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)Result: !Spoiler goes here! !!!ATTENTION: POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD!!!Hi guys, I couldn't find a complete list of all Origins' weapons online, so I started my own. It's WIP because there are still some weapons and descriptions I need to find and add.

Assassin's Creed Origins Weapon Locati…

Any help is also appreciated!!!!DISCLAIMER: Some of the weapons are obtained through story quests, so look the images at your own risk!!!Here is the current album:Weapons stats are varying (level, skills) - this topic is all about the pictures. If you want to help, you can comment screenshots with the missing or maxed out weapon card beneath this post. I will cut them out then and add it to the album.If you want to use this list for your website, blog or whatever, feel free to do so but please link to this topic.