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GorrEncounterRiverwoodLocationsSouth of Ivarstead, Markarth, VariousRaceRedguardGenderMaleLevelPC×1ClassCombatWarrior2HRefIDXX02d6e7BaseID0202D184HealthLevels with PCMagickaLevels with PCStaminaLevels with PCPrimary SkillsTwo-Handed, Heavy Armor, Block, ArcheryMoralityViolence Against EnemiesConfidenceBraveInventoryIron Armor, Hide Boots, Hide Gauntlets, Iron Warhammer, Horker Meat, Horker StewVoiceNile Zam Jones (Zammuel)Gorr the WandererUpon recruiting Gorr as a follower, you have the option of asking him where to go next. This conversation will effectively enable his wandering quest. Progressing through this quest will result in unlocking Gorr’s marriage dialogue, his personal quest, and setting him to wander. It should also be noted that Gorr’s marriage question, It’s funny how the fates keep bringing us together, while accessible only by wearing an Amulet of Mara, is deliberately ambiguous. This way, you can hear the story while still avoiding a romantic overture by responding with That’s right. We’re great friends.

Gorr the Wanderer (DialogueGorr)StageInformation1020After meeting at Ivarstead and dismissing, Gorr will head to the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth30This stage will unlock the above mentioned options and set Gorr to wander to the following locations:. Sundas – Anga’s Mill.

Morndas – Orotheim. Tirdas – Hela’s Folly. Middas – Morthal. Turdas – Broken Tower Redoubt. Fredas – Whiterun Drunken Huntsman. Loredas – Clearpine Pond.

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Pit DogsAfter reaching stage 30 of his wander quest, Pit Dogs will be available by talking to Zora Fair-Child, or by bringing Zora to Gorr and speaking with him. The quest has two possible outcomes, as well variable rewards determined by the dialogue choices. Pit Dogs (Gorrquest)StageInformation1Help Zora find Gorr. This stage will be skipped if Zora is brought to Gorr and he is spoken to.20Gorr makes a reference to the Ivarstead conversation, that someone is casting aspersions on his character.

Interesting Npc Skyrim Special Edition

Skyrim Interesting Npcs Gorr

Zora mentions a suspicious character headed toward Whiterun.30At the Drunken Huntsman, the player is introduced to J’Sharr, who is the character mentioned in Gorr’s marriage request dialogue. He mentions an underground pit fighting ring in Fort Sungard, and asks the group to attend his match.40J’Sharr will proceed to poison the Dragonborn. The PC will wake up in a cage, after which J’Sharr will quickly free the PC and usher him/her to the pits.70After watching Gorr defeat a combatant, the player has the opportunity to mingle.

3 NPCs, Valenor, Ignatius and the Fair Lady will have conversation strings. Talking to the Fair Lady will advance the quest.75The PC is partnered with J’Sharr and must battle 2 Alik’r Warriors in the Pit. Before the fight, J’Sharr attempts to fool the player with faulty math, at which point he/she can call him on his mistake, deny payment for the fight, or accept the amount J’Sharr says the PC will win.100After defeating the warriors, J’Sharr provides a key to the exit and reveals Zora can be found at Skytemple Ruins. Through Gorr’s dialogue, the option will be given to kill J’Sharr now, or prioritize rescuing Zora.

This will affect the outcome of the quest.105Killing J’Sharr immediately will result in a delay that ends Zora’s life. Eliminating her killers will end the quest.110It is revealed Zora did not have a match, but was sold to a necromancer.

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If J’Sharr is ignored she can be saved.135The group returns to the Pit to find out information on J’Sharr’s whereabouts. The player can progress the quest by convincing Valenor you want to make a deal or bribing the Fair Lady.140J’Sharr’s location is revealed to be Orotheim. In the cave, the player finds a Khajiit and three henchmen, along with any bandits generated by the vanilla game.200Upon killing the Khajiit, a scene will trigger and the quest will complete.Notes: J’Sharr is the Khajiit mentioned in Gorr’s marriage dialogue and his initial foray to Ivarstead. The Khajiit in the cave bears a striking resemblance to J’Sharr, but is unnamed for a reason. It is unlikely that J’Sharr would be careless enough to trust the player or divulge the information to the Fair Lady, and it is implied he escaped.

Skyrim Interesting Npcs Gorra

Killing J’Sharr is possible if the PC is willing to sacrifice Zora. Zora’s death, however, will result in breaking a number of quests with which she is involved in. Yeah, the “load order number” is the plugin’s number in the “Load Order” column of your mod manager, not the “Index” column.:)But I don’t think that what the console was saying was that the RefID “parameter” was wrong. It looks to me more like it’s saying it doesn’t know what you’re telling it to do (variable) with the parameter given.Try this instead: Type “prid 6302d6e7” then press enter, then type “moveto player”.:) I’m crossing my fingers for you!Also, shoot I had my commands mixed up: “moveto player” will teleport him to you, if you want to teleport to him, use “player.moveto 6302d6e7” instead. Sorry about that!