. But unlike lockpicking & everything else the aiming of the bow is not realistic at all so I didn't mind going around it. It probably gets easier to aim without crosshair once your high enough level to not swing the bow around like a drunken sailor but until then I'm using the console command so I can stop wasting my shots trying to get the jump on people only to miss & then continue too miss as they charge at me lol.

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Honostly i use the dot too. It helps slightly but with as much as your arm tremors and shakes you still miss any long shots easily.I love archery in Real life. And own an english longbow style bow. I have to string it manually, etc etc.its roughly 70lb draw weight. So a bit lower then the 100-150lb warbows of old. But enough to give a good idea.and this game makes archery way too hard imo.

I can hold a full draw for a solid minute without shaking. And aiming isnt that hard once you get a feel for it.

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Originally posted by:Not even that far along with archery and I'm able to reliably get serious damage outputYou need a hilarious amount of 'training' to get Archery to a point where you have a chance in hades of hitting the side of a barn - with the crosshair enabled.At early levels, the draw makes it highly unlikely to hit anything consistently - And it certainly doesn't help that you need to hit live targets to get anywhere, meaning lots and lots of woodland hunting.uhh. You can literally kill everyone in a bandit camp using just a bow even without a crosshair. With lvl 2-3 archery.I emptied the whole place in SPOILERS: mission where you should report back the bandit camp location to the captain, i ended up attacking them and killing everyone with a bow and arrow, only having ♥♥♥♥ing ASH BOW in my inventory and 30 arrowsBack off all the time. They dont know jack on how to proceed. AI is dumb and will just line-up for your shots. Originally posted by:A blacksmith did not craft bow's, fool.

Also, yes you get better at it so maybe you should stop whining. And raise your archery stat and learn how to shoot in game?The topic of draw strength keeps coming up - Guess what relevance being a blacksmith has to do with this. Maybe you should think a bit harder before giving up on forming an argument and resorting to childish insults.I'd love to train my skills at Archery in a realistic manner - By shooting at targets, not just live things. Last I checked nailing a rabbit to a target didn't make the training excersise any more real or relevant.More importantly aiming in the game is subject to RNG, not skill - You have no control of the sway, and it has zero consistency. Spend half an hour at the Rattay archery range early on and see how much you improve in half an hour.