Requiem Mass Novus Ordo

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Both supporters and detractors of the Novus Ordo hold many misconceptions about the Mass of Paul VI. Perhaps the most common is the idea that the Novus Ordo is a product of Vatican II. While the Council Fathers at Vatican II did call for a revision of the Mass, the reality is that the Mass was already being revised before and during Vatican II. The desire of both the Council Fathers and Paul VI was to simplify the liturgy in order to make it more accessible to the average layman.

While the Novus Ordo retains the basic structure of the Traditional Latin Mass, it removes a number of repetitions and simplifies the language of the liturgy. Other misconceptions include the idea that the Novus Ordo must be celebrated in the vernacular (the language of the people who are worshiping at the Mass) rather than in Latin, and that the Novus Ordo requires the priest to celebrate the Mass facing the people. Microsoft office 2019 price. In reality, the prescribed language for any Mass in the Roman Rite remains Latin, though the vernacular can be used (and most Masses today are celebrated in the vernacular); and while the Roman Missal for the Novus Ordo expresses a preference for celebrating Mass facing the people when possible, the standard remains celebration ad orientem—that is, toward the East or, in practice, with the priest and the congregation facing in the same direction.

Novus Ordo Mass In Latin

Make no mistake about it: The Church in our day is in the midst of a terrible, and in many ways unprecedented, crisis of faith.