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Page Tools.Walkthrough Part 4 - Nar Shaddaa Nar ShaddaaSwoop Racing The Docks Entertainment Promenade After landing on Nar Shaddaa inform the winged creature who hassles the group about the parking job that you work for the exchange. He will back off quickly under threats to his life and you will gain some more dark side points. Be sure to level up your new characters and equip them with new armor and weapons. As you leave the landing pad you will run into two thugs harassing a human for wandering from the refugee sector. Beat down the thugs and tell the helpless human that he owes you.

He tells you that a member of the exchange has been clamping down on the refugee sector recently. Tell the loser to shut up and get lost to gain some dark side points. Influence - Kreia There will be a man begging for money close to where the thugs were standing. Listen to Kreia's advice after dealing with them and tell her that you will take her lesson to heart. This will increase influence with her. Influence - Handmaiden In the northeast section of Nar Shaddaa there are two more thugs shaking down a citizen. You can use force persuade to convince one of them to jump off the nearby ledge.

This will gain you some dark side points. After killing the other thug the handmaiden will interject with her thoughts on helping people. You can disparage Atris, but tell the handmaiden that each person learns from their experiences to gain influence with her.Tienn Tubb's Shop Take a lap around the large square area to reveal the map screen. One of the first attractions in Nar Shaddaa is Tienn Tubb's shop in the southwest corner of the map. Tienn is blind, but his droid will approach you and ask for you to find a missing droid which has been appropriated by a junk dealer named Kodin. Kodin is located in the north west section of the map in a corner.

Threaten him with harm in order to obtain the droid and take it back to Tienn. Talk to Tienn's droid to obtain a free shield upgrade. If you choose to shake down the droid for more compensation you will loose influence with T3-M4. Outdoor Merchant Quest There are two outdoor merchants on the landing pad: Geeda and Oondar. You can play them off of each other to gain a discount at both shops.

There is also a light and dark side points opportunity. Side with Oondar and kill Geeda to receive dark side points and side with Geeda to receive light side points. Behind Oondar the merchant is a door leading to a supply room. There is a deal gone bad going down behind the door so get ready for a battle against four thugs once you enter the room. Collect the items from the containers after the battle.

Swoop RacingThe swoop racing track is in the north west corner of the refugee area behind a door. You will see a man passed out on the floor. To the right of him is a Twi'lek named Borna Lys. She explains that the swoop races are rigged because there is a droid challenger who cannot lose.

Negotiate with her to obtain the access codes to this droid's cage, reminding her that you both stand to benefit from its sabotage. Access the droid in the next room and reprogram it to think that it is about to crash in a swoop race. The droid will self destruct. Lie about your involvement with the explosion and suggest that the track is sold to Borna to cover the cost of the droid. Then speak to Borna to take your share of the profits. You can now enter the swoop races.


If you win (the swoop race cheat helps) you can use force persuade to take all of the winnings thus gaining dark side points. The Docks If you decide to take the dancing quest you will be transported to Vogga's Enclave on the docks. Speak to Vogga and negotiate a deal for a new fuel source for Citadel Station in return for getting rid of Goto, an Exchange member. Also, mention that you have been sent to dance for him for some experience. Down the hall from the Hut there is an alien named Bith.

He has found an alternate fuel source that would be useful for the inhabitants of Citadel station. If you have taken the quests from Lt. Green on Citedel station you will want to take this fuel source idea for yourself. This can either be done through negotiations, or by killing Bith. The latter will give you glorious dark side points. Pylon Quest Outside on the docks there are three pylons in a row. At the entrance walkway to pylon two there is a computer console.

You can use a computer spike to optimize power to the three pylons and receive experience. Walk towards pylon 1 to trigger a scene with Han Har the Wookiee. Walk towards the doorway to the Landing pad to trigger another scene with this bounty hunter. Talk to Fassa who is by the walkway leading to pylon 2 to receive the pylon quest.

You must first power up all of the pylons from the console next to Fassa. Then there is a puzzle involving the ship's signatures. The rules to this puzzle are as follows.

Kotor 2 Door Puzzle

The higher set of numbers gets priority. The first set of two numbers is always the same as the second set of two. If there is a tie, then the last set of two numbers takes priority. Using these rules the ships should be arranged in this order: Silver ZypherAlakandorToorna For completing this task you will receive the Jal Shey Neophyte Armor which is very useful because it does not restrict force powers. The Flop House On the western side of the docks there is a door to the flop house. The first room on the right contains a group of Mandalorians that can be taunted. In the room across from this one there is a container filled with items.?

In the first room across from the entrance, use stealth to come across two thugs discussing how to break into Vogga the Hut's chambers. This will allow you to purchase juma juice at the cantina. You will use this item when you accept the dancing mission which begins in the Cantina. During the course of that quest you will put Voga the Hut to sleep with your dancing and then spike the Kath hound's drinking bowl.

This will give you access to Voga's storage room.? The second room contains a crew member of the Lunar Shadow. Here you can receive a quest to get the captain of the ship out of the alien bar Jekk'Jekk Tarr. Also, take the credits from the container in this room and the next room on the right. The Jekk'Jekk Tarr Bar is located next to pylon 3. The captain is located in the corner of the Arid Room and you can force persuade him to rejoin his crew.?

In the fourth room on the right there is a Sith Scientist investigating a signal that is only audible to his ears. Tell him that his work sounds interesting and eventually he will offer you a fetch mission leading to Pylon 3. When you reach this destination you will find a dead Twi'lek who has been robbed. The door will slam shut and you will have to battle against the cleaning droid. This enemy drops a number of very useful droid upgrades. Return to the flophouse to find the scientist's arm and a data pad that recorded his demise.?

Turn the corner and speak to Lasavvou in the first room on the left. You can trick him into thinking you are the docking authority and gain some credits. You can also agree to talk to the dock master for him and receive a new quest.? The next room on the left has a backpack filled with items.?

The third room of the left contains a man who is looking for his wife. You have the option to tell him to join the exchange and tell them that you sent him. Entertainment Promenade This section is located to the east of the landing pad. To the left of the entrance there is an alien named Twik'Gar who will ask you to get Geredi to leave the Pazak Den. To the right of the door there is a small mousy creature named Kaalah-nah. Because the Pazak den is locked to those who don't have a code, pay the mouse to give you the password.

Pazaak Den Geredi can be found in a corner in the Pazaak Den. Lie to him and say that there is a female Twi'lek waiting for him outside and he will meet his doom in the form of the thugs you spoke to earlier. This little trick will earn some dark side points. Speak to the Twi'lek in the corner next to Geredi to automatically win a game of Pazaak and increase your reputation amongst the players. Near the bar there is a droid that has been programmed to love playing Pazaak even though she is not a very good player.

This character can be used to slowly win money, or you can offer to repair her. An awareness response will indicate that there is a transponder located under the droid's arm just like the swoop racing droid. Repair the droid and she will thank you.

At this point, a mouse like creature will enter the den and claim to be an unbeatable Pazaak player. The importance of this character is that he allows a maximum wager of 500 credits. Be warned, he also plays with rare tie breaker cards that will win on a push and + or - 10 cards that can drastically change his hand.

Its best to face this player when you have an elite side deck. CantinaEnter stealth mode and walk to the right side of the bar to overhear the Vogga thugs and gain some experience. (Before starting this quest, see the section on the flophouse. In order to break into Vogga's chambers you need to prepare yourself before dancing for him.) In the cantina, walk up to the group of dancers on the left side of the room.

A Twi'lek named Domo will ask you to help him find dancers for Vogga the Hut. If the handmaiden is in your party, you can offer her as a dancer. She will not have a problem with performing this task and this will gain you access to Vogga's chambers.

You also get to keep the slave dancer outfit. Jekk'Jekk Tarr Bar Before entering this bar be sure to equip all organic party members with a breath mask so that they are not harmed by the fumes inside. If there are not enough masks to go around, enter solo mode.

At first there are three rooms open in the Bar. The captain of the ship mentioned in the flop house is in the Arid room and can be convinced to return to his shipmates. There is nothing left to do in this area, you must first Refugee Sector Upon entering the refugee sector you will be stopped by two thugs who demand a toll payment. You have the option to ask them about Lorta if you talked to him in the Flophouse. You can force persuade the thugs to let you pass, or face them in battle.

The only open direction is to take a left down a ramp. Keep heading down to enter the Refugee commons Refugee Commons Upon entering this sector there is a sick man to your right. Convince him to kill himself for the good of others to earn some dark side points. Wandering through this area will cause you to be approached by two Twi'lek who inform you that Atton is a cold blooded murderer. There are many refugees in this sector that ask for help, but these lead to light side points so it is better to ignore their pleas for help. Serroco Thugs If you continue to walk east using the ramps you will eventually reach an area filled Serroco Thugs.

Kotor 2 Door Code

You can choose to pick a fight with this scum, but be warned you will have to fight them all at once. On the very eastern edge of this area there is an air speeder that requires part to get it working again. Be sure to check all of the cargo bins in the Serroco controlled areas for lots of useful items. Exchange Travel to the south and then take the ramps to the west to find the entrance to the exchange headquarters. In the Exchange there are plasteel containers in almost every room. You can take the items inside using a stealth field generator, or just grab them and prepare to fight the thugs in the room. About three rooms into the exchange there is a locked door where Nadaa's daughter Adana is being kept.

She was the woman living in the Refugee Commons. You can save the girl without gaining light side points, and gain experience for completing the quest. If you return to the mother after saving the daughter she will reward you with a Sigil crystal lightsaber crystal. Take the hallway through the dining room and into the heart of the exchange where Saquesh is standing by a window. Speak to Saquesh and force persuade him to let Adana go, even though you have just saved her. Then use the response 'you will die anyway'.

Kotor 2 Door Control Puzzle

This will lead to experience and dark side points. Be aware that once you start battling Saquesh you will also have to face the thugs in the dining room behind you. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed with the large number of enemies in the area. After clearing out the exchange, you should be out of quests to perform on Nar Shaddaa. Your only option is to return to the Ebon Hawk. But don't get too excited, this planet still has a few surprises to throw at you.