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Linksys PAP2 is a broadband telephone adapter that allows an analogtelephone to make VoIP phone calls using your computer's high speedInternet connection. If the unit is locked and does not allow you toaccess the built-in web interface, you can reset the Linksys PAP2password easily using any phone connected to the device. Resetting theLinksys PAP2 adapter only takes a few moments and is a straightforwardprocess.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Pick up the receiver of anyphone connected to the Linksys PAP2 unit.Press the '.' (star) keyfour times and wait for the voice on the receiver to confirm the PAP2unit is in the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) configurationmenu.Dial '737. Change from a standard PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) phoneservice to a VoIP (Voice Over IP) service using the Linksys PAP2device to connect VoIP over your high speed Internet connection. Ifyou experience intermittent VoIP disconnects during calls, the systemtime on the Linksys PAP2 may not be accurate. Set the time on aLinksys PAP2 so that it is always correct by configuring the device tosynchronize time with an Internet-based timeserver.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll NeedCAT 5or CAT 6 Ethernet network cableWindows 7 computer with InternetExplorer installedPhone connected to the Linksys PAP2Yourlocal time offset from GMT (Greenwich M.

Linksys is a networking-hardware company owned by Cisco Sytems, theCalifornia networking corporation. The company make a range orwireless routers, VoIP adapters and other networking equipment for theconsumer and business market.

The PAP2-NA is a VoIP adapter used forproviding voice communications over an Internet connection. You mightwant to unlock your PAP2-NA to access the settings menu and makechanges to the setup. Allow five minutes for thistask.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Pick up the phoneconnected to the 'Phone 1' port on the back of the LinksysPAP2-NA.Dial four asterisks (.) followed by '110#.' The IPaddress of the Linksys PAP2-NA will be read out over t. To access the administrator Control Panel on your Linksys Pap2 VoIPbox you will need to know the IP address of the unit. Each specificunit will have a different IP address once it is connected to thephone services in your home. You will need to find out your own uniqueIP address and then use your computer's Web browser to log into theadministrator Control Panel on the unit and make any configurationchanges you deem necessary.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Pick up thetelephone that you have connected to your Linksys Pap2 VoIP box.


Pressthe '.' key on the phone four times to load the administration menu onthe phone.Dial the '1 1 0.' option while accessing your LinksysPap2 VoIP b.

The Linksys PAP2 is a phone adapter which allows you to makelong-distance calls through your Vonage Internet service. It has thepotential to save the buyer money in long-distance calling.

Toinstall the adapter, all you need is the Internet and a touch-tonephone. Despite its simplicity of use, though, you may still run intoproblems you don't know how to solve. Attempt to troubleshoot them onyour own before you contact customer service.Difficulty:ModeratelyEasyInstructions Verify that the phone is plugged into the correctport (either Phone 1 or Phone 2) - if you do not hear a dial tone andthe LED light is not on.

Ensure that the Ethernet LED is lit on thephone adapter. The Linksys PAP2 Voice Over IP Adapter is used to enable telephoneservices through a high-speed Internet connection. You connect youranalog phone to the PAP2 and connect the PAP2 to your high-speedInternet connection. Then you can make phone calls from the analogphone as if it were connected to a regular telephone line. YourInternet Service Provider (ISP) must provide you with settings such asa User ID and password that you need in order to configure the LinksysPAP2 adapter to the ISP's connectivitydevice.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'llNeedEthernet cableAnalog phone with cableclass='error'Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the Ethernetport.

Factory reset the Linksys PAP2 Phone Adapter for Vonage.Years ago, bought a Linksys PAP2 Phone Adapter to connect to Vonage. It has a nice web based interface where I assigned the adapter a static IP. Over time, I changed the layout of my network and wanted to change the IP address of the adapter only to find that I could not even access the web based interface.

It turns out that since the adapter is always connected to the internet, Vonage from time to time pushes firmware upgrades. One such upgrade removed the possibility to access the Phone Adapter by using a web based interface, thus removing any possibility of changing the IP address.

I found an article that detailed the steps to gain access to the Phone Adapter as well as other information to perform other changes to the adapter. I used this information as was able to access the the Phone Adapter to make my necessary changes with success.

Here is the process.Since you don’t have the GPPK value of the adapter which has been upgraded to firmware 3.1.9, before going any further, make sure you can FACTORY RESET THE ADAPTER (while it’s disconnected from the internet).STEP 1: Factory reset the adapter. Disconnect the adapter from the internet. Connect a simple telephone to LINE1. Enter IVR mode by dialing:. Enter the command: 73738# (i.e. Popular.

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Linksys Pap2 Setup

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