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Third Person Movie

You can tweak Skyrim’s third-person camera view using two different methods. Editing skyrim.iniThe first method consists in editing skyrim.ini. On Windows, this file is normally located in C:UsersUSERDocumentsMy GamesSkyrim.Adding the following lines to skyrim.ini will make the camera more “over-the-shoulder”:CamerafMouseWheelZoomIncrement=0.05fMouseWheelZoomSpeed=0.8fOverShoulderPosX=37.5000fOverShoulderPosZ=7.5000fOverShoulderCombatAddY=0.0000fOverShoulderCombatPosX=37.5000fOverShoulderCombatPosZ=7.5000Unfortunately, this method doesn’t let you edit the sneaking camera. For further customization, you will have to install some mods. Using modsTo edit the third-person camera, it is recommended to install the mod Enhanced 3rd Person Camera.