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We present to you RGC RGD Hack v3.1 for all the RGC players. RGC (Ranked Gaming Client) is a popular client for a popular online game known as Dota. Dota is the most popular online multiplayer game which has the largest players in the world of online game.

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RGC is the best client for Dota which provides you many features and no bggs are found in this client. There is a feature of Gold Membership, Diamond Membership, Name Change, Stats Reset and Colored Clan Tag which can only be bought with RGD (Ranked Gaming Dollar).Gold Membership lets you get golden title and golden nickname in RGC. Diamond Membership gets you your required color nickname and title and also Team captain privilege In Public Channels. Name Change lets you change your RGC username. Colored Clan Tag lets you change you clan tag color. And finally, Stats Reset will let you reset your current overall stats such as games played which applies to all rooms and leagues. These features are really expensive for a average gamers, so we provide you the RGC Hack which we found over the internet after search for 4 hours.

With the help of this hack I got all the features and showed it off to my friends. I have a Diamond Membership ID with the help of RGC RGD Hack v3.1. This hacked worked out well for me and it is a instant and easy to use hack.To use this hack follow the steps below:1.

Download the hack from the link below.2. Run the hack.3. Enter your RGC username.4. Enter your required amount of RGD.5. Click on hack.6. You will find your RGD in your account.7.

Enjoy.To download the hack, click on the link below.

Other DotA Allstars Mapsanchor=dotaaai Download: /anchoranchor=aifun Download: /anchoranchor=omgdotawhy Download: /anchoranchor=sixvssix Download: /anchoranchor=pudgehook Download: /anchoranchor=miranahook Download: /anchorb-Download: /banchor=quizd Download: /anchorspoiler=Steps 1. Host types the modes and commands first2. Host types -start to start the quiz3. There will be questions given. Answer it by pressing Y and N4.

If you're correct, you'll get points and gold. Then proceed to next question.

Thus, only first one to answer it correctly will get he point and gold.5. If you're incorrect, you'll get muted for 3 seconds.

You are unable to answer while muted6. If time is up and nobody answered it correctly, it'll just go to next question.7. You can use some skills with the gold you gained (though disabled in -ng mode)8. The first one to achieve the scores set by host will win the game (default is 10)/spoiler. Warcraft Console HiderTool for hide the Warcraft console, making a much wider area of the screen available for screen-capturing.spoiler=Image /spoiler1.

Creates a copy of the specified DotA map and then opens that copy for editing2. Adds a completely transparent blip image to the map as 'blank.blp'3.

Adds a blank font to the map as 'blankFont.ttf'4. Adds a skin descriptor file 'war3mapSkin.txt' which references both blank image and font to set up a transparent skin5. OPTIONAL Deletes 'war3mapMap.blp' to make minimap invisibleHow to Use:Specify the DotA map that you want to change and a modified copy of it will be created. Then hide the original map somewhere (or just change it's name a bit) and rename that copy to the name of original map. After that you can watch replays for that map version and you will not see the warcraft console while viewing the replay.Additional features:To use extra features, specify war3 path (example: 'CGamesWarCraft') in the textbox at the bottom of the program's window, check desired features and then press 'Apply Extra' button.Make Replay Time VisibleWhen you hide the console in the DotA map, then replay time becomes invisible when watching replays for that map. You can fix this by using this option, which will add a special file 'ReplayPanel.fdf' to the 'war3patch.mpq' archive to 'UIFrameDefUI' folder.

This will not affect watching replays for other maps, so it's safe.Hide Game ChatIf you don't want the game chat to be displayed while watching a replay, then use this option. It will add a special file 'MiscUI.txt' to the 'war3patch.mpq' archive to 'UI' folder. Next time when you run WarCraft, additional option will appear in the Options-Gameplay-Chat Support combobox, called 'Hide Chat (by Danat)'. If you select this option, the gamechat will be invisible while watching ANY replay or playing ANY game.Download.

DotaHIT v0.999s4 (+ Replay Parser & Replay Finder)An analyzer can analysis various data about DotA maps.spoiler=Image /spoiler-CustomKeys generation. You can now generate your CustomKeys.txt using the DotaHIT's user interface-Image Extraction. With this you can extract images (hero/skill/item) from the DotA map.Data dump. This is useful when you want to view DotA map's database (heroes, items and abilities).-Replay Parser. Opens replay files (.w3g) and displays some information about the game: host, players, heroes, line-ups, chat-log, kill-log, skill/item order, wards and, if possible, kills/deaths/creeps/denies list.-Replay Parser/Replay Finder. A tool built in replay parser that allows searching for replays that contain specific players, heroes or both.Since my program is written in C#, you need to have.

NET Framework 2.0 installed on your computer (see link below).Download:Download:Download. Model Pack 1-8Including various IMBA modelsSimply put the files in your Warcraft 3 Directory (mine is C:Program FilesWarcraft III) and then load Warcraft!

WarKey 6.2 English (WarCraft3 Change HotKey)Warkeyspoiler=Image /spoilerThe warkey doesn't effect the chat system.Active/disable 'hotkey function' hotkey HomeActive/disable 'AI block mouse' hotkey End( Alt+) Hotkey: show ally's hp bar( Alt+) Hotkey: show enemy's hp bar( Alt+M) Hotkey: check current state of function( Alt+P) Hotkey: Pause/Resume 'game'( Alt+F4) Hotkey: Quit GameFeatures:1.This program supports the latest War3 1.24patch.2.Active/Disable Enemy/Ally HP bars3.Macro hotkey4.Quick Message5.Very simple and nice interface. Strong function.FOR Win7/VISTA USERS:Perfect running in Win7/VISTA system, just like running in XP. You don't need to select 'Run as administrator'.Download. Window Mouse Capturerspoiler=Image /spoilerWMC is an extended version of Warcraft III Mouse Capture.It allows you to lock the mouse within a specified window (not just limited to Warcraft III).The primary use of this program is to have a game (in window mode) on one monitor and applications such as IM and internet browser on another.Without WMC if you move your mouse to the edge of the screen while playing your game, your mouse will just leave the game. OMG Same Hotkey Fix!!The Config.ini file looks somewhat like this:Skillsskill1 = qskill2 = wskill3 = eskill4 = rskill5 = dskill6 = fDo not touch the text's in black, only edit the ones that are in red.If you want to change the hotkey to Shift+Q, you would type '!q' without the quotes.This script has issues with Vista and up (or, more appropriately, Vista and up have issues with SendPlay, which the script uses).TO FIX THIS PROBLEM:Turn off User Account Control (UAC)OR64-bit Windows XP also have problems with this script. You must run the program as an administrator.Download. Dota Tool Kitspoiler=Image /spoilercolor=redRun as a administrator if you are having troubles./colorFEATURES:Remap:-Inventory-Mouse Wheel-Skills, Selfcast and AutocastCustomKeys:-A quick and easy customkey generator (remember to check 'Use customkeys' box)Guide:-An easy and quick guide to some heroes (will add them constantly)Quick:-Send messages-Quick launch-Some configurations for wc3 (widescreen adjustment, improve of fps, wc3 path, healthbars)-Run wc3 on window with mouse capturer-A quick explanation of my tool featuresDownload.

Banlistspoiler=Image /spoilerBad Configuration? Why?:- When You enter to Warcraft 3 TFT and You click ctrl + v text didn't paste.1.Enter to W3Banlist. Click on Preferences. Next on 'Network'2.Enter to Warcraft 3 server and click alt+tab.On W3Banlist click on NIC Detector i Detect, It should obliged to check off it on greenly. Next, exit Nic.3.Look on the image. If You know what is Your net card, just click on her. If not, chose this one whose showed NIC DETECTOR.4.Click on Diagnostics and check packets transfer.

If it's write 'Incoming W3 packets received' we are safe and one more time we safe the world.IMPORTANT.!!!When You enter to server before clicking on 'Detect', join to random channel and make some typing. About 15-20 sec.Download:Download:Unrar it in the WC3Banlist folder.

DotBeerHere you can edit skill or item build. Tables are full editable.spoiler=Image /spoilerWhy use DotBeer?you have all necessary info about each hero in just one placeyou can quickly check hero build during the gameif you ever asked 'what should I buy?' , this program is for youif you are new to DotA, this program is espacially for you!if you are making guides for hereos, you can easly copy Item/Skill Build to forum post. Item Build can be copy as images:.imgwww.example.com/image.jpg./img (without.)DotBeer featuresheroes builds management - browsing, adding, editingheroes, items.Requirments:Windows OS.NET Framework 3.5 SP11024 x 768 or higher screen resolutionworking PCspoiler=Image/url/spoilerDownload. Osiris chatOsiris is a chat clientspoiler=Image /spoilerHow to set up that?First you need to have the Java Runtime Environment 1.6 installed.1. Open start.bat, wait until the black screen appears.2.


The program will open, click on Bot Add bot3. Insert the following information.4. Click on the green button (play). Wait until it connects you. Then click on the little gray windowed button.If you want some sounds for Osiris chat download iurl=#soundthis/iurl and Unpack.wav files into sounds folder.Make sure its server.eurobattle.net not eurobattle.netspoiler=Image. /spoilerDownload:Download:Download:Download: anchor=sound/anchor.

Warcraft III Advanced Video Settings 1.2I've just made a software using VB.NET, so it requires.NET Framework 2.0 to run.spoiler=Image /spoilerThe picture says everything. Its a tool used to adjust your resolution advancedly such as 16:9 resolution. It also used to enchance your fps for free witch credit goes to cp6uja.Features:.Change Warcraft 3 Graphic Settings.Enhance Game FPS (for Direct3D users).Modify Warcraft 3 video resolutions and color depth.Save/Reload video settings.Download:Download. DotA Map DownloaderDownloading the newest DotA mapThis is the official version of my DotA Map Downloader. I released a mini version awhile ago that included just the simple latest map downloader, but in this version, I have added all DotA maps starting from 6.48 till the latest one.Leave your feedback about this application, it really matters to me, Thanks!Updated now to a more improved version, program goes to system tray when you hit the 'X' button at the top right, and can only be closed via Right Click - Exit Application at system-tray icon.spoiler=Images/spoilerDownload:Download. GnSy WC3 Tool 2.03A tiny program that has makes alt tabbing a lot faster while playing Warcraft 3.spoiler=Images/spoiler^right click the icon to see the menu^double click the icon to run Warcraft3 or toggle the Warcraft3 window from maximized or restored stateShortcutsCtrl + Home will also run Warcraft3 or toggle the window from maximized or restored state.Ctrl + End will exit the programMenu ItemsPlay Warcraft IIIwill run Warcraft 3Update and run Garenawill add '-window' to the game bootstrap parameter for you. Garena must be closed for this to work.Adjust Mouse Speedwill open a little box with a slider for you to adjust the movement speed of your mouse.

Force exit Warcraft 3will display a prompt asking you really want to exit the game just in case people accidentally click this item.Auto Maximize Warcraft 3a toggle button that will either maximize the warcraft 3 window automatically when checked or do nothing when unchecked. This is disabled by default.Enable Hotkeya toggle button which enables the built in inventory hotkey if checked and disables it when unchecked. This is enabled by default.Run on system startupthe program will run on computer startup if this is checked. Unchecked by default.spoiler=ChangelogChangelog2.03-added update and run garena (beta, has bugs)-added force exit warcraft3 (also has bugs)2.01-changed name to WC3 Tool from WC3 Window Mode since I added a couple of features-added adjust mouse speed option, (really good if you're playing on an internet shop that doesn't allow you to use the control panel)-added option to disable the left windows key.-ctrl+home now toggles warcraft3 window to maximized and restored modeI did not put a mouselock when it isn't in restored mode.

So you can't rly play on restored mode unless you download a mouselocker.2.00-rewrote the whole program from autoit to autohotkey. (i had to learn the language)-when you start the game you must manually make it fullscreen it won't automatically do it for you.-added hotkeys. Not editable(for now?) alt q,w,a,s,z,x are numpads 7,8,4,5,1,2-doubleclick the icon and it will run warcraft for you, if warcraft is already running and you double click the icon, it will check if the warcraft window needs fixing to maximize it.-hotkey is enabled by default. WCIII Armor-Damage Reduction CalculatorThis Tool will allow you to find the specific damage reduction value associated with a units armor value.spoiler=Image /spoiler-You can view both the WC3 GUI Value or the raw damage reduction value.-You can modify the reduction% from 6% to any other positive value, allows you to calculate gameplay constant changes-This is useful if you are making an rpg/hero arena etc.

And you wish to know how much damage reduction a hero will recieve with a certain amount of armor-This is in fact using the exact formula that wc3 uses to calculate damage reduction from armor.note a unit can NEVER receive 100% damage reduction, the value should reach 99.9% when the armor reaches (99,999/reduction%) or (16666 armor with 6% reduction) which is most likely impossible in WC3-This will only work for windows-Coded in VB'08/VB.netDownload. AWCAdvanced wc3 tool, giving user great possibilites.With AWC you can fast and easy set all game options without even entering game options manu ( game/graphic/sound ).

Additionally, it allows you to add/delete/modify wc3 gateways ( similarly to BnetGatewayEditor ).But best AWC's power is cd-keys exchanging. There is option to delete/add/change your current cd-key on already installed game. It can be extremely usefull, when you have c3 installed on not original cd-keys and you somehow get original ones, but you don't have cds to reinstall the game. AWC solves.Download. Enemy Click CheckerI made a terminal program that checks for enemy clicks in conjunction with the irul=#DotADota Replay Manager/iurl parser.Youspecify the time you want to check enemy clicks up until (default is 02:15) and it displays it. It is good for checking for possible fog clicks before creeps spawn, I use it to check after every game I play.Also there is an option to search for clicks for just one player, so if checking for fog clicks on a suspicious person, you can just use replayseeker to skip to the bits where they click on an enemy and see if the enemy is in fog or not.A fairly simple program, but it makes checking for fog clicks much less time consuming and it's good for catching people who fly under the radar.Download:Download.

Warcraft 3 - SkullCraft mod / Make your onw skinOption 1 - How to create your own background in Warcraft 31. First you need to enable local files by Warcraft. This is done through the registry. Be careful when editing the registry, as you may mess your system up. Only do as I say!2.

Open up your registry editor by going to run (Windows key + R) and type in “regedit”. Then navigate to HKEYCURRENTUSERSoftwareBlizzard EntertainmentWarcraft III – right click on the right panel and select new - Dword value. Name it “Allow Local Files” and give it a value of “1”If you are afraid of editing you registry simply copy this into a file and save it as “custombg.reg” and run it:Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00HKEYCURRENTUSERSoftwareBlizzard EntertainmentWarcraft III'Allow Local Files'=dword:000000013. Create the following directory: “Warcraft 3UIGluesMainMenuMainMenu3dexp” – “warcraft 3” is where your warcraft 3 is located.

Myne would be “C:GamesWarcraft 3UIGluesMainMenuMainMenu3dexp”4. Open up your image you would like to use with your favourite image editor, not Paint, as it does not support the file format “.tga”. Your image editor will need to support saving to that format.Save your image as “MainMenu.tga” in the above mentioned directory. My path for the file is as follows: “C:GamesWarcraft 3UIGluesMainMenuMainMenu3dexpMainMenu.tga”5. You are now set, open up warcraft 3 and pat yourself on the back. Solution to Replay ProblemFor us the only way to watch a replay is to copy paste the replay in the 'Replays' folder in Warcraft and go to it via in game menu Single Player Replays Replay name.

Double clicking the replay do not work. Even if you rt click and open it via warcraft it will just open the game and not the replay.1 Open Notepad2 Type within quotes your full address of war3.exe.3 Add after that '-loadfile%1'4 Go to File Save as5 Change 'Save as Type' to 'All Files'6 Name that file.bat. I.e replays.bat7 Save it anywhere.8 Go to the replay you want to view. Right Click Open With Choose Program.9 Choose the BAT file you just made.10 Make sure you tick the 'Always use the selected program to open this kind of file'.

Click OK.Thats it. Your replay should start with the loading screen.From the nest time onwards to watch any replay just double click the replay.

And it should be fine.Here is the code that I use for my bat file. Enable hotkeys for taverns and goblinshopsProblemSince Icefrog changed the taverns in 6.60, you can't assign hotkeys to choose a hero from a tavern. Same applies to items from the goblinshops on the lanes.ReasonThere is no default hotkey set and it seems you can only change hotkeys for things which have one.SolutionSet a default hotkey. BMP's AI map commandsAI CommandsOnly the chosen players (notified by a message) can use the commands.Type ' -o', ' -c' or ' c' before any of these commands: (ex. ' -oa', ' -ca', ' care all legal)Note: XX refers to player number (1,2.,10), you can type more than 1 playernumber using ',' (ex.

' -oa 2,4,5')a or a XX:AI attacks enemy base. This can be used to cancel sd. When you use this, thebots are unable to attack neutral creep camps or defend for a while.d or d XX:AI defends the base.sd XX:AI stays to the base to defend.

They will not end their defending when thereare no more intruders in base. Cancel it by ordering the bot to attack.b XX:AI backs a little.f XX:AI retreats to fountain.pl/m/r/n: (ex.cpm )Tells all allied AI to push at left/mid/right whenever they have the chance topush. Typing -pn causes the bots to attack to whatever lane they wish.gl/m/r XX: (ex.cgl 3,5 )AI goes to a lane immediately. The AI will go to the back of where the alliedcreeps in the lane are located.t XX target: (ex.ct 1,4 8 )Attack target's location if it is visible.flask, tango:Have bots use Tango or Flask.

Input valid only on 1st minute of game.neut:Turn neutral creeping on/off. This does not affect Chen.auto:Turn automatic lane changing on/off.roshan, roshanXX:AI attacks Roshan.ui:Show the command dialog. You can also just type a space to show the dialog.Other Commands:-pa(chooses ally), -pe(chooses enemy), -px(cancel choosing)Only players who were notified can use this. With -pa/-pe you can 'pick' forthe ai by clicking on the hero at a tavern. You can only use these commandswhile you have not chosen a hero yet or before 1:10.Use -px to stop choosing for the ai.If you have not used -pa or -pe within 45 seconds, the bots will pick theirheroes and you may not be able to use -pa/-pe.-csXXShows the creepstats of a Computer player.

Any player can use this command.-msXXShows the move speed of a Computer player. Any player can use this command.-aidAll nearby ally casts a support spell to you, or an AOE spell if you'resurounded by enemies, or attack an enemy hero near you. Any player can usethis command. iurl=#firstdex Go to top/iurlanchor=fraps Fraps / How to make a video/anchorspoiler=Image /spoiler1.

Rgc Rgd Hack V5.0.rar 1

Show how many Frames Per Second (FPS) you are getting in a corner of your screen.2. Take a screenshot with the press of a key!3. Fraps can capture audio and video up to 2560x1600 with custom frame rates from 10 to 100 frames per second!Fraps will show a maximum framerate of 9999 fps on screenHow do I record a movie while running a game?First select the target framerate for the movie, which indicates how many frames will be included in the movie each second. You can currently choose from 25, 30, 50 or 60 fps.In the game press the Video Capture Hotkey (F9) when you want to start recording. While recording the frame rate counter will turn red. When you want to end your movie, press the button again to stop recording.

You will now find the movie saved in your default folder.How can I adjust the volume of the sound that is recorded?You must configure the volume through the 'Sounds and Audio Devices' item in the Control Panel. Use the following steps:.

Click on the Control Panel and select Sounds And Audio. Click on the Audio tab. Find the Sound Recording device and click Volume. Adjust the volume for the Input that Fraps is recording from. This is usually named 'What U Hear', 'Record Master', or 'Stereo Mixer'.If you can't see the correct Input on screen you may need to enable it by clicking on Properties in the menu and ensuring all Inputs have a check beside their name.Download.

DotA Custom KeysThe 3-step guide1. Close your Warcraft 3, if you have it running.2. Go to and select your preferred keys. To do so simply click on a skill and then on the key of your choice. Click on Generate, then download the file 'CustomKeys.txt', and place it in your WarCraft III root folder (usually, 'C:Program FilesWarcraft III').4. Start WarCraft III - Options - Gameplay - Enable 'Custom Keyboard Shortcuts'You are now good to go. Remember to update your file whenever a new version of DotA is released.

To disable them, simply de-activate the 'Custom Keyboard Shortcuts' option.Download our CustomKeys.txt files directly1. Close Warcraft 3, if you have it running.2. Download either of the following files:a) Configuration b) Configuration or c) Configuration.3. Place the downloaded file into your WarCraft III root folder (usually, 'C:Program FilesWarcraft III').4. Change its name to 'CustomKeys.txt'.5.

Start WarCraft III - Options - Gameplay - Enable 'Custom Keyboard Shortcuts'This will set shortcuts for all heroes: skill 1,2,3,4, to either ASDF/QWER/ZXCV respectively. Remember to return to this thread and download the new version whenever a new version of DotA is released. To disable them, simply de-activate the 'Custom Keyboard Shortcuts' option.Download:Download:Download. RGC - Ranked Gaming ClientRgc is small program, similar to garena, that allows you to play games, only warcraft III for now, but support for additional games will come in near futurespoiler=Image /spoiler1.

Rgc Rgd Hack V5.0.rar Facebook

Hit connectspoiler=Image /spoiler2. If you don't have account click register and make one. Login to the client and you will get main windowspoiler=Image /spoiler3. Ok, now brief tutorial how to play normal client games. See on the right, list of signed players, you click sign with desired mode and when 10 people sign, game will be hosted with the mode with most votes. Then you go on lan, and you game. Note the name on the lan MUST be the same as client username or bot wont let you in.There are a lot of communities and leagues on client, but i wont go in to them right now.Now to get to playdota.eu, in order to join the channel type in chat /j playdota.eu( in preferences you can make it auto join playdota or any other channel on start).

To see the games currently hosted, click the servers icon on the main window:spoiler=Image /spoilerif you see the game you like, just go to Warcraft III, lan find it on the list and join it, again with the same name as Client nick. You will have new stats sheet with client nick, the bnet ones will not transfer.Note: Ping you see on server window is twice as large as the lobby ping. That is because the ping in servers window is your computer - server - your computer again( the whole trip) and lobby ping is just Server- computer( half way) so down worry, about it. Cut the number in half to get value you are used to.Now about creating games, you can do it the same way as on bnet.

Rgc Rgd Hack V5.0.rar

Commands are the same.Thank you all for reading this, if you have any further questions check out our forumDownload.