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  1. Rundll Error Message Windows 10

Although most day-to-day tasks in Windows can be accomplished via the standard graphical user interface, a amount of power and functionality relies upon the. The Run command, known to most users as “the Run box,” has long had a convenient top-level shortcut in the.

While the Start Menu returned in Windows 10, the Run command didn’t. There are certainly other ways to access the Run command, but for those who prefer to use a Start Menu shortcut, here’s how to get it back.


Add the Run Command as a Windows 10 Start Menu TileFirst, we’ll need to access the Run command’s icon, and there are two primary methods to do this. The first is to access the Run command in its current location, buried in the Start Menu at All Apps Windows System Run.

Rundll Error Message Windows 10

The second method to access the Windows Run command icon is to use Start Menu (or Cortana) Search. Just click the Search or Cortana icon in the Windows 10 taskbar and type “Run.” You’ll see the Run command appear at the top of the list.Once you’ve found the Run command icon via one of the two methods above, right-click on it and select Pin to Start.