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. General Megathreads: —. Guild Recruting Megathreads: - -. Biweekly Feedback Megathread:.EVENTS. Ends Jul. 1st 11:59am (PDT).

End July 15th 23:59 (PDT)RULES 0. Daily Advice Thread for HelpPersonal advice requests belong in the (e.g. Help me build a team). Main posts are allowed if they promote open-ended discussion (e.g.

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Boomer vs Chopper in Beast Labyrinth 9). No Personal Add-me'sDon't request friend adds or guild recruitment. Instead, use the megathreads on top of the page (or 'Community Info' section on Reddit Mobile). No Hacking/CheatingDo not post links or discuss hacks, bots, or illegal services, including currency sellers.


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Skylanders ring of heroes v1.0.5 mod 3

Once discussion moves away from the topic and users start insulting each other, no one wins. This applies to all parties involved. Give creditIf you use another author's work, always credit the author in all places posted, or ask the author if possible. Relevant post flairs and titlesUse appropriate post flair. Put the Skylander's name in the titles to help search-ability for later visitors. The NSFW tag should not be used as a joke (no matter how sexy your rune may be).

Luck post criteriaThe Skylander's name must be in the title (e.g. Must be nat-5 only.

Runes and other powerups must be 6. legend and +12 or higher at the time of posting (this means the uploaded image must be the +12, NO '+12 in comments'). Absolutely no bad luck posts, including misflaired humor posts, are allowed. Video & StreamsSee.


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No direct stream links. No 'low-effort' videos. Descriptive text MUST accompany every video in the comments. Do not self-promote or solicit people to click, follow or subscribe. Just providing a link isn't enough, give context. People shouldn't have to click off-site to find out what the video is about.Rule violations and content removals are dealt with on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the moderators or AutoMod.

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Livestreams Skylanders Ring of Heroes StreamerTitleViewerscleyduc7. Greetings, Portal Masters!We would like to announce V1.0.5 Update information.Please read below for more details on the update.​V.1.0.5 Update Information. Friendly Match: Private mode open.Private mode will be opened to everyone.Users will be able to start a Friendly match through chat interface or from the Friendly Match Menu Private. Changes to Quests.Changes will be made to quests requiring any Red Potion & Blue Potion usage and equipping Runes and summoning villains.The quest which requires summoning a villain will be revised, and related tutorials will be removed.

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