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From: LoneWolfI don't know if this is too late, but the following is from the HP site regarding YOUR printer.' Scanning multiple pages Manual multi-page scanning is possible with the software included with theall-in-one. To prompt for additional pages, on the Preferences tab of the Scan Picture settings or the Scan Document settings, select Prompt for additional pages after each scan from glass. Most graphics programs do not support multi-page scanning.

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MicrosoftWord will stack multiple pages of pictures one on top of the other but will correctly accept multiple pages of editable text.' Hope this helps.Another community answer from the Windows Vista newsgroups Robyn.

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Using a Brother MFC printer, you can scan pieces of paper as well as other relatively flat objects, such as books. The printer sends the scanned images to the attached computer, where you can adjust the scanned document before finally saving it to the computer's hard drive. Your printer may be equipped with an automatic document feeder, a paper feed tray located on the top of the printer. You can scan multiple pages to form a single document using either the automatic document feeder or by placing the pages directly onto the printer's scanner glass.