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Contents CharacterSako is a rather sadistic control freak, and is typed as Sadodere as she is a sadist first lover second.While the gun girls species is never stated they appear to be shape shifting race as they move between two set forms. That of there produced firearm including any modifications and a humanoid repressive of said firearm.For SAKO it's the Finnish SAKO Rk 95 Tp (Valmet M95) assault rifle and a elf like humanoid.Skills. Military Training. Tactical PlanningYandere-esc ActionsDuring the tournament arc when versing FNC. She fingered herself after getting to a strong position on the field and could tell FNC was trapped. Used ammunition with a frangible core so that the fragment bullets could course eye damage if the round hit close to FNC in cover.Triva. Is Sexually aroused by inflicting harm on othersSource.

For over eighty years, Sako Rifles of Finland has impressed the world withthe quality of their bolt-action rifles. Sako Rifles are imported solely byBeretta into the United States, sharing Beretta's passion for quality and theircommitment to offering the best that technology can offer, without out compromise.Sako rifles are truly the finest production rifles available to the Americanshooter. Their match-grade barrel, adjustable trigger, silky-smooth bolt, anddistinctive styling are only a few of the attributes that have made Sako a householdname in the USA. Cities skylines unlock all tiles. Sako rifles mean durability, ruggedness, reliability, performance,value and – most of all – accuracy.Sako RiflesTestimonials from our Customers. The Sako Model 85 Classic continues a longtime Sako policy of offering rifles designed and produced according to the highest standards of engineering design, manufacturing quality and aesthetic appeal. The discriminating rifleman need look no further to find the standard by which other rifles are judged.In the.375 Holland and Holland caliber, the hunter has the additional advantge of this superb medium-bore cartridge, originally designed and produced in 1916. Never surpassed and likely never equalled.

Sako Rk 95

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Valmet Sako Rk.95 For Sale

This is the medium-bore upon which O'Connor conferred the title 'The Wonderful.375 H&H.'