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BOOK SUMMARY:Is Government inherently criminal?. If not, then why are there so many psychopaths running the show?. Must runaway Global Government necessarily end in planetary destruction?. If so, what recourse is available to ordinary people? These are some of the vital questions that are addressed in The Joys of Psychopathocracy. Building upon the previous work of American anthropologist Marshall Sahlins, the author extends his concept of “sectoral distance” to create definable “sectors” in the region of “negative reciprocity” (or what he calls “negaprocity”) to help categorize social institutions, including Government, in a new approach to social structural analysis. The results are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand model: Government, regardless of structure or type, is inherently criminal – a defect that no amount of tinkering or reorganization can change.

The current global super-structure of interlocking Governments and NGO’s – the most extensive in recorded history – is the single largest contributor to the Holocene Extinction Event which is currently in progress. A point of no return has been crossed such that the current trend cannot be reversed. The book ends with a discussion of a coming Event that will serve to change the world for those who seek an escape. Greg Caton is an author and health researcher. In 1995 he created Alpha Omega Labs ( /, which became a provider of over 300 alternative health products with 14 distributors around the world, before its closure by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration in September, 2003. It successfully reopened in Ecuador in June, 2008.Alpha Omega Labs is best known for Cansema® — an effective cure for skin cancer, based on suppressed formulary information dating back to the 1850’s.


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