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The software is designed to easily display songs, scripturesand multimedia for use during your church meetings. By using a laptop orcomputer with two video outputs, a single computer can control a projector andits normal monitor at the same time.The normal monitor shows the software which allows songs,scriptures and multimedia files to be selected, previewed and queued fordisplaying on the projector.The congregation see what they need to ease worship while the operator canprepare for what is coming next.

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SundayWorship 1.6 has been released. This release adds support for adding sound tracks to songs as well as fixing various bugs. Windows XP With the release of SundayWorship 1.6 we no longer support installing on Windows XP.SundayWorship was released last Monday. This was a maintenance release that includes the following changes:- Display a more helpful error message when the song database cannot be loaded Add support for PowerPoint 2013We?re pleased to announce the availability of the latest update to SundayWorship 1.5. This release includes some improved features and bug fixes. New & Improved Features Improved scripture selection Accent safe searching Improved song editor 1. Improved scripture selection SundayWorship now incorporates a verse picker dialog to help make it easer to select verses.

Click One of the first tasks most people will need to accomplish when using SundayWorship is to set up a projector to display content on. The following steps should help explain how to do this on the versions of Windows supported by SundayWorship. Once you?ve followed the instructions for your version of Windows follow the instructions We?re please to announce an update to SundayWorship that fixes a number of customer reported bugs. If you find any problems in this release, please let us know. As ever, we recommend taking a backup of your song database before performing the upgrade. Use File? Export?

Project Software For Church Worship

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