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.Category.Song.Artist. Various Artists.Album. Ave Maria: Sacred Arias & Choruses.Licensed to YouTube by. NaxosofAmerica (on behalf of Naxos); EMI Music Publishing, Public Domain Compositions, UMPI, and 9 Music Rights Societies.Song. Erlkonig, D. 328.Artist.

Tamara Takacs.Album. Schubert: Night and Dreams - Selected Songs.Licensed to YouTube by. NaxosofAmerica (on behalf of Naxos); UBEM, LatinAutor, LatinAutor - UMPG, UMPG Publishing, and 4 Music Rights SocietiesShow more Show less.

Full text of 'oi Live sps.rrn.riu.f.l A.-'#’-m. 1Op?r.First TimesLa Giecer.da. Tamnatton de Faust. 3 erl!os.».Nov.63Trovatora. Nov119l.ee Contes d’HofTmaru. Nov241Faust Goun.d.

Nov1 'S4.La Neverir.se. LeencavalbDec.00Erna- i. Dec20V n Ballo in Maachern rdi. DecADon Giovanni. Dec.3JCavallerla Rustirana. MascagniPev.3 14Louise.

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CharpentierJan.a11L» Travia’a. VordlJen.1 05Dud. di Lanimermoor. Donizetti.Ian208Siberia Giordano. Feb.r3P«I!eos et MMtsande.

Meyerbeer.Feb.201Crispino e la CoOUtre. Ricci br Alter.Marrt3Andrea Chenier, G'lr-ianoMar271.Parts of double bills 124To complete the record of the company's activity. It must be added that two performances were given' in Philadelphia and that there were eighteen con-certs on Sunday nights, at the last few of whichoperas were given in concert form. Twice theopera house was kept closed on Sunday nights be-cause of the enforcement of a rigid interpretationof the law prohibiting theatrical entertainments onSunday.A study of the list of performances shows thatthe 116 performances were distributed among twen-ty-three operas. Of these four, had never beengiven in New' York before (they were 'Thais,”'Louise,' 'Siberia' and ' PellSas et M«isande'), J. 1907-'08.w.eks.o ojPerformances 113 1 igOperas 22 23Novelties (absolute) 0 4The performances were pretty evenly divided be-tween French and Italian operas; of the formerthere were sixty-one. Of the latter sixty-three.Counted by their places of birth, the list showsseven Italian composers, six French and threeGerman (Mozart.

Meyerbeer and Offenbach); thenationality of the operas, indicated by the lan-guage in which they were composed (not alwayssung), was Italian, sixteen; French, seven.Vovember 7-t. X McDowell's “Lamia'■ be-tra. Koston Symphony Or-November n-Opeuing of the season atthe Manhattan Opera House.November 13- Revival of “Samson etv 1 „ ° 30a 1 Hnmm uilio Gatti-Casozza at the Me-1 1 °Poiu.art Opera House.!'

■'fc; ber -19 Pierne's “The Children at!Bethlehem.' Produced by Frank Darn-n w ‘ 16 u ' OUIIfe ' Pe °P e 's Concert IDecember 20 - Verdi's 'Otello' revivedOpem H r ou'e ammer8tein at the Ma '»attan jAT THE METROPOLITAN. Bayapada matten da en purushan neethan da femail version kuttiweb pc. UVP 0 ■ 2 0'/ /' ' // '/. Ir-tfA Review of Mr. Conned’ s LastSeason.With the performance of last night the twenty-third subscription season of grand opera at theMetropolitan Opera House came to an end. The.theatre was opened twenty-five years ago, but intwo seasons there were no performances, once(1892-’93) because fire had destroyed the stage andaudience room and once (1897-’98) because Mr.Grau and his backers were in financial difficultiesand thought that an operatic fast of one seasonwould whet the appetites of the public for the nextyear.

The season just closed was the fifth duringwhich Mr. Heinrich Conried administered the af-fairs of the house, and with it his operatic consul-ship ends. The lustrum has seen the tide offinancial prosperity, which set in toward the closeof the administration of Maurice Grau, reach aphenomenal height without betterment of theartistic conditions, and on the eve of a, new ad-ministration which has proclaimed new policiesthe public is wondering what the future is goingto bring forth. It would be Interesting, perhapsdiverting, to indulge in speculation on the basisof what those who have succeeded in displacingMr. Conried have said they intend to do, but weare concerned just, now with a retrospect — notwith a horoscope.The season began on Nov-ember 18 and covered aperiod of twenty weeks, within which time therewere one hundred subscription performances On theevenings of Monday, Wednesday, Thursday andFriday, twenty afternoon performances on as manysuccessive Saturdays, twenty extra Saturday nightperformances at reduced prices and three specialrepresentations. One of the special performanceswas a matinee on Christmas, when 'Hansel undGretei” was given; there was a performance of'.ilda' for the benefit of the French Hospital onFebruary 12, and on March 24 all the artists of thecompany were herded for the entertainment ofcuriosity seekers and the benefit of Mr. Conried,who, following the example of his predecessor, re-served the right of commanding one gratuitous per-formance and dumped them Into a dish of musicalmixed pickles for which the public gladly paiddouble the usual price of admission.

The charac-ter of the season's offerings can best be studiedIf the subscription performances are separatedfrom the others in the tabulated statements. ' Thefirst list discloses the repertory of the suttcrip-tlon season of one hundred representations (theexcess in the final column is explained by thedouble bills), the order in which the operas wereproduced and the time which elapsed between thesuccessive productions:REGULAR SUBSCRIPTIONOpera.' Adrianna Lecouvreur'.' BohCmo'Die Mclsterelnger'Der Fllegcnde Hollander'.' Iris', ’'II Bafbtero Ji Sivigiia'.' Manama Butterfly”'Lohengrin'Fedora'Tosca'Tristan und Isolde”Faust'La Trariata'Marta'-'DO 11 Giovanni'’Manon Lescaut”'Tannhauser'.'

Hinsel und Gietel”.' Pasllacd'Die AValkllre'Siegfried'II Trovatore'Mignon”'Fldelio'Composer. T’■ Cllea.

BoitoVerdi■ Verdi.Puccini.Wagner. Wagner.Mascagni, RossiniPuccini. Giordano.■ Puccini.Wagner.Gounod. Wagner.Humperdinck. Leoncavallo. BeethovenFirst Timesfinance, given.Nov.

20.Is -!f ir 1Total 103.Double bili.SATURDAY POPULAR PERFORMANCES.' Rlgoletto'Lohengrin” 'La Boheme'.pagliacci'La Traviata'Manot Lescaut”'Tannhauser'.' 11 Trovatore'.Total.Double bill. I.lioito.Dec 28.0.Leoncavallo.Jan. Humperdinck.Jam 4.

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121■A.Twenty-seven operas were in the list, of whichonly- one, “Adrianna Lecouvreur,” was new; thisnovelty, moreover, was offered only to the au-diences of Monday and Friday nights. It was,without question, the most dismal failure whichthe records of the Metropolitan Opera show-, andcould not be saved even by the participationin its performance of Signor Caruso. Its choice,like that of 'Fedora' in the season of 1906-’07,was due to the presence in the company of Mme.Cavalieri, for whose «ake, it would seem, it waspossible to produce the one novelty of the season.The bad judgment displayed in this may not havebeen Mr. Conried's, except by sufferance, but itwill be charged up against his administration, asit will against the knowledge and taste of the per-sons who have used their influence to bring dis-credit to the Metropolitan repertory. The policyof the Metropolitan administration has for yearsbeen against repetitions of any opera at any- ofthe subscription performances.

It is a costly pol-icy, in a way, since it compels the director toproduce at least twenty operas, and prevents himfrom taking advantage of a marked success, orfrom attempting to enforce the merit of a workW performance not instantaneously appreciated.' Wdello” offers a case in point. It was the mostcostly of Mr. Conried's productions this year froma scenic point of view, yet. Because of the lateday at w-hich It was got ready and the preju-dice of some of the boxholders against Germanoperas, it received only three performances.


Atthe last performance, on AVednesday night oflast week, the curtain closed on the last sceneamid an exhibition of enthusiasm for whicha parallel could only be found in the annals of theGerman seasons from 1884 to 1891. A wise policy,looking toward artistic results and -less deferentialto the whims of the fashionable world, would havereckoned money lost on “Fidelio” as a greater gainthan money made with 'Trovatore.” To some ex-tent it is possible to read the taste of the boxholdersand the subscribers for single nights in the distri-bution of the operas throughout the week.

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Eachof these bodies had of necessity to forego from fiveto seven operas (again the double bills must betaken into consideration). Monday was confessedlythe modish night.

Its people, blessed with 'Adri-anna Lecouvreur” on the opening night, heardonly two German operas, 'Der Fliegende Hoi- jlander' and 'Tannhauser”; they were dispensedfrom hearing 'Die Meistersinger,” “Lohengrin,”Hansel und Gretei,” 'Pagliacci.” 'Die Walkiire,”'Siegfried” and “Fidelio”— all German operas butone. Ill this respect a phenomenon of fot-mer sea-sons was repeated.