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Adding Ancillaries to GeneralsAs mentioned above, enter the console with the key.This is a list of the various ancillaries (retinue members) that can be added with the giveancillary command. Additional traits and ancillaries for Spies and AssassinsSame method of selecting the unit with cursor and opening console. These can be used on either unit but some are only useful on one or the other. EffectCodeAssassinsGuildTrained 1/ ThievesGuildTrained 1+ 1 agent skillAssassinsGuildMember 1/ ThievesGuildMember 1+ 1 agent skillaccomplice+ 1 agent skillmonkey+ 1 agent skillfalsedocuments+ 1 agent skillbeguilingbard+ 1 agent skill, + 1 personal securitypickpocket+ 1 agent skill, +1 line of sighthandgun+ 1 assasination, +2 law (improves public order)explosives+ 1 sabotagespyglass+ 2 line of sightNaturalSpySkill 1-3 / NaturalAssassinSkill 1-3+1-3 agent skillContributed By: d3sP0iL3r.

Cheating made simple =)Open the cheat console by pressing the tilde key and type in any of the following codes.Capitalization is important. For names with spaces in them use ' ' (underspaces are for desired name)For the most part, if you find some of these cheats aren't working do remember to try capitalizing, removing certain things like opt: and EffectCodeaddpopulation #Add population to desired city (note: for city's with two or more spaces use quotation marks ')testancillarylocalisationadds all ancillary to the character info displayaddmoney #Adds desired quantity of money to your faction. Console codesPress the tilde key and enter these codes to use them. All codes are case sensitive.

Make sure to capitalize family member names, settlement names, and anything else that needs capitalizing or else it will not work. EffectCodecharacterresetAllows a character to move again. Does not always workaddpopulation 'settlement name' 'amount'Allows you to give a city more population automatically.givetrait this 'trait' 'level number'Allows you to give any trait your faction can have to a specific general.processcq 'settlement name'Anything in the city's building queue will be built automatically.addmoney 'amount'Gives you the specific amount of gold.showcursorstatShows coordinates under mousecursor in format x,ytogglefowToggles on or off the fog of war. You can see the whole world map when inputted.autowin 'attacker/defender'When at the battle scroll, input this code in, attacker if attacking, defender if defending and press auto retaliate button.

Automatically wins.movecharacter z x,yz=name of settlement or unit without title (except Captain). X,y=coordsContributed By: ssj18vegeta, Anteok, and wjeder. Create a UnitUse the console to enter the followingcreateunit 'settlement or character' 'unit ID' 'amount (1-5)' 'experience (1-9)' 'armor (1-3)' 'weapon (1-3)'Example -creatunit 'London' Longbowmen 2 9 3 3^The above code will create 2 units of Longbowmen in London with 3 Gold Chevrons, Level 3 armor and Level 3 weapon EffectCodecreateunit 'settlement or character' 'unit ID' 'amount (1-5)' 'experience (1-9)' 'armor (1-3)' 'weapon (1-3)'Creates Unit at any settlement/general you likeContributed By: P1r8te. Detailed Codes for Several Console CommandsPush to access the console. As described above, the 'givetrait' command works with several different traits to add to a specific character.

In order for this to work, you must have the character selected and outside of a town. It works like:givetrait this TRAITNAME #Below is a list of TRAITNAMES and the maximum number you can put after to determine the level of the trait. These are a list of the most beneficial traits, message me if you want me to post the more obscure ones. Giving Ancillaries and Traits to Apies/AssassinsAs mentioned above, enter the console with the key.This is a list of the various ancillaries (retinue members) that can be added with the giveancillary command. This code requires you to have the character that you wish to modify selected, as well.giveancillary this ANCILLARYNAMEBelow is a list of ancillaries (with their ANCILLARYNAME) that can be given to Spies and/or AssassinsNOTE: For the ones marked 'TRAIT', use the command:givetrait this TRAITNAME #instead to give the agent the specified trait (capitalization matters). Read my above post on traits for more information. EffectCodecatamite+1 to agent's skillcourtesan+1 to agent's skillpickpocket+1 to agent's skilldancer+2 to agent's skillGoodSaboteur 3TRAIT +1-3 to assassin's saboteur skillGoodAssassin 5TRAIT +1-5 to assassin's skillGoodSpy 5TRAIT +1-5 to spy's skillContributed By: Toomin22.

Merchant Ancillaries and TraitsSelect unit with cursor/pointer, than open console with key. Syntax should be givetrait this or giveancillary this. EffectCodeMerchantsGuildMember 1/ MerchantsGuildTrained 1+1 financecounterfeiter+1 financetrickabacus+1 financemerchantclerk+1 financeWorldlyMerchant 1-2+1-2 financeSecureMerchant 1-2+1-2 finance (and more resistant to asset seizure)LegalDealer 1-2+1-2 finance (and more resistant to asset seizure)NaturalMerchantSkill 1-3+1-3 financeMonopolist 1-3+1-3 finance (+3 gives a -1 personal security)GoodMerchant 1-4+1-4 financeContributed By: d3sP0iL3r.

Special Ancillaries and Traits for PriestsSelect the priest unit to effect with the cursor and open console with key. Using: givetrait this: the words should be together in a string with each separate word starting with a uppercase ex.

PriestLevel #. Using: giveancillary this: the words should be lowercase and separated by a ex. Some traits only have a certain level so exceeding it will null, also if you use the high end of the scale it can change your units name or have some negative effects. EffectCodePurifier 1-3+ piety, +eligibility +purity +violenceTouchedByTheGods 1-3pietywitchhunter / deacon / librarian+1 pietymonk+1 piety -1 puritynun+1 piety -1 violencezealousdisciple+1 piety, +1 personal securitypaladin+1 security, +1 purity, +1 violenceStrongFaith 1-4 and/or PublicFaith 1-4+pietyNaturalPriestLevel 1-3+pietyPriestLevel 1-21 = bishop 2 = cardinalContributed By: d3sP0iL3r. Unlock all factionsFind this directory:Medieval II Total WardataworldmapscampaignimperialcampaignThen find the file descrstrat. Open it with a text editor (Word, or somthing like that).

Cut and Paste the 'unlockable' section into the 'playable' section and save the file. Launch the game and you should have every faction available.You can also unlock the Papal Estates, but not the Mongols, Timurids and The Aztecs.Remember to make BACKUPS before you are editing the game files!!!!Contributed By: Crazybf2killer.

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Pooh's RTW Trait and Ancillary DatabaseRome:Total War database - Traits and AncillariesFirst things first. If you're looking for a Rome:Total War fan site, or discussion board, or forum, or even worse, a crack or cheats, you've come to the wrong place.Neither is there anything on Medieval Total War or Shogun Total War. All this page is, is a collection of Excel and Adobe Acrobat files that summarise generals' traits and ancillaries.None of this stuff is secret - it can all be found in the data directory in plain text files.Next question is, who should use these files?

Certainly not the newbie, or the beginner to the game. These files are for those who have questions like:. 'Is Austere a good or bad trait to have?' . 'Which is better for my general - to stay in a city, or to walk around the wilderness?' .

'Which is better for my general - to stay in a city with city plumbing, or with a governor's house?' . 'Does my governor get a trait increase if I build a market, academy, or a port?' . 'Does the temple of Bacchus, Ceres, or Jupiter produce better traits and ancillaries?' . 'How do I get an oracle or mathematician?'


The data in the files has already been processed, calculated and sorted. You won't find information like 'What is the effect of a level in GoodCommander' - for questions like that,you will have to open up exportdescrcharactertraits.txt and look for it directly. Granted, I have included some descriptions and information, but bewarned - a lot of it is summarised, which explains whyyou will see numbers like 'Command: +0.6 / level' - in order to make meaningful comparisons, a single weighted number has to be used. You will find more details in the readme.txt filesif you're inclined.Lastly, I have put up the raw data in the form of Excel files. This is really for the 'power user' or those amongst you (like me) who really want to play with theinner workings and mechanics of the game engine. The main uses that I can think of are:. Correcting errors (which there will be!) in my data entry.

For this though, I would appreciate if you can mail me, and I will make the corrections in the main file for everyone to use!. Changing the sort order, or hiding or showing extra columns. Changing the weightage of the different attributes (e.g. You feel 'Trade' is more important than 'Tax'?


Just increase the multiplier from 10 to 15!). Changing the numbers to reflect changes to your personal exportdescrancillaries.txt or exportdescrcharactertraits.txt files.Pleaseif you spot any mistakes, or have questions about how I got the numbers that aren't in the readme.txt files. Please DON'T email me to ask me'Do you think X is better than Y', or 'How do you get Z', or to suggest patches or mods! I'm in no way related to the Activision or the game designers.Oh! And one last thing, if you can find a betterbackground (i.e. Winnie the Pooh in a centurion outfit, or wearing a roman legionaire costume), send it to me! Enjoy and cheers!TRAITSIndividual.PDFFilesCompleteFilesANCILLARIESIndividual.PDFFilesComplete FilesCorrections:Ancillaries: The Priest of Juno (Brutii)- Error in the 3 Nov 04 (All files): Does not have +10 to Personal Security.- Corrected in the 17 Nov 04 (Excel file): +1 to Battlesurgery.- Many thanks to Constantine for pointing this out!!Ancillaries - Sort: Combat- The correct file has now been posted, thanks to Tony for pointing it out!

Rome Total War Ancillary List

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