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Contents TasksTo attain 100% completion in GTA San Andreas, the player must accomplish all of the following:(The main categories and individual tasks of list are in order of availability in the timeline. Note that the main categories order has preference upon its individual tasks. An example of this are the odd job missions; all of them except the can be done at the beginning of the game.

However, as the Freight Train missions can only be done after, and regions are unlocked the whole main category goes down the list.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a sequel of the GTA series designed by the Rockstar North studio and released for PC in 2005. It’s an open world game with a third-person perspective which takes place in the fictional U.S. State of San Andreas that is basically a mixed prototype of the real Nevada and California states.San Andreas is the fifth part of GTA where you play as Carl Johnson nicknamed SJ. You return after five years of the absence to the city of Los Santos because of your mother’s death. Right after the funerals you get a false accusation of murder and start trying to avoid any prosecution as well as take back all of your band’s territory.

Graphics — 4/5Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has nice graphics, environments and characters’ models, but they might seem a bit outdated on the PC. Even though the game is incredibly detailed and you will likely enjoy playing with three different prototypes of the real American cities: Los Santos - Los Angeles; San Fiero - San Francisco; Las Venturas - Las Vegas.Backgrounds like mountains, fields, city streets, shops, hospitals and even scoreboards look amazingly realistic. The vehicles will also pleasantly surprise you because there are a lot of new models available and all of them are highly detailed and in overall look beautiful. Everything from bicycles, tractors, forklifts to water scooters and aircraft can be not only purchased but tuned as well.The game’s characters look incredibly realistic, and the animation, as well as visuals, are good.

So the set of individuals is quite believable and makes an excellent representation of the San Andreas graphics. However, poor textures can appear in some parts of the game which certainly ruins the good impression.Also, the models in the game tend to be a little bit blocky, and there are some graphic issues caused by weather conditions.

For example, the visibility becomes bad when it’s foggy, or the image gets blurry while it’s raining. It might happen because the graphics were primarily designed for the PlayStation, but the developers had plenty of time to adapt it for PC as well. Gameplay — 5/5In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas you play as CJ who is a gang of Orange Grove Families.


Your mother was the leader of this group, and after her death, you’re having a lot of defeats and losing your possessions. Your elder brother, Sweet, gets all the family gang's back to the city. So right after you arrive from Liberty City, you have to lead the band and find any ways to return your family’s authority back.

To achieve that goal you will have to do a lot of missions and accept lots of challenges. Don’t skip videos during the game; they will help you to learn details of the gameplay and understand the storyline.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has some distinguishing features in the gameplay comparing to previous parts because here the points and skills appear. To complete missions you’ll have to train your hero and teach him some new things like driving cars, riding a bike, sailing on a boat, shooting, etc. All actions of your hero will have a direct impact on him. So if you feed him with a fast food only, he will get fat shortly or get slim if you make him go to the gym. There are six basic characteristics of your hero such as musculature, hunger, endurance, authority, fatness and attraction and all of them will affect CJ in different ways.From the beginning of the game, you’ll need to open new locations such as garages, restaurants, gyms or shops because all of them can be available for you only after completing certain missions. Can I install GTA San Andreas for free?A1.

The game is paid, you can find and buy it on Steam.Q2. Is it safe to download GTA San Andreas for PC for free?A2. It isn’t safe, you should buy the licensed version.

The game for PC is paid, check it on Steam, it costs $14.99.Q3. Where can I download and setup GTA San Andreas?A3.

The game is available for a lot of platforms, and you can get it on official sites, like Steam or You can find all the platforms on the Rockstar Games site.Q4. How can I download GTA San Andreas for PC?A4. You can find it on Steam.Q5. Where to download GTA Vice City and San Andreas?A5.

You can find both these games on the official Rockstar Games site or on Steam.Q6. How can I download GTA San Andreas for PC for Windows 8?A6. You can get it on Steam or on official website.Q7. Where can I download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas apk?A7. You should buy the licensed version of the game. Downloading files from third-party sources can harm your device.Q8. How can I download and install GTA San Andreas?A8.

San Andreas Gta Remastered Download

You can buy it on Steam. And then install it on your PC.