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So I downloaded a few mods, one being the Witcher armor mod for Skyrim (not the Dawnguard DLC), and another being a Halo-based mod, which also adds armor. However, in the game, the meshes are there, but the textures seem to fail to load, and instead are just black. In some of the Witcher armors - which were designed to replace the steel plate armor - the meshes and textures are available in the crafting menu, but when worn, they look like the vanilla steel armor. Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong? Originally posted by:Well, moved it up, and moved it down the load order, but no effect, really.

But thank you:3it's peharp a problem making by the moddler in her mods (sometime the modler don't put the texture folder in the good place), i suggest you to try an other mods like 'Gropax' have suggest you, because the other way i can give you are more harder, but if you want absolutly the one you have, the best way they are to put the file (like the folder of texture) for your mods manually in your folder texture in game folder, the problem it's even if you try anything they have some texture they never working when they are in mods format, but in puuting it manually it's working always. Originally posted by:I'd blame the mod for probably not chosing the correct file path and/or body part properties. I had texture issue with some custom gauntlets for months and finally figured out that the body slot had been assigned to both hands and forearms, and when removing the hands property, didn't have any issues's bad when it's happening, because it's want to say the moddler have not tested her mod before giving it to other to view if they work well, too much hurry make stupid error.


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